Xtreme pack G-spot bullet - bullet vibrator by EdenFantasys - review by MidnightStorm

Cute, yes. "Extreme?" Not so much.

The design of this toy is great... But the implementation is a bit lacking. Between the strange size of the bullet itself and the cryptic and often unreliable controls, the idea is phenomenal, but the final product is sub-par. If you got it for free, get as much use as you can out of it--otherwise, I'd recommend a different bullet.
Cute, lots of options, great controller
Not incredibly strong, finicky controls, colors might be off-putting for some
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The Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet is a cute and moderately sized bullet manufactured by California Exotics and distributed en masse by EdenFantasys. Many have received this little toy for free through various promotions and for a free toy it's pretty great! However, if you're looking for a reliable and powerful bullet and are going to be paying full price for it, there are definitely some better options on the market.

The Xtreme bullet is, first and foremost, a g-spot stimulating bullet. The shape of the bullet itself highlights this fact, as the bullet is a bit on the large side for a bullet vibrator and features a gentle curve at its end for g-spot stimulation. For this reason, it is largely made to be inserted into the vagina for g-spot stimulation. Like all vibrating toys, however, the Xtreme isn't limited to JUST insertion. It can also be used on the clitoris or any other part of the body sensitive to vibration. While the pointed tip may not necessarily hit your g-spot just the right way, it does allow for a more concentrated stimulation of other areas, such as your clit!

As with any bullet, remember that the Xtreme bullet should never be inserted anally. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you may be able to use the tip of the bullet to stimulate the rim of the anus, but the bullet is not meant to be fully inserted there. While getting the toy inside would be easy enough, removing it puts a large strain on the cord, which could potentially snap--and nothing is less sexy than a trip to the emergency room to get a bullet removed from your bottom.

One of the nicest things about the bullets from Edenfantasys is that many of them unplug from the main controller. This is a great feature for traveling because an unplugged bullet is a bullet that doesn't surprise you by turning on during a move or flight! Although I haven't tested the theory myself, I do believe that the batteries will still drain with the power on and no bullet attached, but probably slower than they would if the bullet was plugged in. If you want to be really safe, you can take the batteries out completely, but because the bullet is detachable that isn't really necessary. As a side note, this toy is not waterproof, so don't try taking it into the pool or tub!
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    • On a bed only
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    • Travel friendly
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Material / Texture

The Xtreme bullet itself has a lovely silky texture that comes from the Polyurethane Cote (PU Cote) that California Exotics uses on many of their toys. Eden doesn't really provide information on what exactly the PU Cote is, but a bit of research reveals that this material is a man-made polymer that is best used with water-based lubricants. It is phthalates free and non-porous, so while the toy cannot be boiled due to its electronic components, it should still be relatively safe. The PU Cote covers an ABS Plastic bullet; a type of plastic frequently used in all sorts of materials and items, not just sex toys. The PU Cote does have a faint smell, but only if you hold it right against your nose. There's not a better way to describe it other than as the smell of plastic and while I wouldn't want Xtreme-Bullet-Scented-Febreeze, I don't find the smell to be particularly unpleasant. The bullet itself has no taste.

The cord for the bullet is covered with a thin layer of semi-transparent, flexible plastic and the main body of the remote is made from a smooth, hard plastic. The exceptions to this are the buttons and several ridged green areas on the toy (near the base and on each side) which make it easier to hold. Although I can't verify for sure, I assume that these ridged gripping areas are also made of PU Cote as they have the same silky smooth texture, making the toy significantly easier to grasp in your hand and keeping the buttons from getting overly slick from sweat or anything else that might dampen your hands!
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

One of the things I love most about this bullet is its design. Frankly, it's just cute! I love the purple/green color combination and although it may seem a bit tacky to some, I think it's adorable. The bullet is a deep matte purple color and is approximately 3.5" in length and 3.25" in circumference. I've owned several bullets and as far as my experience has been, this is a little on the large side for a bullet, namely in the length department. Unfortunately, this is something that I consider a design flaw of the toy, as it puts it in a strange place size-wise. The pointed tip of the toy is actually too small to hit my g-spot correctly, but it's a little too long to sit comfortably deep inside of me. Basically, it's too short to be pleasurable and too long to be comfortable. While the idea of a g-spot bullet may seem like a great one, I think most people would probably be better suited to just grabbing an actual g-spot toy if g-spot stimulation is a huge priority for them. The bullet itself, while largely smooth, also features a somewhat random seam around the center of the toy (where, as you might guess, all sorts of fluids trap themselves). The base, where the bullet connects to the cord, has a small rubber/soft plastic ring around it that helps to protect the inside of the toy and keep the cord in place. As another unfortunate side effect, however, this small ring largely just encourages fluids to get stuck on it and does not completely seal off the opening between the toy and cord.

