L’Amour Thumper - g-spot rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - reviews

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L’Amour Thumper reviews

27 reviews
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27 reviews

This toy would be great for a newbie wanting to try out a toy for the first time. It won't be the last toy you ever buy, but it's not a horrible place to start. The girth is good for beginners and the care is quite simple. For people looking for a toy with a bit of an edge, pick another option.

This toy is OUTSTANDING! I would recommend it to anyone. If you want a toy that you know can get you off and have it be a very enjoyable orgasm, this is the toy to buy.

I would recommend this vibrator to both beginners and pros alike. This rabbit is a safe and exciting option if you're looking to try out sex toys in general, specifically rabbit vibrators, or want to add something new to your collection. It is a great value for the price, considering it is only slightly more expensive than its lower quality competitors. My L'Amour Thumper is beginning to wear out after two years of use. When the original dies, I would (and WILL) buy it again and again.

The Thumper is definitely not a toy for someone who doesn't know their body very well. It's relatively inexpensive, but I've had much more success with more expensive, better designed toys. I would not recommend using this toy with a partner because of how unpleasant it can feel if used at the wrong angle, depth, or pressure.

This rabbit is amazing and it's so worth it to get one. For those times when you want to feel some sexual pleasure, but for any reason, another isn't there. The multi speeds and the quietness are my two favorite features and it is super smooth, so it is easy to slip in and out with no discomfort. The smooth silicone texture also makes it super easy to clean; there is also no worry of ruining it with water while cleaning, or doing something else because it's waterproof!!

This toy is really awesome. Cal Exotics did a great job on the L'Amour Thumper. I can't wait to try the other L'Amour items.

If you are someone who doesn't need a lot of power and you don't mind the squeaking noise when cleaning toys, then I'd recommend this item. But, if you need a lot of power like myself, I would probably get something a little stronger, which may also be louder.

L'Amour Thumper appears to be much more exciting than it actually is. Because of its short outer rabbit and long shaft, the Thumper can only fit to some body types. Overall, the thumper was a waste of my money and should only be recommended to those with deep G-spots.

The rabbits from cal exotic's are the best. This one is our second. My wife loves them. I hate the battery life, but that is a small price to pay for a great orgasm I guess.

I still think that this is the best bang for your buck. It's at a level 10 for safety, and for the price, it's a fantastic deal.

This rabbit vibrator is my favorite toy. I have a drawer-full and yet this is the one I keep returning to. I may use one or two others, to get things started for a couple of minutes, but this is the one that gets things done.

If you have never used a rabbit vibrator, this is an excellent toy to start with. I was amazed at how effective it was. Somebody really did their homework when they designed this model.

Thumper is my go to rabbit toy. I love the sleek & smoothness of it. The rotating shaft hits just where is needs to and the ears stimulate right where I want them and don't wobble all over! I love the different settings and the fact that I could use this in bed while my partner is sleeping and have a good shot and not getting caught! Overall, this toy is perfect for beginners and toy pros alike!

I really wouldn't recommend this toy to anybody, but everyone has different tastes. So if you think this is a toy you might like, all I can say is at least give it a try.

The Thumper would make for an excellent first rabbit vibrator. Made of body safe materials, dual functions such as a rotating shaft, and rabbit clit stimulator, there’s a lot to enjoy about this little rabbit.

I didn’t find orgasmic bliss with this rabbit, but you might be able to! It’s made out of soft silicone, is waterproof, and is super quiet. It’s probably the quietest toy I own. I think it’s best for you if your clitoris is closer to your vaginal opening because of the smaller clitoral attachment. It didn’t fit me right and didn’t have enough power for me. I really think it’s a great rabbit worthy of the Best Toy of 2011. He just is not my perfect rabbit.

Thumper was a wonderful re-introduction into the world of vibrators, and a pleasing first rabbit vibrator. While my g-spot is left disappointed, my clitoris couldn't be happier. I give this toy a solid 4 stars.

I love this toy! I was not sure what to expect when buying it as it's one of my firsts but I would recommend this to newbies and advanced people alike without hesitation. It does the job and does it well, and it's safe and quiet at that. I can't think of a reason to pass this toy up.

This was my first rabbit vibrator, and it was a big let-down for me. I'd heard such good things about rabbits, but the traditional design really doesn't seem to work well for me. It's not a terrible toy, but it was a complete failure for my body.

The Thumper has a lot going for it, but beware that one-size does not fit all. Awesome design, silky-smooth exterior, great vibration and rotation options, and totally body-safe, but in the end was difficult for me to get the full experience. Might not recommend for newbies to dual stimulation/rabbits (as I am), those who have smaller anatomy, or a hard to reach G-spot.

This is a wonderful vibe and should be a part of every collection. It works great for couple play too. Your hubby will love watching this in action. Check it out today.

Oh the curved shaft, thumping against your G-spot. Oh the rabbit attachment, strumming your clit. Oh the slimline design, so easy to hold even in the heat of the moment. Oh Thumper, I love how I can use you in the bath, how I can sterilize your silicone, and how I can turn you on or off with one dedicated button! You have changed my mind about rabbit vibrators and for that, je l'adore, mon amour!

The Thumper has almost all of the qualities I look for in a toy. It's body safe, very quiet, and water-proof. The vibrations are fairly strong and I did enjoy them, but the bunny arm was just to inflexible for me to enjoy it to it's maximum potential. Blast my anatomy!

This toy is quiet, reliable, smooth, and safe, and offers seven vibration and three shaft rotations to mix and match so you're never bored. Vibrations can get pretty intense, so get ready! It's not too heavy and easily used in a bed or shower, so it's great for beginners or vibrator veterans alike. If you're looking for a rabbit vibrator, this chick says, "Look no further!"

It is a great toy, but the length might be a little long (at least for my anatomy) to stimulate my G-spot while trying to stimulate my clit at the same time, but individually, the clit stimulator was great!

If you are looking for a dual stimulator I would recommend this toy rather than settling for the other rabbits out there. Especially if you catch it on sale like I did. It is sure to last you quite a long time. It is made of a very safe and smooth silicone, very powerful, and is pretty much the quietest rabbit style vibrator I've ever come in contact with!

Let thumper work his magic on your rabbit hole! This silicone dual stimulator is waterproof and is very easy to maintain. The controls are intuitive and there is a variety of patterns of vibrations and shaft rotations to choose from and combine to satisfy your unique desires. It would make a great toy for a beginner who is looking for a toy of this moderate size and it would make a great addition to the collection of toy enthusiasts.

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