Xtreme pack G-spot bullet - bullet vibrator by EdenFantasys - review by Carrie Ann

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The Xtreme pack G-spot bullet is a good, solid bullet vibe with a lot of options for vibration both steady and patterns. It's light show control panel may amuse and entertain some though it may also be distracting to others. This bullet is strong, with pinpoint vibrations but not necessarily great for actual g-spotting. Excellent for clitoral use.
Strong, pinpoint vibrations, many combos of vibration and patterns.
The lights are a little much.
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The problem with reviewing super popular toys is that they've already been reviewed to death. The Xtreme pack G-spot bullet has 37 reviews on it.

Do I really have anything new to say?

There is also the fact that popular toys lead us to have expectations that may or may not be reasonable. Such was the case with this one. My expectations were lifted to the unreasonable by the many excited reviews and, in the end, I was slightly disappointed.

The Xtreme pack is a good bullet. A strong bullet. A really neatly colored bullet! It has options galore and enough settings to keep you busy for a week. But when you come right down to it, it's not really superior to other bullets with the same sort of options, of which there are many these days.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Packaging is standard plastic on the Xtreme pack, which is to be expected. Thankfully it was short on naked women trying to look sexy and long on minimal text. Upon pulling it from the packaging, you're confronted with a bright green and dark purple remote and bullet.

The bullet itself is 3.5 inches long with a diameter just over an inch. It's hard plastic coated with a velvety coating that makes it feel matte rather than slippery. It has a pointed, curved end you would assume is for G-spot stimulation but I don't find it long enough to use internally. The pointed end really excels, however, at pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

The cord on the Xtreme pack is an eye tingling green that measures 32 inches in length, which gives you plenty of room to use the bullet between your thighs and hold the control pack up near your eyes.

The cord is jacked at the non bullet end, the jack plugging easily into the control pack.

The control pack is really the exceptional thing about this toy. I have similarly shaped bullets but they're attached to more boring remotes. This one is...
Not boring.

In fact, it's like a miniature disco in your hand due to it's exuberant light show.

The control pack itself is about the length of my hand and fits in my palm well. It is slick, hard purple plastic other than the ribbed rubber grips on it's sides and front and it's green rubber buttons. A single button turns it on and sets the lights (2 for each setting) to steadily buzzing. A plus and minus button on the left side of the pack increase vibration. Each press of the plus button increases vibrational intensity and starts a new set of lights. By the time you get to the fifth press - the high setting - you have ten red lights burning in an arc across the top of the remote. Arrowed buttons on the right side start your patterns. Each press not only changes the patterns (which are varied and long, very useful compared to some) but starts the lights to blinking crazily, a different pattern for each vibrational pattern. PLUS the green lights down the center of the light panel light up with each press until five of them are on.

It sounds confusing, right?

It's not. In use, you simply press for your level of vibration and press for the patterns you like. You can change the level of vibration in each pattern, making it hugely customizable.

But to the eyes...
Omg, the eyes!
I believe I may have had a few seizures using this thing.
The lights, while fun, can be a bit much if you stare at them too long. They've even distracted me from attaining orgasm, the bloody things.

All in all, this is a great bullet. The stimulation is pinpoint and strong -- in fact, I tend to use it at the second or third setting as it's least buzzy yet still plenty strong there. The patterns are great. You have a total of 35 different pattern/strength combos to choose from, which keeps your pleasure varied. I like it a lot.

And yet I still feel vaguely disappointed because it's not... I don't know... making my coffee and rubbing my feet when it's done?

It's just not going to revolutionize my sex life, I guess, and so many reviews led me to believe it was a god amongst vibes.

It's good, but it's not that good.

Clean up with soap and water or a toy wipe or spray, some 10% bleach solution or alcohol. Just use caution as it's not waterproof.

Any lube can be used since this is plastic but, again, use care that you don't get a bunch of lube all up in the control pack somehow.

Runs on 2 AA batteries.
Many past reviews have talked about how loud this toy is. I find it to be average in noise level, about the same as all bullets. Not loud enough to wake the dead but definitely can be heard thru a closed door
Follow-up commentary
The Xtreme G-spot bullet underwhelmed me when I first got it and, though I recognize that it's a nice toy, it still continues to do so.

It's strong. It's entertaining, with its little light show. It's got a nice shape. But it's just too buzzy for me and tends to leave me more numb than anything else.

Perhaps it's simply that I like the Joanna Angel Bad Ass G bullet so much.

Regardless, the Xtreme pack, while "okay", isn't something I ever really reach for and I'm not really a bullet lover.

Those who are will, doubtless, be in love.

It's held up well - though, admittedly, it hasn't seen much use - and the cords are intact, unfrayed, uncrimped. The coating on the bullet is in perfect condition and the controller looks great so it obviously is made to last.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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