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Pirates pendant vibe reviews

22 reviews
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22 reviews

I think that if this were not on sale I would still feel as if it were totally worth my money. I have had my eye on this little guy for a while and am very happy with the fact that I got it.

For those who want to feel the thrill that comes with wearing a vibrator out and about without people knowing it, this is perfect. However, for those looking for a serious clitoral vibrator, one could probably find a quieter and more powerful option that can be cleaned much more easily.

So unless you are sensitive to light touches and vibrations, I would not suggest getting this toy. If you do, be careful with the pointy tip. It hurts a little bit when you press down on it lightly. Be careful while wearing it as a necklace. It might bump against your bra and turn on randomly, and having to cycle through all those settings to turn it off can be embarrassing.

If you're okay with the moderate intensity and probably not a terribly long life-span, it's a cute first toy or novelty edition to a collection. If used only sparingly, I imagine it would have lasted longer than it did for us.

The Pirates Pendant Vibe is a powerful little bullet that can pass for a very fun and sexy pice of jewelry. Very fun and wild thing to add to any pirate costume.

I think any pirate lover needs to have this in their toy box. It's a really fun and powerful toy, as well.

As a novelty piece of costume jewelry this item is definitely a 5 star product. It's fun to wear and fun to play with when you know no one is looking. However, since it is marketed as a vibrator and designed for clitoral use and has such weak vibrations, I have to give it only 2 stars. With that said, I am thinking of buying another one in gold because it is a lot of fun to play with.

This is definitely an item worth buying; if not for you, then for a friend. What can I say? It's adorable and works to get the job done.

I really tried to get this bullet to work better for me. For some reason, I had a hard time finishing from the strong, somewhat buzzy vibrations that numbed my hand. I was still impressed by the patterns and programs that this bullet has. It's fun to look at and use since it is so unique, but it's not the best at pleasing me.

This pendant would make a great gift for someone, it is discreet and a fun way to carry a vibrator without anyone knowing. The toy for me was not all that, I am not into pirates and I have yet to find a bullet toy that rocks my world. If you like bullet play then this one should work for you. For a bullet toy it offers a range of vibrations and is easy to use.

This is just a perfect bullet vibe for me. Powerful, multi-function, jewelry - I can't say enough about how much I like this vibrator!

I am going to tell all of my friends who like toys that this is a definite must have to add to their collections!

While there are a lot of things about the Pirates Pendant that I didn’t like, there were still quite a few redeeming qualities that kept me from totally ruling it out and placing it in my “unapproved” list; it's easy to use, isn’t very loud, is body safe, easy to care for, rather powerful, has a unique design (a vibrator necklace – now that’s new!), it’s very discreet, is quite affordable and is great for clitoral stimulation or just for use during foreplay!

I love that this vibe wasn't too strong or too weak. I felt the vibrations, but they didn't make my ladybits go numb.

I'm a fan of the "good things come in small packages" school of thinking on vibrators. Pocket rocket, flicker, bullet, egg, micro-vibe, mini vibe, whatever you wanna call it. I call it true love. The cute pirate vibes that I got to play along with the DVD series have been well made, well designed clit-terrific gems. This bitty bit is the crown jewel of the collection. I need one in every color.

The Pirates Pendant Vibe brings a whole new meaning to 'wearable vibrators'. This is a great bullet alone or if you want to add it to your club (or pirate) wear. It's a quiet discreet wireless bullet with patterns and I think it's quite a steal for the price, so why not add it to your treasure chest?

YAR Matey! I have the perfect discreet bullet carried right out in public like the brazen pirate I am. It is so quiet I can use it to sneak a quick orgasm just about anywhere and though it isn't totally waterproof it will stand up to even the juiciest Lady Blight.

The Pirate Pendant Vive is a lovely addition to anyone's toy collection. Powerful, discreet, pretty as hell and the price is absolutely right!

This product is fabulous. It's small and powerful and perfect for anyone! I was concerned about how small it is and that it takes 3 watch batteries but I was pleasantly surprised. It's now one of my favorites!

This vibe is awesome because of its listed features AND it's fun to incorporate into your evening outfit. You'll find yourself surrounded by curious people, but unless you actually tell them what it is around your neck, they would never guess. Don't want to wear it? Having it on a chain is brilliant anyways for easy access on-the-go. If you want to make the boring work commute spicier, if you love you some pirate play, or if you are a daring fashionista, this is the perfect bullet for you.

Fun for the pirate lover in all of us, this toy is very discreet and can be worn out without anyone suspecting that it's anything other then a necklace. Not out of this world performance, but a cute and fun themed toy.

The Pendant Vibe is a great choice in discreet vibrators. It looks like costume jewelry, yet functions well as a quiet and strong clitoral stimulator. The attached chain makes this easy to keep on hand (or around the neck, as it were). Multiple vibration settings make this more versatile than the standard bullet, and the batteries have a decent life span. This is a great choice for Pirate play or any other play while you’re safe on dry land.

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