G-spot tickler - g-spot vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Miss Cinnamon

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Big Thumbs Up => This is One Seriously Deep Tickle!

The G-Spot Tickler is for any girl who wants to discover what her G-spot can do for her... and for any guy who wants to give his lover a surprise thrill while he's gearing up for Round 2! This cute little toy packs a great punch =]
Great vibrations, small and discreet, internal & external stimulation
Not wireless, noticeable noise
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In the aesthetics department, I give this pretty little tickler a 5/5. Mine came in a beautiful translucent red color, and the jelly contours are just so smooth and nice to the touch!

The G-spot massager|G-spot tickler is actually pretty slim--if you're looking for a satisfying stretch, this is not your ride. The head flares out a bit into a nice broad surface which brushes right up against my G-spot when it's fully inserted. The lower speeds didn't really do much for me... I like my vibrators to overwhelm me, and the slower end of the dial weren't much more than a tease. The variable speed is nice though--I like to start out slow and run the vibrating head over my clit to get myself all worked up and wet before I slip it inside. Once it's in, I like to spin the speed dial to as high as it can possibly go. It's not quite a jackhammer, but it's enough to knock me on my back and give me multiples in a matter of minutes. But the best part comes when I press the clit "pad" right up against my little love button. The external and internal action make for an incredible sensation.

One problem I did have with this toy was the couple of seconds I needed to spend trying to get it in the right spots to stimulate my clit. I have a smaller, more hidden clitoris, so this may be just an issue that I and women who are in a similar situation experience. I also wish that this toy were wireless. There's nothing like getting entangled in wire that brings you down a notch from your high. The dial is definitely very nice though--it gives a smoother transition from one speed to the next, and you can bring yourself incredibly close a number of times only to deny yourself release at the last minute with a simple turn of the dial. The toy doesn't even need to leave your body.

With a top-notch kick like that, the Tickler does make some significant noise. I noticed that by inserting it as deep within me as I could and crossing my legs (my favorite solo position), I could minimize the noise it created. It could still be heard through the covers however, and possibly through the door as a low, persistent hum.

The G-Spot Tickler is made of jelly, one of my favorite sex toy materials. However, this means that clean up is a little trickier. In my experience, it's best to spritz with toy cleaner, rinse off with water, and dry off with a clean towel. Jellies have a way of retaining moisture even after a good toweling off, so after you've done the best you can, leave it somewhere cool and dry to air-dry for a few hours before you return it to your chest of toys.

Overall, I give the G-Spot Tickler a 4/5. If only it were wireless and silent!
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  • So this would be a good toy for those who like g-spot vibration, but does it also provide pressure, or is it too soft?
  • Miss Cinnamon
    It really wasn't "big" enough to provide pressure on its own. Pressure must be manually applied--I love letting my guy use it on me because he pushes it up against my G-spot relentlessly. It's flexible the way most jellies are flexible (if you flick the end it will wobble a little, kinda cute =P), but it's not so soft that it bends in upon itself when you try to stimulate yourself more. Once you've found your G-spot with it, it takes care of the rest, given you keep it there.
  • Epiphora
    I also have a hidden clitoris. I commiserate.
  • Jelly is also porous and contains phthalates.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Epiphora-- I think we gals with hidden clits ought to have special toys designed just for us. "hidden pearl diver" or something equally cheesy =P just wait til I get my engineering degree... I'll design it myself!

    CW-- yes, that's what I've heard... it's especially bad if you have any sort of vaginal infection. the jelly just sucks up the bad stuff X( I would recommend putting a condom over any jelly toy before using it even when playing solo, just to be safe.
  • Nashville
    Jelly really is a shit material, excuse my language. While some jelly toys are phthalates free most aren't. And when buying a toy and then having to buy condoms *if you dont have any around* it can all become an expensive affair. I'm going to try from now on to buy only nonporous materials to save myself the hassle.

    Good review.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    No worries--I'm starting to agree with you :P It's such a shame though... I love how cheap and flexible and pretty jelly is (the colors!!! *_*) The condom thing hasn't really been a problem for me, since I'm a college student and our health services building provide free condoms and lube (yay!!!). Unfortunately, I think I've developed an allergy to the lube they use on condoms and get irritated every time I use one in conjunction with this G-Spot Tickler. If you're looking for a nonporous materials, I'd recommend glass. Yes, it is more expensive, but you can boil it, dishwash it, stick it in a stew... and unless you drop it on cement a couple of times, it will pretty much last you forever. I got my first glass toy a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. A quick wash with warm water and antibacterial soap and all clean! No need to put a condom over it, no need to leave it out in the air to dry more thoroughly. Glass is a beautiful thing. Only drawback is that I believe that most glass toys don't vibrate.
  • gone77
    I've always wondered about the design of this toy...how it would feel. Seems like it worked really well for you! I have a love/hate relationship with jelly. I generally love the feel of the jelly toys I've used, but they tend to have noxious smells. Good review.
  • Airen Wolf
    OMG I can just picture my guys' faces if they wandered into the kitchen to see me stirring a stew with a glass toy....I'd have to smile and tell them Miss Cinnamon recommended it!
  • Eden C.
    Awesome review! You give so much detail, which is good because I was wondering how someone would use that toy!
  • Oomph2687
  • BlooJay
  • jmex83
    Thank you for your review
  • FHeemz
    Thanks for reviewing this!
  • Rod Ronald
    Thanks for the review
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