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Jack rabbit reviews

42 reviews
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42 reviews

I was very satisfied with this product. It's a great quality product for the price it is being sold for.

If you are a beginner to toys this is a good beginner dildo. It lets you know how much movement, how much activity you prefer while penetrating. If you want a great vibrating, massaging clitoral experience. Take advantage of the vibrating bunny ears. Definitely a good toy for a beginner.

This item is definitely worth the cost. Multi-functioning parts will have you trying different combinations. It is a long lasting toy and you will get tired before it will!!!

I am a huge fan of this jackrabbit. This was my first ever vibe and will always have a spot in my toy chest.

The Jack Rabbit, overall, is worth what you spend for the erotic experiences you will share with him! Watching and feeling all he has to offer will bring you sheer delight for years. You will never regret hooking up with Jack!

For the price, the toy is worth every penny whether you are a beginner or more experienced. The Jack Rabbit will not disappoint with its multi-features.

This rabbit wasn't really worth it at all for me. I was looking for a toy to stimulate both the G spot and C spot. If you're looking for something similar then I don't suggest this product for you, either.

This toy is great for beginners or experts. Overall this is a great toy and is definitely in my top five as of right now.

This toy is great for someone who likes a range of vibrations and wants to be stimulated in multiple ways. I enjoyed feeling the vibrations on my clit, the beads moving on my vulva and the movement of the shaft in me. Proceed with caution if you have a smaller or tighter vagina, insertion may be difficult. Definitely use with lots of lube for easier insertion!

I enjoyed the strength of the Jack Rabbit's vibrations but was not happy that I couldn't get stimulation in both g spot and clit at the same time. It had a very strong smell to me that was not enjoyable and also drained batteries very quickly. I don't think that this vibe is made very well and mine died completely after just a couple months of use.

This toy will keep you coming again and again...and possibly at record speed! The playful twists hit all the right spots, and, if carefully maintained, could become anyone's favorite rabbit. If only my experiences were better, I would buy it again.

This was my first vibrator, and it was everything I expected it to be and more...until it stopped working! I believe that it shorted out in the cord first, and then just wore out. If you are just trying out a rabbit, I would recommend this to you without reservation. If you want one that will last you for a while, you'll have to shell out a bit more money than this.

This is a long lasting item! I use it as my "go to" toy. Very strong vibes get the job done just right.

Jack is a master of the clitoris! He hits all the right spots and listens when you want him to move. He's soft and smooth, so there is no discomfort and yet he's powerful enough to get the job done and then some. His shaft beads are the best thing since they invented the dildo! They bring out sensations in your vagina that you probably never knew you had! Every girl should own Jack!

This toy at first had me thinking that it was just like a regular vibrator. But, when I finally tried the toy, it was the most amazing sensation I have ever had! Nevertheless, the price is awesome for what you get! Although I do wish it was waterproof, I guess one cannot have everything.

I love this toy, but because I am rough on my toys I would probably look for something with a more durable remote next time. Other than that I find this toy has a LOT to offer and I still use it on a regular basis.

Great product for cheap cheap. You will not break the bank trying this vibe. Which is going to make any woman or man smile :) I was satisfied and think you will be as well. It's one of those don't knock it til you try it things. Some like it some don't. Try for yourself. I give it a thumbs up.

Great toy for a beginner at a reasonable price! Multiple functions for different sensations. Fairly durable and extremely easy to use!!

The price is great and the orgasms are amazing; you definitely get your bang for the buck. Your pussy will thank you.

This item is basic, but worth the money. If you're looking for a toy with high vibrations, this isn't for you, but it is good for internal stimulation. It's worth having it in your toy collection as an old standby, when you aren't in the mood for something crazy.

I found this toy uncomfortable mostly due to the jelly material, though if you don't have any allergies it probably wouldn't be a problem. I found the vibrations to be decent, though I would have made a point to look for something stronger when I started shopping for a new one. I would only recommend this to a beginner, and even then I think there are better options out there.

This item is totally worth it! I overpaid for mine at the party where it was purchased, but the price here at Eden is very reasonable. I don't think that anyone could be disappointed with those ears. ;)

This toy is beyond fabulous and I would recommend it to every woman in the world who loves toys and sex. From the power, to the beads, to the clitoral stimulator it is one of the best toys I've ever used!

This toy is a disappointment. It is not worth the purchase, as I have explained many reasons why. It is a big let down and breaks very easily. Perfect for the trash man to pick up for you.

At the middle to late age of life, we are exploring new avenues of sexual behavior. This opened a new avenue, one well worth exploring.

The is a very good toy to start with for beginner's, but then to grow into better toys for more experience.

If you are shopping for a first-time rabbit, begin your habit here. If you already own a rabbit, you'll want a stronger one than this.

One should definitely know their size limitations before ordering this toy. If you like it a little rough, this might be the toy for you.

If you are looking for a cute novelty item then this is for you. If you are looking for a deal closer then look elsewhere. This is a waste of time and money I'm still disappointed.

When Jack's head hit my g spot, the rabbit ears were nowhere near my clitoris. It was impossible to line them both up. What happened to my dreams of simultaneous stimulation?

Overall, this toy isn't as enjoyable as anticipated and causes irritation and discomfort during and after use in our experience. However, the rabbit ears do provide much needed clitoral stimulation that can work well on its own.

Great toy, especially for clit stimulation. Gets the job done, in a nice way! Would be nice if it were water proof or cordless.

At the risk of being tarred and feathered, I'd say pass on this one, or at the very least upgrade to a better model. Its sufficient for the first time explorer, but a step back for the more advanced sex toy connoisseur. The price it isn't too bad, but you can get better Jack Rabbit model for the same price.

If you are a beginner looking for a great little something to get you off this is it, was it earth shattering, no.. but fun :)

I would say there are better toys to pick out. This one is really just a waste of money and does not offer what you can find with other toys.

This is a wonderful toy for solo use or with a partner, it delivers powerful orgasms over and over again. That's really all that needs to be said.

Overall I would recommend this toy for any woman looking for both vaginal and clitoris stimulation. You can also use just the ears if you are not in the mood for the dildo component. Either way you should have an orgasm!

All in all, the Jack rabbit™ is an essential bit of kit for any woman’s (sex toy) wardrobe. It’s thoughtfully designed, looks cute and works brilliantly. Also, at just over thirty bucks, it’s not ridiculously expensive.

Overall a great toy, totally worth the money and great for beginners. Capable of heavy duty intensity but can also be feather light. Very cute and innocuous, but the user is definitely in for a good time. Easy hand held controls, good size and made of lifelike material.

For the seasoned toy buyer, one of the best toys by far. Can hit all the right places over and over and over.....

This toy is not quite what I expected. But I will continue to use it and maybe learn to use it in a more effective manner.

I love it and I'd definitely recommend it to others! Great first or third vibrator you wouldn't be disappointed. Can be used alone or with your significant other.

The Jack Rabbit is certainly one to please, especially those who need clitoral stimulation. It has a great range of speeds for both the beads and vibrator for countless variations.

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