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The Naughtibod is a good alternative to people who can't or don't want to purchase the OhMiBod Freestyle vibes. It vibrates well to the music, comes in a choice of colors to match whatever your favorite is, and it works well with a variety of different music sources.
Affordable, Vibrates to the music well, Sexy color choices, Comes with batteries, Great storage bag
Can't adjust intensity during music mode, Two different caps
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The Naughtibod is a plastic vibrator sold by OhMiBod that vibrates to the strength of the music that's playing. The vibrator is about six inches long, and it has a diameter of about 3/4 inch. It's mostly made for clitoral stimulation though it could be inserted vaginally as well. The vibrator comes with two separate end caps that make it possible to use this in time with music or just to vibrate as a regular vibrator. The "Real size product" widget is accurate in size, but the color of the green NaughtiBod is off. The Naughtibod in green is actually a bright, lime green not the blueish-green that the EF pictures show.

The packaging for the Naughtibod is really, really cute. In fact, I actually like the packaging for this better than the Freestyle vibes I own. The Naughtibod comes in a cute, white, hi-tech-looking box that shows the Naughtibod in a bunch of colors including showing the features of the sex toy on the back. The NaughtiBod itself comes in a plastic tray that's pulled out from the cardboard box. In this cardboard tray, OhMiBod includes two sets of AAA batteries, the two end caps, the cords needed, the vibe itself, a small storage bag. This storage bag is a bit small for my tastes, but it should hold the vibrator, both caps, and the cord with no problem. Along with this, the NaughtiBod comes with a one-year warranty to allow you to replace it if something happens.

I own the OhMiBod Freestyle G and the OhMiBod Original Freestyle as well as the ClubVibe, and I was curious as to how the NaughtiBod would compare. After all, not everyone has the budget to purchase one of the more expensive versions of this one. Aethetically, the biggest difference is that the vibrator needs to use two different caps to do the music functions while the Freestyle just needs to flip a switch. With the Naughtibod, there's a cap for the music functions while there's also a cap for the regular music functions.

The other big difference is the vibration sensitivity. With the Freestyle series (and the ClubVibe, if memory serves me correctly), you can adjust how sensitive the vibrations are to the music itself. With the Naughtibod, there is no adjustment for it. This means that, if there's a strong bass, the vibrator is basically just going to keep vibrating at a strong, steady level. However, you can get around this by choosing less bass-centric music. However, having a way to adjust the intensity with the Naughtibod would have been nice. If a song doesn't seem to be working, just try another song because you can't adjust the intensity.

The batteries with this vibrator are inserted by unscrewing the bottom compartment. There's a pull-out tray that uses two AAA batteries. This vibrator used to use N batteries, but it looks like OhMiBod changed it. This vibrator comes with two sets of AAA batteries, so it looks like they want you to enjoy your toy. The batteries insert really easily and slide out really easily as well. This vibrator can not use rechargeable batteries; don't ask me why, but the instructions explicitly state not to.

The regular vibration mode lets your Naughtibod work as a regular vibrator when you don't want to listen to music. There is a triangle button that lets you scroll through the seven different vibrational patterns while there's a circle button that automatically turns the vibrator off. I did sometimes accidentally turn off the vibrator instead of changing the vibration speeds which was a bit frustrating.

The music mode is compatible with any types of music-input. If it has a headphone jack, this vibrator will work. That includes computers, MP3 players, video game consoles, phones, guitars, or anything else you can come up with. Basically, one end of the cable plugs into the vibrator while the other end plugs into the music jack of whatever you'd like to the vibrator to vibrate to. There's yet another plug that actually plugs into your headphones that allows you to easily listen to the music while you use it as well. Like stated above, the music mode works well, and it does vibrate to the music very well, but it also doesn't have a way to adjust for intensity, so it may limit your song choices a little bit. (Heavy metal or hard rock may not have much of a vibration difference. It'll vibrate, but it won't get softer then stronger because it will read the music as the same "strength" and stay on the highest vibration setting.)
The vibrations of this vibrator are a little loud on the highest setting. The first two settings aren't so loud, but the highest setting could probably be heard through a closed door. The vibrator has three basic strengths - a low, medium, and high. It also includes 4 patterns. The vibrations are on the high side of moderate, and they are a mixture of buzzy and rumbly. The vibration settings aren't loud enough to disturb the actual listening of music while you're playing with it, but since you may not be listening to the vibrator (because you're listening to music), make sure you find out how loud the vibrator is before you play if discretion is important. The vibrations were a bit buzzy to reach orgasm, but it is possible.

The material are great for the Naughtibod too. The vibrator is made from plastic which is body-safe, and the plastic conducts vibrates well and glides over the skin very nicely as well. When replacing the ends, the vibrator does a quick vibrate to let you know when the end is on securely.

Cleaning the Naughtibod is easy. Just use warm water and antibacterial soap. Be sure to keep the water and soap away from the base as this vibrator is not waterproof. This is compatible with all types of lubricant, but since I've only used it as a clitoral vibrator, I haven't found a need for lubricant as the plastic glides over the skin. For storage, I highly recommend keeping it in the storage pouch that it comes in.

I like the Naughtibod. For those who don't or can't afford the Freestyle vibrators, the Naughtibod is a good choice. It's not made as sturdy as the Freestyle vibrators, but it still does the music vibration well. It doesn't adjust as nicely as the Freestyle vibrators do, but it still does the job really nicely, and you can pick from a wide variety of different colors to suit your personality.
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