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Platinum jack rabbit Platinum jack rabbit

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Platinum jack rabbit reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

This toy is a great, exciting toy for someone who is looking for a little more OOMPH in the bedroom. Definitely worth considering.

Go for it. Buy it for your wife and let her see what she thinks. It's not a "bargain toy"...this is the real deal! It's on sale frequently enough and I guarantee she'll use it when you're at home and away. Gets the job done in a way she'll want to enjoy, not be forced to.

I am having a good time with this toy. It never feels like the same-old thing. Hits a lot of key areas for awesome results.

I expected this to be a new favorite in the toy box, but instead it has mostly sat in the drawer and become my toy of last resort. It's not so bad that I want to throw it out, but there are definitely better options out there.

This rabbit vibrator is absolutely worth buying! It has a nice look and strong vibrations to leave you feeling satisfied. It is my personal favorite and you should definitely try it. You will not be disappointed.

I have never been to the opera, but I found that Mr. Foo Foo could make me sing. It's a good thing that my neighbors are many acres away. If you have used a rabbit before, this one is worth his weight in carrots. If you are new to the toy scene, Mr. Foo Foo would love to teach you a thing or two.

Everything I hoped for and my wife loves this thing. Gets her "warmed up" for the real thing! Makes our sex life still exciting after 25 years together.

This is by far one of the best products I have ever used, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great vibrator.

If you live alone, or are part of a couple using this together, it's AMAZING. I don't suggest it if you have thin walls, nosy roommates, or a door that doesn't lock. It's a very intense rabbit, and takes a little experimentation to get the settings that are "right" for you.

The Platinum Jack Rabbit is definitely worth the price. It looks and feels great. How many other toys can you say that about? If you're anything like me and love clitoral stimulation, this toy will be great for you. The rabbit attachment is beyond wonderful. The top speed is almost unbearable for me because of the power. I definitely recommend that you buy this toy and try it out!

I've tried a wide variety of vibrators and simulators and was thoroughly disappointed with this product. I read the great reviews about the power, etc. and was expecting much more. It's a good solid vibrator, but not what I was looking for. I warn again that if strong clitoral stimulation is your aim, then pass on this toy--but if you are looking for great internal stimulation, this is the toy for you.

A must have for all couples! It has a shaft that is clear in color and somewhat phallic looking with a pronounced head. There are a small amount of nubs on the bottom side of it, but they're very slight and not easily felt.

Does anyone remember the Energizer bunny commercials? Do you remember the all too familiar slogan? "It keeps going..and going..and going.." Well this Platinum Jack Rabbit keeps me cumming..and cumming..and cumming! This rabbit has some amazing features and best of all, it's waterproof! This is an awesome rabbit to add to any sex toy lovers collection.

This item is worth buying because it made me orgasm in one minute and is so worth the price. The only problem is it's not thick enough for my size preference so I couldn't feel the rotation mechanism.

With a powerful bullet, non-jamming beads, and a larger girth than most rabbit vibrators, it's no wonder why The Platinum Jack Rabbit has been my favorite rabbit vibe for a few years now and counting. The deep, rumbling vibrations and massaging beads are guaranteed to please. Even if this toy is made of TPE, it's still a big step up from jelly (safety-wise) and makes up for it in the pleasure department. I couldn't ask for anything more and, to me, this vibe is worth every penny.

This toy is great. It's powerful and soft, and it will have you crying out in pleasure! If you don't mind a little (okay, a lot of) noise, this waterproof monster rabbit will please you beyond belief.

This is a great toy for pretty much everyone. It's on the larger size, but it worked well with my smaller anatomy. There's nothing lacking in power, performance, or pleasure. With a wide range of speeds and patterns, you're bound to find your perfect fit with this one.

After you purchase The Platinum Jack Rabbit, you may be tempted to simply throw away all your previously purchased toys. You need this in your life!

This item is very worth it. It gives great power and so much to choose from. You won't go through tons of batteries, and you won't be lacking any size. As long as you can deal with a bit of noise, and keeping it clean, I can't seem to think of anything negative about this toy.

Oh you shiny rabbit. You are so pretty to look at. I am so glad you are not just all looks because that would make me sad. Instead you rock my world. You're better than that guy that leaves chocolate once a year for sure.

This item is absolutely worth it. I am able to orgasm every time, not even using all of the functions of the vibrator. It is pretty and feminine, and both my husband and myself have enjoyed lots of use of it.

To me, no girl should be without this rabbit. With all the variations and speeds, it is pure sexual bliss. And if you're like me, I do not like a toy that keeps going after I am done, so for me the automatic off button is....PRICELESS!! And let's not forget this glittery rabbit is waterproof.

My Diamond Princess is my most effective orgasmic toy thus far! I am in love with the euphoric sensation this toy has to offer. She is an optimum performer who needs very little help from her companion.

The Platinum Jack Rabbit is one of the most well-designed rabbit-style toys on the market. It's strong, it's versatile, it's waterproof, and it's sexy; what more could a girl want? Like all rabbits, its shape doesn't fit everyone, but for most women this is a real winner. With 7 functions and 6 rotation speeds, there are enough options for endless experimentation.

The Platinum Jack Rabbit by California Exotics is the platinum standard that all rabbit vibrators would be smart, to try to emulate. It has many wonderful features like: 6 speeds of shaft rotation, 7 different vibration functions for the rabbit, automatic off button, an easy load battery pack, and non-jamming metal beads. Not to mention it is beautiful.

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