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Xtreme pack G-spot bullet reviews

82 reviews
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  • 1 stars: 3
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82 reviews

If you're looking for a powerful bullet with a little something extra, this may be one for you since it has 5 different speeds, 7 patterns and it's insertable for g-spot stimulation- As long as buzzy vibrations and the noise doesn't bug you!

FABULOUS! Get it! I would suggest it to almost anyone! It's my favorite toy. Always on the top of my toy box.

It gives you powerful vibrations in various rhythms. Its pinpoint gives direct stimulation to whatever spot you prefer. I got for free and I have loved it since. However, with prolong use it makes your finger numb and over time the cord will disconnect the flow to the vibe. It lasted a good year.

This is an exciting toy that has many options that many of will blow your socks (or stockings?) off! Great design and simple to use, this vibrating g-pot bullet will make a nice addition to your toy collection.

Have a stimulating experience with this Xtremely awesome toy. The shape is interesting and it gets its job done. It's an easy to use vibrator and is great for many uses! Give it try!

This is a good toy for beginners who haven't yet found their taste in vibrations. It has a wide range of vibration strengths from lower to fairly high. Unfortunately the bright lights on the control panel and the buzzy vibrations are keeping me away from this for good.

This is a little powerhouse of a bullet that's a good price compared to others and can sometimes be found in specials here on EF. While it's not rumbly, it's probably enough to get the job done for many people. Easy to care for and compatible with both water based and silicone lubes, if you're only going to buy one bullet in this price range then this is worth considering. Just be warned that no matter how bad people say the LEDs are on the controller, they're even worse in real life.

All in all the Xtreme Pack G Spot Bullet was a pretty fun toy to play with and I was very happy to receive it with my order. It has limitless possibilities both for solo play or during play with a partner. Can be used for teasing, foreplay, during vaginal/anal sex on the clitoris or just plain solo.

This is a very high powered and fun to use bullet vibrator w/remote control. It is ideal for clitoral stimulation, but with some imagination, you can find lots of other places to stimulate too. Few bullets I've found are this powerful.

As a teaser or a add on to other play, this toy impressed me. I like the interesting shape and the variety it allows you. When I need a little bit of help getting in the mood, or a bit more oomph, this one fits the bill.

This was one of the toys I was drawn to for its looks. It is a good bullet to use externally for either men or women. I found it to be a failure as a G-spot toy. The vibrations are buzzy, but there is a good variety of patterns and speeds to choose from. It has good intensity and speed. The toy is moderately noisy on higher settings. The cord is long enough and well attached to the bullet, making it a good candidate for anal play.

Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet is super quiet & unexpectedly powerful for its compact size. The controller light show is really fun. The controller is also the perfect size for my hand, & easy to use with just my thumb on the easy push buttons making it easy to use in one hand while my other hand is busy maneuvering the bullet, delighting my body. I use it both vaginally & externally, pleasurably, I must add. I've been having so much fun with this bullet. I think you will too.

All in all this toy is great for everyone to use if you want a G-spot vibrator or a clitoral stimulator. It's a really great addition to my toy box and gets the job done - it's never let me down!

If you're looking for a cheap toy with decent strength and don't mind cords, this toy could work for you. If you also don't need too much power, it'll help you over the edge many times. However, it suffers from camel syndrome (a horse designed by a committee, never heard of that?): it's not a G-spotter, it's not an egg, and it's not a bullet. It does none of these jobs well.

35 different variations of speed, strength and pulsation is what this battery powered G spot vibe offers. Though the vibe isn't quite long enough to work as a G spot vibe for me it is an excellent clitoral vibe. This has moved itself into my bedside table and is going to stay there for a good long time!

I really enjoy this bullet!! With all the settings it is hard not to find one to meet my mood or desires at any given time. The bullet is noisier than I would like though.

This toy is strong and has some cool functions on it. It does require batteries and is pretty loud, but it is a fun toy and is good for those experimenting and finding out what they like. It is not waterproof, though.

We really liked this toy. The vibes you get from it are from weak to strong, and you will never get bored with the multi-function lit up controls. A toy not being rechargeable is always a con, for me. I would always rather have rechargeable toys because of the environment, saving money, and convenience. A toy having a wire is always annoying to me. They always seem to get in the way of things. Maybe one day all toys will have wireless controls.

For a free vibe, I can't complain. It has many different settings and patterns which should provide something good for everyone. However, after experiencing this shorting out, I would not spend money on this product.

