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RO-120mm bullet reviews

19 reviews
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19 reviews

This bullet is extremely powerful for its size. If you're tired of vibes that under-perform, buy this one and be amazed.

This is a great overall clitoral vibrator. It's small but not too small. It takes triple A batteries. This is nice for couples and solo fun, though it is a little loud.

This is a great toy for beginners, and it always leaves me satisfied. It's a fun addition to any collection, and it enhances sex well. You can use it as foreplay before moving onto something bigger, or stick with this little guy the whole time. Either way, there's lots of fun to be had. I highly recommend taking advantage of the waterproof feature and using it in the bath or shower.

It's definitely worth the investment. The time and pleasure this will give you in your life... mmm. Go forth and buzz yourselves till your body can't take it.

The RO-120mm bullet by Rocks-Off Ltd. is a lovely little example of what the perfect bullet should be. The strong, versatile settings were impressive and powerful and extremely functional compared to other vibes. Its size and design make for a pretty experience. It has become my absolute favorite toy and I use it all the time. I can see myself having a very pleasant time with the RO-120mm for a long, long time. I don't have one single complaint about this bullet. It is perfect!

This was and is one of my favorite toys. If you really want to get your rocks off, grab one! The price is great!

I would not repurchase this item because I need stronger vibrations. This did not provide powerful enough vibrations for me.

Overall the RO-120mm is a fairly decent toy, but as a man it's just not the right sort of thing for me. As much as I get enjoyment from playing around with vibrators I just need something stronger and rumbly to really get me off this way.

The RO-120 really has some great features. The toy is waterproof, portable and made very well. This has pretty much become one of our top 5 toys overnight. The only concern I have is that the button could retain some fluids due to how it is set into the plastic and that could present a small with cleaning the toy. All in all this toy is probably the most versitle toy we have and I have a feeling we will be using this toy quite a bit.

if you keep loosing your smaller bullets, this would be an excellent addition to your toy box. As a stand alone vibrator, it lacks some of the extras we tend to go for. I do know that since getting this bullet, my wife does not spend anywhere close to the same amount of time digging through the toy drawer looking for a bullet vibrator.

By far, the toy that I get the most use out of. I love that it is small and quiet but strong enough to get me off every time, and that I can use it with my partner. The only con is the battery life and difficult in finding the batteries.

After hearing so many great things about the RO-120mm, I was disappointed in what I found. I got a bullet with power levels just under what I needed that were way too surface level for my tastes. While I can safely say this won't be for everyone, I think it could be a good buy for the right person.

This is a great bullet and is totally worth the money you will spend on it. In my opinion, it out does the Little Chroma bullet for a fraction of the cost. True, the metallic finish is not ideal and may be damaged, but if cleaned and stored carefully it will last you a great amount of time. The vibrations are nice and powerful even though I like rumbly ones better than buzzy. Lots of function with 5 settings.

RO-120mm bullet is a beautiful creation. This bullet is larger than your average bullet. It is extremely strong. It could be too strong for some users. This bullet should be apart of everyones collection. It is waterproof and comes with its own batteries.

Despite a few cosmetic flaws, the RO-120mm Bullet is the perfect size, hardness, length and strength for clitoral stimulation. Used alone or with a partner, it is guaranteed to satisfy.

If you're searching for your first sex toy and you're hesitant to drop a lot of money, I would heavily recommend investing in this bullet and adding on the freebie vibrators that Eden offers with each purchase. Why, you ask? It takes the cheap plastic vibrators from being just "okay" to "asdkgajsdghhhh" (which would be the sound of you losing all grasp of the English language) by giving you the gift of fantastic clitoral stimulation at the same time.

The RO-120mm is smaller than your average vibrator which makes it lightweight and easy to travel with. It has good strong vibrations and is non porous, so I don't have to worry about bacteria growing on it.

The RO-120mm bullet is a great deal for those who are looking for strong, crazy vibrations in a handy package, for clitoral orgasms, or for those who want something smaller than the average vibrator, but larger than the average bullet. It is easy to hide and store, waterproof, and easy to care for.

The RO-120 mm bullet is a very strong bullet that works well for those who require a discreet toy. It's very easy to clean and very easy to store.

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