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Intensity bullet Intensity bullet

Bullet by Shaki Toys

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Intensity bullet reviews

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41 reviews

The cons definitely outweigh the pros with this toy. I am glad I received it as a gift, I would regret it if I had purchased this. There is really nothing that makes it worthwhile. If you are solely looking for a small vibrating toy, this could work for you; if you want anything more than that, find another toy.

This toy is very small, and it's discreet enough to carry when you travel. Always remember to take the battery out, so that your purse or pocket does not turn into a show on the trip.

The intensity bullet is a great emergency vibrator to have around the house. It has a long battery life, is easy to use and travel with, and has moderately strong vibrations. I had my doubts, but this bullet surprised me. It you are new to vibrators, or are looking for a discrete addition, this is a good buy.

Whether you are a toy virgin or a seasoned pro this little vibe packs and intense punch and should be a welcomed addition to your collection. Using an LR1 battery that lasts and lasts and lasts this toy not only packs a punch but it keeps on going. Though you'll want to keep extras on hand because this is not a toy that you will want to run out on you. Easy to use and pleasing to feel the Intensity bullet is a great deal!

This toy is a cute small bullet that can be hidden anywhere and not a very loud buzzing like sound. This bullet is waterproof so it's good for the pool,tub,or shower. It's good to use solo or with a partner and very easy to use.

For its price, I think it has a solid vibrating pattern and could probably tease a vast majority. While I don't see this toy bringing anyone to the edge, everybody's different right? This toy is fun and light-hearted and could definitely be used in some initial foreplay. It's not intimidating and would make a great gift for a new toy user.

I love the looks of this toy and I love the idea behind it. However, it needs a bigger motor and more vroom that is felt throughout the whole unit. Still yet, it is cute and could make a good starter vibe for someone who wants to experiment and see what they like.

This toy isn't bad, that's for sure. It's a strong and solid 1-setting bullet vibrator that uses an odd battery. If you want to move up the scale, save up and get the Armor Piercing bullet by Evolved. That doesn't mean this isn't a fun toy, though.

The intensity bullet lives up to its name, though only for a short amount of time. It is a very good toy for couples and solo play. Great for teasing and beginners.

This vibrator will likely fall short and leave you begging for something else. It can be used as a light foreplay toy but don't expect much out of it.

It's TOTALLY worth the money! It feels great on any erogenous zone (especially clitoris!), and it's small, cute, and it's just awesome all around.

This little bullet would make a nice toy for a beginner. For the low price it's worth a shot. I personally think it is weak and will not be using mine again.

The Intensity bullet would be great for people looking for some extra stimulating fun. It is very discreet and you can take it anywhere. This little bullet is a lot of fun to use solo or with a partner.

Who said size matters? The Intensity Bullet packs some big vibrations in a little package. This toy is great for beginners and advanced toy users alike. This toy is hypo-allergenic and easy to clean, and can also be used in the shower or tub. It is discreet, easy to use, and just a fun little addition to any toy collection.

Overall, if you have a few extra bucks and want to add an extra "something" to a gift bag, this is a great idea. It's small, but packs a punch compared to most tiny bullets I have tried. Great for foreplay, and can even be a satisfying clitoral stimulator. Not to mention that my bullet has lasted past two weeks of play! I'm definitely keeping mine!

This is a good starter bullet. Its vibrations are not super strong but neither are they weak and the smooth, brushed finish is a pleasant sensation. Great for foreplay and dual stimulation but it may not provide enough power for clitoral masturbation. It is handy to keep bedside for the option of reaching for it during intercourse.

Overall, I would recommend this to someone just starting out, a couple looking to spice things up, or someone who wants to add a basic bullet to their collection.

I would highly recommend buying this bullet to anyone who wants a bang for their buck. This bullet is waterproof, travel friendly, discreet, quiet, sleek and even includes the battery. The only downfall is the LR1 battery it requires. Overall a great buy!