This is an amazing toy. It has many different powerful pulsations and it is very easy to use. Cleaning is a breeze and the cost is pretty decent as well.

This is a fantastic product that will keep any bullet-lover busy for quite some time with all of the functions to try! The design is great and the performance is awesome. You have a range from a light buzz to an intense, toe-curling intensity in this bullet. The shape of the bullet is just right for Gspot stimulation, but works well on all areas of the body!

The Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet would work well for both beginners and advanced toy users. The toy has a wide variety of functions and 5 different speed/intensity levels to choose from. Xtreme is really easy to use. The only issue that I had with the toy is that the light indicators are too bright. It's like having a laser pointer shined directly into your eyes. I have to face the toy away from me to avoid this.

This toy doesn't do the job it's intended for. It is supposed to bring pleasure to the user. Instead, this user ended up in pain, frustrated and irritated.

If you are looking to experiment with power and vibration patterns, this is the toy for you! Not only does it have variety in vibrations, a wide variety of uses, and variety in functions, but a variety of people can use this toy as well; ranging from beginner to advanced. A perfect, velvety smooth bullet at a great price!

The color scheme is fit for a Halloween gift. The best thing about this is that it has many different combinations of vibrations, so there is something for everyone here.

The Xtreme pack G-Spot Bullet is a decent bullet vibrator. It has a decent power level and is supposed to have up to 35 settings. I couldn't decide between a 3 or a 4 star rating so I decided to give this vibrator the benefit of the doubt and go with a 4. It does have some serious flaws but for the price, it works well. If you receive it for free, all the better.

While I can't say for sure that my experience is one to be expected from everyone, the bugs and overall malfunctions of this toy means that it's going at the very bottom of my toy box and I would absolutely recommend looking elsewhere for a decent g-spot bullet.

The toy is not overpriced, and I feel that it is definitely worth a try for someone who wants a little more than a simple bullet. It has power and variety which may be just what you are looking for. Plus, the colors are absolutely perfect for this bullet.

With all the flashing lights and appealing colors, this toy promises a lot but delivers very little. Buzzy, weak vibrations, poor design, and hard cleanup make it very hard to like this toy.

The design of this toy is great... But the implementation is a bit lacking. Between the strange size of the bullet itself and the cryptic and often unreliable controls, the idea is phenomenal, but the final product is sub-par. If you got it for free, get as much use as you can out of it--otherwise, I'd recommend a different bullet.

Overall this was a great gift from Eden, and the first time my wife has used a bullet. We like the toy and use it quite often, but the patterns are a disappointment to us. We more like to use it on constant speed, on everything from her clit, to my nipples, balls, or penis.

While I got it for free, I'd definitely pay $27.99 to cum as hard as this thing makes me cum. It would be worth every mind-blowing, pulsating, toe-curling cent.

This was a great little gift we got and it can easily add an extra kick to other toys as well as standing on its own to get your partner in the mood, and over the top as needed.

Overall it has to be one of the best vibes I have ever owned and is pretty small and discreet for travel. I'd recommend it to anyone new or experienced. Enjoy your Fun

This bullet is definitely worth every penny that you will spend on it. The speeds and functions are amazing. The remote is easy to use. The cord is long, so you don’t have to get in any funky positions to use this bullet(unless you want to of course?)…. In that case nock yourself out! This is a 5 star product. For sure.

The Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet is very versatile. This bullet can be used for clitoral stimulation or to explore your G-spot. It has a nice and smooth material, has easy to use controls and feels comfortable when inserted. It isn’t waterproof and I’m not a big fan of the color combination. Plus, the seam can make it harder to clean. However, it offers lots of speed and pinpointed stimulation to certain areas. It is certainly a winner in my book!

Such a power, such a versatility, and it is totally friggin' entertaining! The deep, rumbly vrooms will sweeten the patterns I am never interested in, and this mighty pleaser doesn't only make me enjoy them! As its constant vibration mode is as strong when you plug the jack plug into the Solar Bullet! And oh, how many ways the purple beauty can be enjoyed! It's among my most precious pleasure toys, and you will see now why I wouldn't give it for all the treasures of the world!

Embrace the trippy colors of the Xtreme pack G-spot bullet, Ladies and Gents! While an eyesore to look at, this bullet has so many settings that give the user a large degree of control over his or her pleasure. Combine that with the many ways you can use this one, and it's a winner.

