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G-spot tickler reviews

30 reviews
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30 reviews

I would not purchase this toy again, ever. I regret doing so in the first place! The area isn't large enough to reach the g-spot and the clit at the same time, it kills batteries quickly, and on its own, it's not a good g-spot vibe anyway. Jelly material doesn't give enough pressure.

This toy is a bang for its buck. I fell in love with it so much that I sent a pic to all of my girlfriends and said it was a must-have. For a first G-spot toy, I was very impressed.

The G-spot Tickler looked like a fun toy, but ended up being just okay. The vibrations never made it to the g-spot finger; and while the remote controlled bullet was a nice touch (and decent vibration), poor construction of the battery pack made this toy frustrating to use.

Don't waste your time buying this toy! Move on to the next option you're thinking about and believe me you'll thank me later. I would not buy this item ever again, use it ever again or recommend it to anyone. If I could I'd give it 0 stars but you have to at least give it at least one.

A good toy overall, with minor problems. The design is hard to use for beginners, but it may not satisfy advanced toy users.

Ladies, if you're looking for a single toy for g-spot and clitoris orgasms, G-spot Tickler is it. Exquisite sensations are felt with the g-spotter hitting the right spot. And for me, the most amazing feature of this powerful yet whisper quiet toy is the clit cup and ticklers. You really have to test drive them for yourself to see what I mean when I say mind blowing explosion!

I didn't find it strong enough or true to its description. It was a good idea but leaves you wanting more. If you’re a beginner and want to try out an inexpensive toy to get your feet wet, this could be the toy.

This was one of my first few vibrators. Even though I didn't have a good experience with the design, It did get the job done,just not amazingly. It's still better than using your fingers all the time though.

If your looking for an inexpensive waste of time this sure is it. This toy will leave you frustrated and irritated if it doesn't totally fall apart on you first.

For a beginner this would be a great starter. It's not too bulgy so you can get used to it. May need to use a bit of work with him, but the jelly does help. I would recommend it to any first timers. Make sure you are ready for a really good time with him.

I would recommend this toy to someone who is new to the wonderful world of sex toys. For more advanced users, you may find yourself left unpleased like I did.

A little toy that packs a punch, the G-spot Tickler delivers on its name. If you want to have a small, discreet toy that you can hide in a nightstand drawer, or just a toy that can make your head spin, give the G-spot Tickler a try!

Overall, this toy was a complete miss for me. The vibrations are weak and the texture is rather uncomfortable. It is difficult to store as the material is sticky and it collects dust.

As a stand alone bullet it is great, but it did not make friends with my g-spot. A good product, considering the price.

They made a mistake calling this toy a G-Spot tickler. This toy did nothing for my G-spot, but the clitoral stimulation was not bad. I ended up using this toy for quite some time just as a bullet. It puts of strong vibrations and it's quite cheap, but don't expect any G-spot magic from this baby.

This toy is slightly unexciting and a little bit unfulfilling.Why have a vibrator resembling a small, semi-flacid penis when you could have one fully erect and ready to go?

With this being on the lower price scale it is great for newbies to try out without breaking the bank. I think it exceeds a lot of higher priced g-spot vibrators in performance. Also, if you are looking for a great clitoral vibrator just pop the bullet out and you're in for a ride! I would definitely purchase this over and over again!

The G spot tickler was just an all in all disappointment. The vibrations are weak at best, the toy did not even hit my G spot. Really I would have done better and cheaper with just a regular bullet.

This is surely not the best G-spot toy out there, but it gets the job done. If you want vibration on your G-spot, keep looking, but if you want something that simulates a finger rubbing, this is a good choice.

On a scale from hum to hum-dinger I'd have to give it a hum-dinger. Although it could have been built differently I still had a good time.

This toy was okay, but it was way too soft and small for me. There are definitely better toys out there, but for someone just starting out, this could be a great choice.

This has a great bullet and is a pretty amazing clit stimulator, but if you REALLY want that g-spot tickled, keep looking!

When used as designed its not a satisfying toy, but when the jelly part is removed, what's left is a reasonably powerful bullet that would make a great product to take with you when traveling.

This toy might be good for some women, but due to the natural curve of my vagina, wasn't able to stimulate both my G-spot and clitoris at the same time. I was highly disappointed in this toy.

A great jumping off point for g-spot newbies. Inexpensive enough to not feel guilty about yet, strong enough to get the job done.

This item is one that I recommend for those who enjoy the clit and the g-spot playtime at the same time.

The G-Spot Tickler is for any girl who wants to discover what her G-spot can do for her... and for any guy who wants to give his lover a surprise thrill while he's gearing up for Round 2! This cute little toy packs a great punch =]

Although the bullet vibrations are pretty strong, this simply is not good for g-spot stimulation. Better to try one of the other g-spot vibrators on the market.

I recommend the G-Spot Tickler for those looking to explore their G-spot area in an introductory, passive manner, and for those who are intimidated by toys of large girth and proportions.

This toy left me disappointed and frustrated. The vibrations were hard to feel internally plus the ticklers did not make contact with my clit while the toy was inserted.

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