L’Amour Thumper - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Darling Jen

Oh Thumper, C'est L'Amour

Oh the curved shaft, thumping against your G-spot. Oh the rabbit attachment, strumming your clit. Oh the slimline design, so easy to hold even in the heat of the moment. Oh Thumper, I love how I can use you in the bath, how I can sterilize your silicone, and how I can turn you on or off with one dedicated button! You have changed my mind about rabbit vibrators and for that, je l'adore, mon amour!
Rotations Stand Up to Tight Squeezes,
Rotations Are in a Shallow Arch,
Clit Attachment Could be More Flexible
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The Thumper is a rabbit vibrator and designed for women. There is a rabbit-shaped clit attachment that vibrates with quiet power and a long shaft with a curved tip that rotates to press against that golden G-spot. They can work simultaneously or individually through their respective controls while both being subject to the dedicated on/off button.

Some things that make this rabbit vibrator stand out amongst others is the fact that it's waterproof. The controls are sealed and the simple click on/off battery compartment seem to be enough to keep water out. Trust me, I dunked this toy pretty thoroughly and I found no issue with water leakage. And while it works beautifully as a solo enjoyed toy, there is no reason not to hand the power to a partner and go to town with extra stimulation.

Material / Texture

The Thumper will have you saying "oh la la" with it's smooth, purple silicone. It's in the minority of rabbit vibrators by being made of a nonporous, sterilizable material like silicone rather than jelly, TPR, or plastic. And I really love it for that very reason. It won't degrade or pick up little nasties like others will and it will last a much, much longer time.

There is no smell or taste to this toy after a good, thorough washing. And the texture is smooth with only a slight drag to it. The texture is great for beginners but still appreciated by the more advanced. What really amazes me about this material is that despite the firm rigidity of most silicones, there is plenty of flexibility for the internal motors to rotate. But that transitions me into the next section.

Design / Shape / Size

This is a rabbit vibrator, ready to double stimulate your lady bits! And what is amazing is how strong the rotations remained, even when inserted and my muscles squeezes around it. Oh and comparing it to the only other rabbit vibrator I own, there were NO gear popping noises! I don't know about anyone else but sounding like you're making popcorn in the vicinity of your genitals during a heated moment is not really a turn-on.

I love that the shaft was longer without being too long to overshot my G-spot. And it was super easy to insert since it was a smooth shaft with no crazy bumps or curves. The tip has a slight upward curve to help find your G-spot and works great for those who only want light stimulation there. If you like a firmer, more exact thump against your G-spot, this may not work great for you. The tip is small and the curve to the rotation isn't wide.

The clit attachment leaves me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it's mighty powerful! But on the other, on the design side, it curves in hard toward the shaft and is not very easily repositioned. This leaves it pinching my clit area or the back pressed against it rather than direct stimulation like I'd prefer. But at least I can use it painlessly as opposed to my other rabbit vibe.

Because of the size of the toy, I wouldn't say it's discreet or easy to hide. But I see no reason not to throw this into a bag for travel. Just keep in mind that your bag may be checked if you're flying and you have to be confident enough not to care. Just sterilize it after your trip in case some security personnel got too curious about it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

As should be obvious by now, this toy vibrates through the clit attachment and rotates in the shaft. But I'll break it down and go over it all, because I'm pleased to report that this toy has plenty going for it in the power area!

The Rotations

The last 1.5 inches of the shaft is what rotates in about a 10º arch. It's great for someone like me who is new to rotation and provides plenty of new sensation without being overwhelming. But some people like strong, wide rotations that provided firmer sensation. Those may need to step over this toy and keep looking. But moderate users will appreciate this one.

There are three levels of rotation speed. The first level is almost silent when under the covers as long as there's not someone mere feet away to hear it. The other two are louder but still not more than a strong cell phone vibration. And when inserted, the noise is further muffled.

The Vibrations

The vibrations are powerful! I'm used to only my wands or luxury toys having this level of power but I'm pleased that for the cost of an average rabbit, you can get quality material, lifespan, and power!!! The vibrations travel through the entire rabbit-shaped clit attachment and is not at all diffused by pressing it against a body part! And when held away from the body you can actually see the vibration in the ears of the rabbit, especially during the patterns.

There are three levels of steady vibration. The first two are almost completely silent and will not be heard through a closed door. But the third level still isn't bad. Adding TV or radio noise will definitely drown out your play time if you need more privacy.

Beyond the steady levels, there are four vibration patterns to choose from and they are all at the highest level of vibration power. My only question is why the first and third patterns are almost indistinguishable...

1. Fast pulsation
2. Rumbling increase from low to high
3. Even faster pulsation
4. Three quick pulses followed by a long pulse

The Controls

Praise Cal Exotics for giving us a dedicated on/off button! No matter what settings you're on, no matter if you're using the rotation, vibration, or both, you can always hit that button to shut it all down just in case your phone rings or a child walks in or a neighbor knocks. It's super convenient! And speaking of convenience, did I mention the controls light up? So even in the dark, you'll be able to press the right button.

And I'm not sure how they managed this but even though the handle is really thin and the opposite of bulky or heavy, which leaves the buttons taking up more relative space in the handle, I've never accidentally hit a button during play time. That would have thrown off my mood and made this toy harder to use in a fluid way. But I'm pretty impressed with it. It's a lot more petite and manageable than the previous rabbits from Cal Exotics.

And even though there's only a very, very small O-ring in the battery compartment and it only requires less an 1/8th a turn to open or close, it has still managed to be waterproof! Absolutely easy to use and it gets a definite thumbs up from me! (Or maybe a thump up?)

Care and Maintenance

Have I mentioned yet that this vibe being silicone makes it super body safe? How about combining that with its waterproof feature to make it even easier to wash? Just take it in the shower with you and lather it in anti-bacterial soap! Or if you want a more sterilized clean, dip the silicone (not the plastic) in a 10% bleach solution and then rinse thoroughly. You can also use a toy cleaning spray or wipe to add another squeaky clean step in your care process. It's all good for this silicone rabbit!

As for storage, if you have the space for it you can just use the box it comes in. If not, just throw it in a bag or place it in a drawer. The only thing I would make sure not to do is place it touching a toy of lesser material quality. It could share (but I haven't tried it so I'm just guessing) it's color with sil-a-gel, cyberskin, or jelly while those materials will share their bacteria with this one, requiring yet another cleaning.

And since it's silicone, please only use water-based lubricant with it as to keep the material smooth and long-lasting!


This rabbit has definitely changed my opinion about my body's ability to enjoy the rotations and position of rabbit-style vibes. The last one I tried had a short shaft that didn't reach my G-spot, bumps that made it harder to insert, and a clit attachment that, while pretty, was pretty uncomfortable. This one was very different and actually stimulated my G-spot, hit my clit, and was pleasurable to insert and adjust. It was wonderful to use in the bath as well and I experienced no muffling of the power. Le Thumper est mon nouveau amour!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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