Ultimate massager - pocket rocket with attachments by Nasstoys - review by Coralbell

The Ultimate Pocket Rocket

The pocket rocket is a classic. They're non-intimidating for beginners, and I think every toy collector should own one. The Ultimate Massager is a step up from most pocket rockets. It features multiple speeds and vibration patterns, and I think it is more attractive and well-made than most. It has a surprising amount of power for a toy that runs on a single AA battery, and has the rumbly type of vibrations which many people prefer.
Strong, quiet, multiple speeds and patterns, easy to hold, waterproof, good for travel.
Most of the caps are useless to me.
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Pocket rockets are great for clitoral stimulation, and can also be used on the nipples, anus, testicles or any other external areas. The Ultimate Massager works well solo or during sex with a partner. It's waterproof, so it can be used in the tub or shower.

Material / Texture

This toy is made from plastic with a small amount of metal. It is non-porous, pthalate-free, and hypoallergenic. The base of the toy is shiny, white plastic with some texture that makes for easier gripping. The top part is matte, velvety plastic in either pink or purple. The beads on the top of the toy are metal and the caps are translucent plastic.

The beads and cap add various textures which can add stimulation. I mainly use the smooth, domed cap and occasionally the metal beads. The other 3 caps have small pointy nubs, larger pointy nubs, and raised circles. If you like a lot of hard texture on your clit you might enjoy these caps, but I think most people will be like me and find them more painful than stimulating.

Design / Shape / Size

The Ultimate Massager has the traditional pocket rocket design: a plastic cylinder with 3 metal beads on the top and 4 plastic caps with various textures.

It is 1 inch wide and 5 inches long, which makes it an inch longer than many pocket rockets, like the popular versions by Doc Johnson. It is small enough to manoeuvre easily, but not so small that it is difficult to hold. The size also makes it easy to store, hide, or travel with.

I think the design and materials make it more attractive than most other pocket rockets. It's cute and looks fairly high quality. I wouldn't mind using this with a partner like I do with some of my other less expensive toys. The design isn't the most discreet since many people would recognize a pocket rocket, but it could be explained away as a body massager to children or other people who aren't in the know about vibrators.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bottom of the Ultimate Massager twists to one of 3 labelled settings: OPEN, OFF, or ON. Turning it to ON doesn't actually turn the vibrations on, it's sort of like having it in a standby setting. The button at the base of the toy cycles through the 10 speeds and functions. The button requires a firm press to operate; it's not difficult to use but I've never bumped it by accident.

1. Low constant vibrations (111111)
2. Medium consant vibrations (222222)
3. High constant vibrations (333333)
4. Pulsing (3,3,3,3,3)
5. Alternating short and long pulses (3,333,3,333)
6. 2 short pulses, then 1 long (3,3,333,3,3,333)
7. Gradually increasing pulses (111,222,333,444,555)
8. Increasing vibrations, 2 pulses, increasing higher, 2 pulses (111222,3,3,444555,3,3)
9. Increasing vibrations, 2 pulses, decreasing vibrations (111222333, 3,3, 333222111)
10. Increasing pulses, increasing vibrations (111, 222, 333, 11112222333)

Pressing the button again will turn the vibrations off. You can quickly turn the vibrations off at any time by twisting the base to the OFF setting. Since there are so many functions, it can be easier to turn the toy off and back on again to get to the setting you want, like if you wanted to go from setting 4 to setting 3.

The vibrations are low pitched and rumbly, especially compared to most pocket rockets or bullets. I actually prefer slightly buzzier vibrations but this still gets the job done for me. The vibrations are located in the top of the toy, and do travel down the body, but not enough so that it irritates my hand.

The vibrations are also quite quiet. There is a little bit of a rattle when I apply a lot of pressure, but it still won't be heard through a closed door.

Because you have to both twist the toy to the on setting then press the function button, there is really no chance of the vibrations turning on by accident. You can toss this toy into a bag or drawer without worrying about it starting on it's own.

This toy is waterproof, and I was able to submerge it with no leaking.

Care and Maintenance

Wash with soap and water, or wipe down with alcohol. Plastic is non-porous, but it can't be completely sterilized. It is compatible with all lubricants and toy materials.


The Ultimate Massager comes in plastic, clamshell packaging with a pink and yellow cardboard insert. It could be reclosed and used for storage, but I threw it away. It's not particularly attractive so I probably wouldn't use it for gift giving. There isn't much information included, but this toy is pretty easy to figure out so instructions weren't really needed.

Personal comments

I've had this for about 6 months, but after a few uses it sat neglected in the bottom drawer of my toybox while I used other, fancier toys. I recently pulled it out and gave it another go and I was surprised by how much I liked it. This vibrator has gotten bumped back up to top drawer status and will now be in my regular rotation. I'd been keeping the textured caps, but I know I would never use them so I threw them away.
Follow-up commentary
The Ultimate Massager has become one of my top 5 clitoral vibrators, and it's more than $50 cheaper than the next least expensive toy on my list. It isn't the most interesting or attractive toy, but it puts out great vibrations without a lot of noise, it's waterproof, and it's good for travel.

I don't have any of the caps now because I misplaced the smooth one. Luckily I prefer to use the side of the toy against my body for a broader surface anyway.

The only problem I can think of with the Ultimate Massager is the slight rattling sound it makes when lots of pressure is applied. I tried wrapping a piece of paper around the battery because that solved the problem in other toys I have, but it didn't help. It still isn't a loud toy though, and the rattling isn't enough to actually irritate me while I'm using it.
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