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NaughtiBod reviews

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29 reviews

This is really one of the best and most innovative toys I've ever come across. It was a wonderful idea, and I've yet to find a find a flaw in its execution. The NaughtiBod is well worth the cost as both a vibrator and an mp3 player accessory.

This toy is a great investment not only because it is innovative in technology, but the design of the product is both precise and pleasing. Looks good, sounds good, feels good. Work your Naughtibod. ;)

I love music and now music is definitely my boyfriend. Anything with base is awesome with this lil guy. I am happy I brought this vibrator and now I will get more of the other OhMibody products.

I absolutely love this toy! Hands down, this is my favorite so far! I have no complaints and I recommend it to everybody who is looking for a unique vibrator! Really, what will they think of next??

I had such high hopes for this toy, but unfortunately I was left miserably disappointed. It has almost zero power on regular or music-driven settings, and is still rather loud despite its lack of power. If the idea of a music-driven vibe excites you as much as it does me, I would strongly recommend you try anything but the NaughtiBod!

I would not recommend this to anyone. Do not get it if you are into large, powerful toys. I am into medium powered petite toys. This was still much too weak to do anything. It has a cute gimmick, but I found it to be disappointing.

This item is good if you have a sensitive clit. It is also good as an anal toy, but I wouldn't buy it if that is all you are going to use it for. It is not worth the price.

The Naughtibod is expensive for what it is - a low quality vibrator with a nice gimmick. It really truly is a nice idea and the online pictures make this vibrator seems cute and quality. This really is different and I know my expectations were high but this is the most disappointing vibrator purchase I have ever made. Not every vibrator is for everyone, but I really want to know who this was geared at. I feel this needs a lot of improvement or a smaller price tag.

The NaughtiBod has a nice case for the toy, but the toy itself is not worth it to buy. The intensity just wasn't there in my opinion, but in the end, everyone is different.

Amazing and fun, the naughtibod is great for everyone. You can use it with or without music, solo or with a partner. It puts a new twist on the traditional vibrator. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fun, powerful, unique vibrator. I absolutely love mine and can't imagine not having it.

It's hard to get off when your worried about what your listening to, especially when the only songs that give a strong enough vibration to get the job done are a total buzz kill. The wires connected from the Naughtibod to your mp3 player are also distracting and just plain annoying. Not only did my wire snap at the base, but the toy itself had a life of maybe 3 months. Waste of money and time.

This toy is fun to experiment with since it has so many vibration options. A good toy for the price, but more of a novelty toy than anything else.

"Realistic" overall, it screams "fun". This is about the most amazing thing yet. I wish they were in much larger sizes.

Love music? Love sex? Meet the best of both worlds. The NaughtiBod responds to the beat of your music, creating a world of beats and patterns that is untouched by any other brand. It doesn't respond quite as I'd expected, but it's an awesome experience nonetheless. The vibrations are on the lower side and the sound is on the higher side, but it's worth it to be able to meld the world of sex and music together.

The Naughtibod is a good alternative to people who can't or don't want to purchase the OhMiBod Freestyle vibes. It vibrates well to the music, comes in a choice of colors to match whatever your favorite is, and it works well with a variety of different music sources.

Ready to rock your world? The Naughtibod will have you grooving to your favorite tunes! You can use it with or without music, or even download the iPhone app! The wavy shape of the toy makes it perfect for vaginal stimulation. It can also be used as a clitoral vibrator! This think blew me away and just keep on rockin!

I absolutely LOVE my NaughtiBod 2.0. It's cute, stylish and has some awesome vibrations. And it comes in a rainbow of colors, so there's one for everyone. Also the new NaughtiBod 2.0 only uses 1 base; so there is no need to have to worry about loosing one. Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!

I LOVE the smooth curves this toy features, and it's VERY quiet in music mode! It's easy to clean and is so smooth that lubricant isn't usually required. If you're into patterned vibrations, you NEED this toy! I have 3,353 different beats I can try; one of them should float everyone's boat!

The NautghtiBod vibrator will have you screaming your favorite tunes in no time! This vibrator has the ability to vibrate to music or be used as a traditional vibrator. The major downfall with this toy is the size - diameter and insertable length are both on the small end of the spectrum, which means some users may want to use this toy as a warm-up and move onto another dildo or vibrator this is more filling.

If you are into music and love high tech gadgets, this is the most sexy fun you can have. There are so many ways to play. The smaller and curvy design of this particular vibe in this series is perfect for me and gives me the freedom to enjoy it in all kinds of ways to fit my mood. Slow and sexy or hot and rockin, this vibe has got me singing tunes and dancing!

If you're buying this vibrator because you like the idea of having it respond to your music, then you're going to get what you want out of it. Aside from that though, it's a quality toy that is going to get the job done. It's exceptionally designed and couldn't be cuter. A music powered vibrator may seem like a ploy, but it delivers what it promises!

If you love your music, get a little something like this that is guaranteed to make your music love you back.

Does what you'd expect and so much more. It positively dances to your favorite music, and you'll never want it to stop!

I loved the mp3 options. Allowing my music, the stuff I like, to dictate the vibrations from the Naughtibod. It's a unique experience and one I highly recommend. But it's also a toy that can be used without the mp3 and with or without a partner. Either way, it's a great ride!

The NaughtiNano is a nice edition to a collection or a first time toy. Its shape makes it less noticeable for first time users and may make it more comfortable for them.

The Naughti Nano is a blast to use. Simply set up your play list, plug it in, and rock out to your favorite music while the vibrator pulses along. It works with almost any music genre, although some music lends itself better to the vibration than others. This toy can also be used with an alternative base (included) if you don’t want to listen to music while you play.

This is a toy that is really different and a lot of fun. If I was going to buy one vibe, this probably wouldn't be it, but if you're into music and looking for a fun toy, this is pretty cool.

Personally you could get the same experience from another similar type of multiple speed vibrator. It just wasn't as exciting as I was hoping for, we will have to incorporate music some other way.

This is a great toy for foreplay and getting warmed up. Its feel is satisfying and luxurious, despite a few design flaws it’s rather well made. As a standard vibe it's tantalizing and fun, as a vibrator that will rock your world to music, they haven’t found perfection yet.

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