I love this toy, and it would have gotten a higher rating if it would have lived longer. In my experience EF has made some dang good, powerful bullets, but this one just doesn't have the right wiring to last long. I've had mine for a month and the wiring is already messing up and ruining my toy. While it did last this toy was great for clitoral stimulation, but the point made it painful to insert.

This bullet is an easy get in get out, and get there everytime toy! While I may be confused using it sometimes, and the wiring may be kind of faulty. It more than makes up for its faults by the texture, power, and ability to bring you to climax quickly! This is a great toy! Perfect for all users!

This bullet is a powerful thing, but also louder than I would like. It has multiple speeds and settings which can make every experience unique. Keep in mind, it is not waterproof and requires two AA-batteries.

Design flaws and bad wiring kept this toy from being a front runner. Will likely be retired to back of toy box to collect dust.

The Xtreme Pack G-spot Bullet has a tremendous 35 settings that hit your g-spot so much that there will be a massive waterfall happening. This bullet can be used basically anywhere and works wonders on your clitoris too. It is stylish in a purple and green color and really screams "sex! use me!" This is my go to bullet if I ever need some g-spot lovin' which is quite frequently since I got this baby. I am extremely happy and recommend this product to anyone.

If you are looking for a powerful, affordable bullet that has a few extra bells and whistles such as variable patterns, this may be worth the extra money for you. I don't think it excels for its intended use a G spot toy, but is great for clitoral stimulation despite a few design flaws.

This is a really good toy, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a bullet with a wide range of speeds and patterns.

This toy is everything you could ever want and more. It's small but packs a punch (if you want it to). It's easy to use and understand, and has great features. It's the perfect addition to any toy box, big small, or beginner to advanced. I would recommend this toy to anyone.

Overall this is just an okay toy in my opinion. I would say this would be great for beginners but maybe not so much for the more advanced toy users. I just wasn't too fond of this toy because it wasn't strong enough and did not hit my g-spot well.

A great G-spot stimulating vibe for beginners. It will have you testing boundaries and enjoying new things in no time!

You will never get bored with 35 different vibration strengths and patterns. This is an easy to use bullet, once you get used to it, that has more options than anyone would ever need. The buttons are easy to figure out and the bullet is removable from the controller. Just find a comparable plug in and have multiple bullet choices as well!!

Its not often that you can get a bullet which gives pinpoint stimulation and that is going to be a plus for many people. I enjoyed the variety of speeds and settings but because I don't really care for the shape of this bullet, I wound up taking one of my bullets from my passion bullet duo and using that instead. Its worth trying if you like bullets and don't need something quiet. It just wasn't for me. I put it at only 3 stars because it is louder than I like.

The Xtreme pack G spot bullet is an all around great vibrator. It has 35 varieties of functions to put to the test. It is packed with powerful vibrations and even some weaker ones. The only problem is that it is not waterproof.

The Xtreme pack power pack boasts five levels of intensity over seven different settings – anything from constant vibrations to complex escalations with pulses.

There is no way you can go wrong with this product! Worth every dime! I've recommended to all my girl friends and they've loved it as well!

The power this toy has is absolutely what I require! The pointed tip of the bullet allows for precision stimulation, and the (almost) unlimited options are great. I use this toy anytime I want to get off! I took one star off because it is a battery guzzler and it broke after less than a year. Well worth the money though!

Overall this is a great little toy. I think it's awesome aesthetically, and it functions well if you are willing to explore a little with it. It seems the "It didn't initially impress me" sentiment is shared for a few people- so please give it a bit of time and experimentation. Try things that you don't think would work with normally shaped bullets, flip it around, angle it differently... It is bound to work for most people if you put the time in.

When it comes to affordable, powerful, easy to use, and body safe products, this may just be one of my faves. Not only is it well made and durable, but considering I've dropped it about 10 times now, I'm never worried about damaging it. It's powerful but not too intense. So if you are sensitive or require a light vibration, the varying modes on this are fantastic! Alternatively, if you require a stronger vibe, you have the option of that as well.

This much loved favorite of reviewers everywhere needs some serious improvement in the noise department. But never fear, what the manufacturer has failed to correct can be fixed, so read on!

Extreme all the way- great velvety feel, 35 modes, purple, green, mean and lean. But it could be simplified for less frustrating use.

