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Ultimate massager Ultimate massager

Pocket rocket with attachments by Nasstoys

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Ultimate massager reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

Again this toy is just great, really I cant stop saying how much I love it. So much so that I've told all my friends about it.. Heck even my boss at work!

The Ultimate Massager is a fantastic pocket rocket and does not disappoint in delivering rumbly and incredibly strong vibrations at a price that won't break the bank. I highly recommend it.

This was a forum recommendation. I was told this was a rumbly pocket rocket. I bought this even though I was unsure of if such a thing could exist. The Ultimate Massager proves that it does. I had to lube up to get the full rumble effect, which made me a little sad, but doesn't stop me from loving this toy all the same. Two of the tips that come with it are spiked. This doesn't make a ton of sense to me since you know very few people are actually buying this to use on their necks.

Of the three toys I now own, this is definitely my favorite. The vibrations in it are deep, as opposed to buzzy, and it's quiet enough that I can comfortably use it in a dormitory. Unfortunately, it's a bit large, so it's not a truly discreet toy, and the settings can be a bit difficult to cycle through.

The Ultimate Massager got me to orgasm faster than you can say chicken and waffles! I had multiple mind-blowing orgasms in a matter of minutes thanks to its 10 amazing settings and 4 diverse tip attachments. I don’t see how anyone could go wrong in purchasing this affordable , must-have pocket rocket!

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one, which makes it perfect for everyone's collection. With 10 functions, there is bound to be something for everyone—softer settings for those who don't like strong vibrations, and strong ones for those that don't like soft ones. Varying speeds and pulses for someone wanting more teasing, and straight up vibrations for those that just one to get the job done. The four different textured tips are sure to please.

This is a fun, powerful little pocket rocket with surprisingly strong vibrations and interesting patterns, including 4 different “roller coaster” functions is a good basic toy for any toy aficionado or even any beginner. Waterproof, easy to operate, 10 functions and quiet, strong vibrations make this a winner. Its 4 accessories may please many, but it’s power, small size, and quiet function will make this a bedside toy in many homes.

Ultimate Massager is the Ultimate pocket rocket with ten functions packed into five inches of waterproof toy and powered by one AA battery.

The pocket rocket is a classic. They're non-intimidating for beginners, and I think every toy collector should own one. The Ultimate Massager is a step up from most pocket rockets. It features multiple speeds and vibration patterns, and I think it is more attractive and well-made than most. It has a surprising amount of power for a toy that runs on a single AA battery, and has the rumbly type of vibrations which many people prefer.

The Ultimate Massager is worth its small price point. The ten different functions, portability, cuteness factor, and ease of travel make this the perfect vibrator for a beginner, or someone who wants something new and different.

This product is a fabulous product. Do not let the size of this pocket rocket disappoint you. It will knock your socks off. It has a great variety of different speeds of vibration. I find it better without the attachments.

I would recommend this item. I enjoyed it a lot and it is quite a powerful vibrator for being so small and only using one battery. Extremely travel friendly, too!

If you're looking for a pocket rocket, look no further. This pocket rocket offers not only deep, throbbing vibrations but it also offers some intense and interesting pulsation patterns in a small little package. Plus it has four heads to choose from so there's something for everyone and it's waterproof so you can bring the Ultimate Massager in to the shower or bath if you'd like.

I have spent money on "pocket rockets" before an have been disappointed. Either there was no power to them or they have power but were so noisy! This was different; I would recommend it anyone looking for great stimulation.

Most pocket rockets are one trick ponies and rarely worth more than $10. The price here is justifiable by 3 levels of vibrations plus 7 pulsating functions. I'd suggest this over 1 speed pocket rockets that are twice the cost but it's not my favorite in vibration intensity for me personally.

For some serious clit stimulation, portability, and the comfort of a knowing you just have a discreet "neck massager" with you, this toy does the job! However, it's not as quiet as I hoped for.

This is the quietest, most powerful little vibrator I've ever used. With all of its features, and at such a great price, you can't go wrong with this.

When they say size isn't everything, it's most definitely true when it comes to this little beauty. The Nasstoys Ultimate Massager is a ten function pocket massager with a three ball tip which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It comes with accessories too! Four small, textured plastic pop-on caps. It's discreet, powerful and quiet, and is a perfect companion for your bedside table or purse. Built to last and a high quality design make this toy extra special.

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