This tiny clitoral vibe is great for those times you just want a bit of something special to spice up a sex session or when you just want to get off with no fuss. A bit of lube makes this baby glide effortlessly over whatever area of the body you desire and though it's only one speed it should please most users.

If you have never had a toy before, this is a good way to test the waters! Also, it's not too bad for those with more experience either.

This is a great little bullet vibrator and has a good strong vibe. My only complaint is that it holds a slight smell after it has been used. Of course, you can't tell unless you hold it up to your nose, but a more sensitive nose might be able to pick it up a little quicker. Otherwise I love it!

I'm a huge fan of this pretty, affordable little toy. It's perfect for beginners, and the vibrations can please even a seasoned toy user.

All in all, this bullet was not good for clit stimulation but was very good for nipple stimulation. May be better for others but wasn't the best bullet in my opinion.

Cute little toy for either solo or partner play. Toss it in your pocket or in your purse to take it on overnights outside of your own home, or to the office with you for those days when you need to spend a little time away from everyone de-stressing!

I love this toy! It has enough power to have me begging for more. It can be used by either a male/female and it is simple to use. The size is not an indication of the power.

Overall, I was not a fan of this product. I didn't mind it, but it was not a favorite of mine at all. Though it is cheap at only $7.99, I got mine as the free gift with a purchase. I can't complain really. I still do not think I will be using this toy very much anymore.

All-in-all, I was pleased with my experiences using this product. I would recommend it for others. This toy may be best for beginners as it is not super powerful.

I personally don't like this toy since I am used to more powerful, intense toys. If you have a very sensitive clitoris, this toy might be just right for you. A beginner might enjoy this toy since it is not very strong. This toy would be great to use as a teaser, to stimulate your nipples, and to use on the shaft and head of a penis.

This bat bullet may not be the grand slam of all bullets but it's definitely a great teaser toy. It is affordable, small, discreet, waterproof and powerful!

The Intensity Bullet has really helped me save money by working out the problems that I have in my shoulders. Even though I don't use this as a vibrator, it would still feel wonderful going into anyone's happy place.

All-in-all, for the money, you really can’t go wrong with this bullet. It’s a nice little travel companion to have in your arsenal and a nice accompaniment to partner play!

The Intensity Bat Bullet is an amazing product, especially for its price! It provides a smooth feel without being loud, has an adorable color, and is quite powerful for a 1-speed bullet. It's very small and discreet for easy travel, use, and handling. I would suggest this to anyone who is in a living situation where sound could be a problem or who is a beginner looking for a starter bullet.

Overall, this toy is wonderful. I wasn't expecting much from it, but it really surprised me. It's very budget friendly and would be great as a little gift. I would recommend it for anyone. You can't go wrong.

The Intensity Bullet isn't exactly intense but it is a decent teaser and feels well made. I enjoy using it on my nipples, clit, and external anus. It feels wonderful! It might not be powerful enough to finish from alone, but it is good for warm up.

This bullet was a great buy for the money. It is really quiet and discreet so it's great for public use although it only has one speed setting.

This cute little bat might not give you screaming home runs every single time, but it gets the job done and can easily fit into a pocket or purse. Relatively quiet, waterproof, travel friendly, and cheap. All in all, a great buy.

This bullet is the perfect toy for anyone who is new to vibrations, or for those looking for a gentle vibrator. Made out of food grade plastic, this bullet is great for sensitive users. The toy is non-porous and easy to care for and store.

Not as exciting as it could be. Although small, the way this toy is textured suggests that it could be much more interesting if increased in size.

Overall, this product was rather disappointing. The color and the look of the vibrator is there but the power just isn't. It's fun to play with, but it's definitely not at the top of my list. It's no orgasm-guarantee. Experience may vary with users but I was highly disappointed with this product because I read so many rave reviews about it and found it to be lack-luster after purchasing.

Great for everyone... there were some tips on the package, so even those new to bullets can play. High vibrations and very durable in the water... play time!

The Intensity bullet is a great bullet for anyone looking for something with strong vibrations in a small package! I would recommend this toy to anyone looking to add a little bit of fun into their collection!

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