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Didn't Get My Rocks Off

After hearing so many great things about the RO-120mm, I was disappointed in what I found. I got a bullet with power levels just under what I needed that were way too surface level for my tastes. While I can safely say this won't be for everyone, I think it could be a good buy for the right person.
Larger size than most bullets
Pinpoint stimulation
Not enough power
Surface level vibrations
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The RO-120mm is a larger than average bullet meant for external stimulation. It can be used on the clitoris, nipples, or anywhere else you might like external vibrations. Since it is longer and thicker than most bullets, you may be able to insert this vaginally and get something out of it if you prefer smaller sizes. You should not use this anally as it does not flare at the base.

RO-120 is waterproof. You can take it anywhere you'd like. It's perfect for solo or partner play. It is not as good as other smaller bullets for use during actual sex due to its larger size. It can be used this way, it's just not ideal.

Material / Texture

RO-120 is made of plastic. This put it at an 8 on the safety scale. The plastic is coated with a metallic finish so that it looks like metal. Maybe it's just me, but the metal coated vibrators always seem harder than the others. The plastic on RO-120 is very hard and weighty once the batteries are inserted. There is no give or plush to this. It doesn't seem to get as cold as other plastics and certainly not as cold as a real metal would. If you need some cushion to your bullets, this won't provide it. If you like to apply a lot of pressure, the unforgiving nature of plastic may just do the trick.

The finish is mostly smooth. There is an engraving on the shaft of the bullet that says "RO-120mm" with a heart. It is all then enclosed with a circle. If you insert this, there is some chance you may be able to feel this if you are texture or seam sensitive.

There is no plastic smell to RO-120. There is no taste, either.

I have not noticed any chipping of the coating. Sometimes, metallic coats can begin to chip over time. I've had mine about two months with no chips, but it has been properly stored the whole time so as not to come in rough contact with other materials. There is one spot near the middle of the shaft that looks like it may be starting to chip, but hasn't yet.

The metallic finish is a magnet for fingerprints. All you have to do is slightly touch this and you will see the imprint. It also scratches up fairly easily. For those that like to keep toys looking perfect, it will be a hard task to accomplish with this toy.

The material should be fine for beginners or advanced users. The only thing that would be a requirement here is that you like more firm materials.

Design / Shape / Size

RO-120 is designed like a typical bullet only bigger. It is 5 inches long of which 3.75 are insertable. It is 1 inch in diameter. The product page and I (finally!) agree on all points.

This vibrator is bigger than my middle finger by about an inch or so. Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

I was really thrown off by the size when I got this. I had read the reviews that said it was larger, but forgot about them when I actually ordered this. When it came in and was larger than most of my bullets, I was a bit shocked.

What I found was that the amount of pinpoint stimulation I was able to get was still adequate, even at the larger size, because the head came to a good point. It was a bit bulky to hold during use, but after a few seconds I adjusted easily to using the larger size. It seemed to help shield some of the vibrations from getting all the way to the base of the vibrator and thus my fingers which was nice.

Either a beginner or advanced user can use this bullet. For insertion purposes, those who like vibrators on the smaller side may be able to use this. Personally, I prefer my vibrators around this size. I did not end up inserting this due to the engraving on the shaft. I have some texture sensitivity and it seemed like it might be a bit painful. Sorry, guys!

While not as easy to hide as a smaller bullet, the size isn't so large that you can't put this away in a drawer so no one can see it. It looks like a bullet, so anyone that knows things about sex toys will figure out what this is.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is a single button at the base of RO-120 that controls the speeds and functions. To turn on, press once. To change speed or pattern, press again. To turn off, hold down for about three seconds.

I'm never a fan of one button control, but on bullets there usually isn't another way to do it. The button was easy to press. I never hit it accidentally when using it.

There are three constant vibration power levels. The first is a high level two vroom, possibly even low level three vroom. The second is a mid-level three. The third is a low-level four.

