Vibrating egg 10-speed remote controlled - remote control egg by Shots media - reviews

Vibrating egg 10-speed remote controlled Vibrating egg 10-speed remote controlled

Remote control egg by Shots media

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Vibrating egg 10-speed remote controlled reviews

28 reviews
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28 reviews

I really enjoyed it. I will say I was kind of disappointed that the remote bugged out on more than one occasion. The egg itself is pretty big. A little bulky for my tastes, but you can find a lot to do with it and it's not super noisy either!

This toy has a lot of great ideas that fall short during actual usage. It's extremely loud, painful to insert due to the waterproof ring, and the shape doesn't lend itself to internal stimulation.

Although the toy is too loud for most public places, this vibrating 10 speed egg does provide remote controlled vibrations from a distance. It is almost impossible for the remote to work properly unless it is within an arm's length of the bullet. Overall, I find that the hassle of getting this product to work well takes more time than necessary for simple foreplay.

Absolutely worth purchasing, particularly for discreet public partner play. It's small, quiet, and cheap. It doesn't last through extreme use forever, but few (if any!) vibrators of this price could.

This item is fabulous! We've used it for public play or when we have a night in, and it has never disappointed. The worst part about this toy is when we go out without it!

The Shots Toys Vibrating Egg is a great toy for that undercover game you are looking to play with your playmate. It easily hidden, easily transported and easily used when its time for some naughty fun. We loved it so much that our only complaint is its lack of battery power and duration. Get your hands on one they are well worth the price for what you get! When Shots Toys gives us one with more power we will be waiting in line with cash in hand! We like it!

This vibrating egg is remote controlled and has the power to make her cum over and over - from a distance no less! I would have liked a speed selector on the remote control. But her comments on the design was that it was comfortable & powerful.

This item is really great, overall, and I would definitely recommend it. I absolutely love this thing! It was my very first vibrator, so if you're looking for a beginner's toy (vaginally), this is great. I recommend this for both advanced users and beginners.

Great for couples looking to add some excitement and teasing to their lives at an affordable price. You never know where or when your partner may surprise you with the teasing vibrations ...from another room even!

I was really disappointed in this. I hope that my experience will not be like yours, but if you are tight and not very sensitive to light vibrations inside of you, I would not get it.

This was totally worth buying, in my opinion. I loved all ten speeds that this toy offers, and the strong rumble of the vibrations is just what I need!

I love the concept of this toy, and the fun my man gets with this. As for pleasurable, however... I felt it left a lot to be desired.

Simply put the 10 speed remote controlled vibrating egg just isn't worth the money. The features are great but I'd rather climax and this egg just wasn't powerful enough for me.

This is a fun toy for solo or partner play. I found it works best physically at home alone. Being out in public with the remote control in my partner's hand though, did give me that delicious "we know something you don't know" feeling. That got me very aroused.

Couples will love this item, give your lover control in public or private and let them blow your mind! Very comfortable to wear in jeans!

Since this egg is bigger than what I can take from a non-turned on point, I require a bit of excitement to get this inserted. Unfortunately, that means I do a better job at turning myself on then the toy does itself. The vibrations are weak, even on the highest setting, and due to the fact that it can be heard when inserted means that in order to use this publicly we have to go somewhere fairly loud. Where the egg separates for the batteries, without enough lube, the seam can be felt.

For those looking for a great bullet this is the toy to get. Add in the remote that gives control over to your spouse and the possibility of playing in public makes this toy a great buy.

I loved this product. Overall, I thought it was great, but it was too big to keep inside of me and had to be worn in my underwear. I enjoyed it and want to use it again! It was definitely worth the price to see how excited my boyfriend got when he pushed the little remote and saw me smile at the bar.

When I purchased this item it was $50. Instant buyer's remorse. I wouldn't recommend this product if your intentions are for alone arousal or climax.

Personally, I don't know if I could get off with this toy alone. Of course, I've never been all that into (or satisfied by) g-spot orgasms anyway. But this toy is fantastic and powerful, and I already know it'll be staying at the top of our toy box.

All in all, I was psyched with this toy. It was superb, I loved every second I had with it and would love nothing more than to have another one just like it. I'm just worried I'll waste money buying another that breaks after the first use as well. I couldn't have been more thrilled with the product, and this would be a rave review if it hadn't stopped working after the first use.

This toy is a great way to spice up your love life. It offers a fun way for couples to play adding a bit of sneaky kinky fun to almost any place you go! Want to shock your lover at the press of a button? Then this fun little egg is perfect for you.

This toy really is fun. It's not perfect, and has a few flaws but it's easy to overlook those for such a fun toy. It's probably not a toy that you are going to grab every night, but it is a fun way to have a naughty little secret with your partner out on a date.

This is a great toy for couples who are eager to try something new or for those who are experienced and adventurous. This product is extremely easy to use and due to it's small size, it's not intimidating which makes it ideal for beginners. I felt this product is a worth-while purchase and I love the wireless remote feature and the wide range of vibrant colours that it comes in. A must-have for any toybox.

Wireless remote eggs can be extremely fun for couple's play. Hand the remote a your partner, and leave your pleasure in their fingertips! This bullet is waterproof and has a range a whopping 100 feet!

I was very excited to get a remote toy finally, but was disappointed in my first experience. This doesn't mean I won't try again, it means I will be more discerning. While it is ok as a general egg goes, the strength isn't special, so the remote part, with someone else in charge, is the best part.

The Vibrating Egg is a very fun and easy to hide, for a on the go toy to use on a busy day!

Its quality and satisfaction stands on par with many comparably priced egg vibrators and the variety of settings is sure to please most people. It has the additional fun component of being controlled remotely, but the novelty of that may wear off and be replaced by sadness if the remote is ever misplaced. Lack of packaging that doubles as storage means that is a real possibility.

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