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Frisky fingers Frisky fingers

Finger massager by Hott products unlimited

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Frisky fingers reviews

30 reviews
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Average review rating
30 reviews

This was a hard vibe to rate for me. I was very displeased that it was glow in the dark and not white. Variations in color are to be expected, but that is a big difference to me. The fact that the strap broke was also a big issue. All of the issues with this aside, it is still really powerful and gets the job done.

What a get travel size toy! It packs a great punch for its size. It is great for both you and your partner!

If you're looking for an affordable finger vibe that will leave you more than satisfied, this is your toy. Don't let the price fool you. You won't regret this one.

I doubt I will be using this again. I only tried it in water but it didn't please me at all. I don't have any interest in putting it to use. I was excited to receive it and excited to put it away.

Overall, this is a decent toy for what it's worth. $4.99 is a great price to pay for a little finger fun here and there. It's not a toy that you'll probably use every day if you buy it, but I can guarantee that you will get your moneys worth from this toy!

Although this item is a bit awkward, if you just want a basic item and aren't looking to spend money, this is worth a try. However, if you have the money to spend, a sleeker or thinner finger vibrator may be more comfortable.

Sadly, since the toy did not work in the beginning, I did not get the opportunity to know whether or not I liked the vibration settings or anything else.

This seemingly simple device is easy to turn on and easy to turn off. It is an ideal toy for any masturbating woman. This could even be used during intercourse to help you get there as quickly as your partner.

The thing broke before I got to use it, but I have fixed it to where I can at least use half of it. If you want a cheap finger-numbing bullet, this is perfect for you. If you're looking for a well made toy, save your money.

At this price, the shortcomings of Frisky Fingers are no problem. This is a great vibrator for solo clitoral stimulation (or self-stimulation in front of partners). It is easy to use, and while you'll be sad when it dies, it's so cheap you'll be coming back for more.

You can wear it on your finger to use it! I think this is a nice setting. It has a strong vibration, but sadly it only has one setting. I generally like vibrators that have multiple settings. If you don't like using watch batteries, and you want a waterproof vibrator, this isn't for you. If you want to try a neat little vibrator with a lot of power and interesting texture though, this is for you.

Great first couples toy to see if it's your thing, but I would recommend one with a less juvenile name and package. It's cheap and does the job, but only has one setting: strong and loud. It's small and easy to store and carry.

Overall I would have to say this toy has a lot of bang for the buck! The vibrations are very adequate and feel great! It does feel cheap but, it is cheap! I would recommend this to everybody!

The Frisky Fingers vibe was a waste of 5 dollars. In my opinion, there are other better things on this site for the same price. You live and you learn.

At $5, you can't go wrong. Buy one in every color. Buy two in every color. Frisky Fingers is perfect for clit stimulation and sensory play. I'd recommend to everyone regardless of your experience level. Perfect for getting things going!

Other than the fact that I think it would tear really easily, I believe that it's a great deal for the price.

I thought this toy looked neat, so I got it. Plus, it was pretty cheap. It was a disappointing product because the vibe was broken, though it worked better when I used a vibe from another toy with it. However, others might like it.

This is a great product, at a great price. Low to moderate vibrations, but makes for intense orgasms. Highly recommend to anyone.

I think this is definitely worth the money you will spend on it. It works well, is quiet and small, but has a short life expectancy.

Worst vibrator I've ever tried. Don't waste your money. The vibrations are weak and buzzy, the batteries don't last, and the little nubs don't feel nice at all.

Though it's a little big, it's not cumbersome. Will provide to wearer intense pleasure! For the price, it just can't be beat.

For $4.99 what have you got to lose? I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed though. This finger vibe is stretchy enough to fit different sized fingers but stays in place well. It doesn't slip around, which makes it easier to explore your partner. It's also great for clitoral stimulation without having to fiddle with a bullet, since it's attached to your finger!

An inexpensive, discreet, fingertip clitoral vibrator that is great for both partner and solo use. Its textured sleeve, partnered with moderate single-speed vibrations won't send you into toe-curling bliss, but it can add a new aspect to everyday sex.

Great little toy for added fun any time! Perfect for foreplay either alone or with a partner. Feels great when used to tease either my clit or vaginal entrance.

This toy is just a fun toy to have, and if you have a partner he can have some fun with you!

I, personally, really liked this toy, as it's a small toy and that's what I really enjoy. To me it was pretty exciting.

Call it your little black dress, this teeny finger topping toy can go anywhere and is just right for any occasion.

Overall it was a bit of a snooze the one time it worked and it died right after. Usually a cheap product at least works for a couple weeks before dying. This one only made it through one use.

For the price, this is an inexpensive clitoral stimulator that works pretty well but, don't be surprised if the plastic micro bullet cracks like ours did. All in all it was well worth it's inexpensive price for the amount of use we did get out of it.

I love it and will keep one handy at all times. Creates a great orgasam and is affordable and fun. Fits right in my purse.

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