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This is a great toy for foreplay and getting warmed up. Its feel is satisfying and luxurious, despite a few design flaws it’s rather well made. As a standard vibe it's tantalizing and fun, as a vibrator that will rock your world to music, they haven’t found perfection yet.
Quiet as a standard vibe, nice vibration patterns, no horrid smell.
Loud when used with music, poorly placed controls as a standard vibe.
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I was so entirely excited by the concept of a toy that would vibrate and keep time to music, I could hardly wait to receive this item. When it arrived it did so in a pretty unassuming box that looked like something you’d get at an electronics store. When I opened it I found a silky smooth demure blue plastic vibrator, six batteries, a three way splitter, a velvet pouch for storing the vibe and two totally different end caps. Each end cap has a different function, one allows for the vibrator to be used without the music application and thus becomes a standard vibrator with seven exciting modes of vibration. The second allows you to plug in your I-Pod or MP3 player converting this toy into a vibrator that keeps time to music. This toy has no annoying smell and is more than pleasant to the touch.

After washing I inserted the batteries and just before getting the end cap tightly screwed down the vibrator emitted a pulse vibration telling me my batteries were good and I was ready to play. I think that’s a nice feature! I had decided to try the standard end cap first. I was very impressed with the variation of patterns to choose from.

The first three modes are standard continuous vibrations ranging from gentle to more intense; the remaining four are surging, vibrating, pulsating patterns that are thrilling. I found while using this end cap the NaughtiNano is quite discreet as well. I played with various modes, noting my favorites as I ran them over my clit. I like number three and everything after that. While I found the vibrations relatively strong, they're not quite strong enough to send me over the edge. I liken the strength and patterns to the Gigi by Lelo|Vibrator by Lelo and think they are probably adequate enough to produce an orgasm for most people. I then decided to fuck myself and although this toy has a small diameter I found it pleasing and when angled right it provided pretty good g-spot stimulation. I soon ran into my first real problem- while thrusting I inadvertently hit the power button and turned off the vibrator. I resumed my pleasuring and accidentally changed vibration mode this time, talk about frustrating! There are two buttons on the bottom of this cap both slightly raised the circle allows the vibe to be turned off at any time and a triangle that’s used to cycle through the vibration modes. This vibe being on the short side and having no real handle made it all to easy to hit a button while screwing yourself. Enough of that frustration!

Let's ROCK!!! For optimum performance the instruction booklet recommends setting your Music volume to 75%, I found this to be spot on. I attached the music end so to speak, turned on and plugged into my MP3 player. I shuffled through a variety of music with one ear bud removed so I could hear the noise of the vibrations as they kept time with the music. The NaughtiNano was surprisingly LOUD! Loud enough for me to worry about others in the house hearing it and totally breaking my concentration. Just as I did find a nice vibration applied to just the right spot the song would end. I like finding a rhythm and the changing songs made for a sporadic, disappointing ride.

The vibrations created by the music itself were also varied and sporadic. Cons what they are, I was so horny after all this experimenting I had to finish myself off.
Follow-up commentary
I was able to have an orgasm while using this toy as a standard vibe; it took a long time and I really had to be in right frame of mind. Still not my favorite.
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  • So it was a lot louder with the music than without? That seems odd.

    Also, I'm assuming the material is hard plastic (yes?)- easy to clean and nonporous. Still, I'd recommend using a condom if sharing, since it can't be fully sterilized.  
  • Dame Demi
    Sorry to hear this was a disappointment.  It's a great idea, in theory, but I can see how the constantly changing patterns and songs would be distracting and frustrating.
  • Minxy
    Cock Wrangler,

    Yhea, this is much louder when using the music application. I think it's due to the fact that when it operates in this mode it seems to be in a standard vibration mode that just increases and decreases in strength due to music,I know it seems odd,thats just how it is. Thank's for the condom pointer,yes this toy is hard, nonporous easy to clean plastic.
  • Minxy
    Dame Demi,

    Alway's nice to hear from you. This is a nice toy as a standard vibe,I really like in that capacity. Thanks for checking out the review.I lost this entire review once, I switched to word after that but I was worn out by then. You live and learn.
  • Dame Demi
    Minxy, you're a better woman than I am!  I can never bear to rewrite something I wrote, then lost!  :(  Good job!
  • Nashville
    Aw, another tech review where the conclusion is the product isn't worth the time. Such a shame! Mp3 player vibe sounds like a winning combination :(
  • SD:
    I know :( . It's not a total waste of time but dosn't function nearly as well as I expected.
  • her.royal.redness
    Is it able to plug into other things, like a computer? Thanks for the review!
  • Minxy
    Hello her.royal.redness,
    I believe the NaughtiNano will work with a computer, but I'm having trouble locating my instruction manual so I cant be positive.
  • lamira
    It's a shame this isn't as great as I thought it would be. It's a shame, because I thought it would be really fun.
  • LavenderSkies
    What a shame I wanted this and it looked great, I guess not!
  • pixieluv
    The new naughtibod is updated. Not sure if this includes better vibrations, but have you tried it with other mediums like a computer or DVD player? []
  • zracer
    Great review
  • Ghost
    Looks fun. :3
  • allinonekid
    I want one
  • eroticmutt
    Yikes, using it at 70% volume would be really really loud for me
  • eri86
    Thank you for taking the time to share with us.
  • JADE76
    nice review
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