Now, here's what I'd like to say about the power levels. First off, I can't use anything below a mid-level four. This just wasn't enough of a four for me. The problem I had with these vibrations were that they were very surface level in feeling. If held in my hand, I could feel the vibrator going back and forth and I could hear the vibrations. I couldn't feel the level of vibration on my actual hand that it seemed to be emitting. It's like some of the power dies as soon as it touches your skin. I think the vibrations here will be enough for most people, but if you need a lot of power it may not cut it.

I would classify these as buzzy vibrations. As mentioned, they are very surface level. They make my hands go numb fairly quickly. They are not SO buzzy that I can't stand them, but it takes a lot of buzzy for me to hate something. If you dislike any buzz, this will probably get to you. If you can tolerate up to a certain level of buzz, this may be okay.

The first pattern is a moderately fast paced pulse. The next goes from the lower speed to the higher speed. You can feel it jump back down to the low speed when the pattern is over. These are the only two pattern options.

The vibrations are strongest near the tip of the vibrator. They radiate down to about mid shaft at which point they start to become a lot weaker. I can feel enough of them at the base to cause my hand to go numb, but not the same level of power that the tip gets.

I can hear this toy under covers, though they do muffle it some. It can be heard ever so slightly through a closed door. It's certainly not silent, but not the loudest toy in the world either.

RO-120 is waterproof. It held up for washing and submersion tests. It has an O ring that keeps water out of the battery compartment.

It runs on 2 AAA batteries which are included in the package. They insert at the base, which screws off.

Care and Maintenance

Care is easy because it's waterproof. Simply wash off with soap and water or your favorite cleaner. Make sure you don't remove the O ring prior to washing.

Water, oil, or silicone lubes can be used with this toy. None will mess up the material in any way, so feel free to pick any one you'd like.

The RO-120 comes in a nice box that makes for good storage. If you choose not to use this, you could use a pouch or simply throw this in a drawer. The only concern in doing that would be the material possibly scratching or chipping if it's not stored separate from other things.


This comes in a nice black box that says "R0-120mm" and "Rocks Off" on the front. The middle part is open so you can see the bullet through it. The back says "RO-120mm Go Ballistic!" and has some information about the bullet on it.

The top does not come off. It is sealed at the sides and opens like a door. This is nice because you can never lose half of the box.

The packaging makes great storage or a nice gift. It's not the most beautiful packaging ever, but it is high quality. I was happy with the packaging of the toy which you won't hear me say all that often.

There is a small manual in the box which mostly serves to advertise other Rocks Off products. There's not a lot of actual instruction.

The batteries are included with the package.

Personal comments

If you need moderate or moderately high vibrations and don't mind if they are surface level, this may be a great bet. I know a lot of people love this bullet. I actually put off writing this review for a long time because everyone had given this such good ratings that I figured maybe I was doing something wrong with mine. If you need a ton of power, this likely won't be for you.

I hesitate to give this a recommend based on my own experience. However, because I know so many people really like this bullet, I'm going to go on a limb and say this may be great for the right person. So, moderate level power and surface vibration seeking individuals. If you need something rumbly or extra strong, this may be a pass. It is a bit pricier than many bullets, so make sure you know you will like the particular vibration type this has to offer before spending the money.


I had read so many good reviews of this toy, I figured it had to be something I would love. Sadly, there's a lot I didn't like. The vibrations were too surface level. I don't mind buzzy so much, but when the vibrations don't travel well on top of being buzzy and numbing, I just can't deal with it. Had they been a lot stronger, perhaps it wouldn't have been as much of an issue. The power was just under my threshold of requirement to get off. I tried and tried with this, but it just couldn't provide the amount of kick I needed.

The bullet itself looks nice. The packaging is a nice presentation of the bullet. The metallic coat hasn't gotten too messed up at this point. These are good things. The tip even provides a nice amount of pinpoint stimulation. Bottom line, I can't get off with this.

I'm going with three stars on this, though I debated two. It seems like the bullet quality is there, but the vibration quality isn't. I'd prefer to call this a 2.5, but I don't get that as an option. I'll round up, but almost entirely because the vibrations at least touched on a level four (better than many bullets).
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