The Xtreme Pack G Spot is a good bullet, no doubt, but it's not quite as good as the Golden Nugget, which has been a top favorite of mine for this past year. But the Xtreme still does have something to offer regardless though…

Kermit and Barney do the tango together to bring you a bullet with over 35 different setting choices to play with. Cal Exotics bring you new choices with this toy than what most other standard bullets can bring to the table. Tickle yourself silly, just don't open your eyes you may be blinded by the lights!

The Xtreme pack G-spot bullet is a good, solid bullet vibe with a lot of options for vibration both steady and patterns. It's light show control panel may amuse and entertain some though it may also be distracting to others. This bullet is strong, with pinpoint vibrations but not necessarily great for actual g-spotting. Excellent for clitoral use.

This is one of the prettier and more interesting choices for bullet vibrators out there. The 35 variations of speed and vibration pattern are fun to play with, but only if you're careful not to move. The plug is touchy and stops sending vibrations to the bullet if it's not sitting just right.

It may not be an instant orgasm machine for most people... but I think it's a good opportunity to get to know your body better; and everyone could benefit from that. And, once you figure out how to use it, it will wow you... more than once.

This is not worth it. Go buy a better bullet vibrator, because this one will break fast. If it does last, then the vibes are great.

For the price I don't feel it's worth it. I've had orgasms come easier to me with the simple $10 silver bullet. I'm not a fan of patterns so that function is lost on me. From what I have read in other reviews, it is possible that the hand-pack's power is inconsistent. Maybe it is a little less than last year's model, or maybe it varies slightly from one to the other. While the power level isn't the biggest detractor for me, I could overlook other faults if it got me off with ease.

This baby is powerful and not for the timid. If you want Xtreme power, Xtreme options, Xtreme pleasure, and Xtreme speed... This is the vibe for you!

For the money, the versatility of the controller, and the overall quality of its construction, you don't need to look any further for a great bullet vibe.

I wasn't as impressed with this product as many other reviewers were. I liked the different settings, and the material is really nice, but it's really loud and difficult to use unless you have a lot of privacy because of it.

This little green and purple bullet is so worth the money, considering all the things you can do with it, and the fact you can use it with a partner adds that much excitement to this little multi-use toy!

I know what you’re thinking- there is no way this geeky looking thing powered by 2 measly AA batteries can be as powerful as everyone is making it out to be. I once thought the same thing. I was wrong. This toy is amazing!

This is a great toy for solo or couples play; stronger than many other bullets, it is well-shaped and fun.

I need my toys to pack a punch, and this one defiantly does just that. The different vibe settings kept me busy for hours. I'm a personal fan of the setting that goes from very soft to fast and hard and back again over and over. If you're in a hurry and just want a quickie, you can crank up the volume and be done in seconds. Or, you can slow things down and pick a pulse selection that will leave you on edge for hours.

At first I was put off by the push buttons and how much noise this little guy makes and didn't think we'd have much of a relationship. All it took was giving it a second chance, and I was completely taken. Sorry I doubted you, Buddy.

This toy also has lots of lights on the remote that flash and light up all over. I think having all of these lights drains the batteries much faster. They should have given the vibrator more power and took away the light show off the remote.

Highly recommended as a clit stimulator, though not at the top of the list as a g-spot stimulator. Easy controls and easy cleaning make up for the loudness. Overall, a great toy for any gal.

I implore you to succumb to the peer pressure my friends and buy the Xtreme! This lovely purple friend will keep you entertained again and again with powerful vibration and pulsation combinations.

The Xtreme Pack is the ultimate bullet experience. Its pointed vibrator provides incredible clitoral and G-spot stimulation, and none of its 35 functions get lost in the mix. If you decide to own just one vibrator, make it the Xtreme Pack!

This is a fantastic g-spot bullet vibe suitable for just about anyone I can think of! I love this little toy and will always keep it handy! It’s the most powerful bullet vibe I have tried so far and it’s worth every penny! It reaches your g-spot and will either mildly caress it or attack it with the force of a bear!

You will never get tired of this little bullet! 35 different combinations gives you plenty to choose from. There is sure to be a pattern to please anyone, whether you use this for solo or partner use, male or female. This little vibe has yet to let me down, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

This gadget will not disappoint you. Big bang for the bucks! It is fast, extremely satisfying, and snazzy looking, too!

As long as you don’t mind a little noise, you will not be disappointed by the power and varying vibration settings. And come on, it’s purple and lime green!

...if you have the privacy and LOVE power and direct and pinpointed stimulation, you'll be hard pressed to find a more satisfying bullet than the Xtreme Pack G-Spot.

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