The remote control of the toy is probably one of its greatest suits design-wise (when it works--but we'll get into that in a moment!). The base is made of a hard purple plastic and it features grip pads that make it extremely comfortable and easy to hold. It fits in my hand like it was made for just for me! The controller is approximate 4.5" in length and 1.75" in width. I often find bullet controllers to be cumbersome or overly slick, but this one is just right. The top 1/3 of the controller features a panel that is mostly intuitive at first glance. The panel reads "35X Vibration" along the top and has a half circle of 10 round red lights. The "circle" is completed by the toy's 6 buttons, which are clearly labeled speed (+/-), on/off, and mode (<-, ->). In the center of the circle there is a vertical row of 4 green lights that represent the different modes of the toy.

The idea with the green lights is such: the 4 lights in the middle represent one of (presumably) 8 modes. Each light can be blinking, on, or off. One static green light is mode 1, one blinking green light is mode 2, two static green lights is mode 3, one static green light and one blinking green light is mode 4, etc, etc. The "blinking" light to distinguish between modes is always the topmost light of the four. ( So the last mode is represented by 3 static green lights and one blinking green light. )

The red lights, on the other hand, are a LITTLE trickier. They blink to represent different speeds and patterns but can sometimes be a bit... Cryptic. There are a number of patterns and honestly, they just don't always make sense. Your best bet here is to check out a video review or two since it would take quite a bit of time for me to explain the different patterns given that I haven't exactly determined what each one represents yet.
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Despite what many of the other reviews say, I honestly find this bullet to fall a little short in the power department. Generally speaking, I consider most wands to rate at a 5 vrooms on their highest settings and most bullets at a 4... I wouldn't quite say that this one is worthy of 4 vrooms, though. With only two batteries you get, well, what you would expect out of two batteries. Frankly, I find that the EdenFantasys Passion Bullets Dual completely blow this one out of the water. While it's not weak, it's just not up to standards for my preferred level of vibration. One plus size is that the vibrations are, at least, very rumbly, which is great for an insertable toy. However, they weren't strong enough for me to REALLY feel changes in vibrations once the bullet was inside of me and even on the highest setting it just didn't feel particularly mind-blowing. On my clit, it made for some nice teasing, but not much else.

The light up display on this is a WONDERFUL idea, but I feel like it's a bit too complex for the quality of this toy. Often, the light up display doesn't seem to entirely coordinate with the bullet's vibration pattern and, as I mentioned earlier, can be a bit hard to understand. Sometimes hitting the speed button changes the pattern and speeds it up, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the pattern stays the same, sometimes it changes randomly. Sometimes the bullet vibrations change when the pattern changes... Sometimes they doesn't. You get the picture, here. As far as I can tell, the 8 "modes" work something like this:

Mode 1 - Static vibrations (the speed button always works here: hitting +/- increases/decreases the intensity of the vibrations)
Mode 2 - Steady Pulsations (the speed button USUALLY works here: hitting +/- increases/decreases the frequency of the vibrations, but sometimes lags after changing speeds and may get stuck on a steady speed instead of a pulse)
Mode 3 - Fast Pulsations (the speed button... Doesn't really work here. Sometimes the pulses will speed up, but usually they don't.)
Mode 4 - Graduating Pulsations - These pulses start out slow and get increasingly faster. After the pulses reach the fastest setting they eventually reset to the slowest setting again.
Mode 5 - Increasing Intensity (?) It's hard for me to tell exactly what this setting does, but I believe it starts out at a steady vibration on the highest setting, waits several seconds, moves down to the next lowest intensity for several seconds, etc.
Mode 6 - Steady/Pulsing Pattern - The speed button does not seem to make a huge difference on this setting, either. Sometimes this setting will vibrate steadily for a moment, then pulses several times, then vibrate steadily, then pulse, etc. I think this is what this setting is SUPPOSED to do... However, sometimes this poor guy seems to get overloaded and all it does is pulse repeatedly.
Mode 7 - Pulses - Just like Mode 3. I assume this setting is PROBABLY supposed to do something else.
Mode 8 - Pulses 30 seconds or so, then resumes a steady vibration for 30 seconds, then returns to pulsing.

The idea behind this toy is great... But the execution is sub-par. It feels feels like, while this little bullet tries INCREDIBLY hard to impress, sometimes the circuitry just gets overloaded by all the options and it can't figure out what to do. There isn't a huge difference between the speed settings, so when they do work, it's often hard to tell if the speed even increased in the first place. I imagine that the description I gave above is only variably close to what the manufacturers intended this toy to do, but the fact that I can't really determine what some of the settings do is a good testament to the quality of this toy.

Although I didn't initially have any problems with it, while I was doing the vibration tests and attempting to decode the meaning of the patterns and what I was feeling from the bullet, I noticed that sometimes the vibrations will inexplicably stop working. Wiggling the cord near where it connects to the remote control generally solves this issue, but I'm a firm believer that no cord should have to be wiggled to make it work. Another point lost there, since several of my friends warned me of this very same issue.
    • Hard to figure out
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Because this toy is not waterproof, the easiest thing to do with it is simply to wipe it down (gently) with a damp cloth, soap, and water--or a toy wipe, if that's your preferred method of cleaning. The toy is non-porous, so it is safe in that regard, but it cannot be boiled due to the electric parts inside. The bullet itself does have two design flaws that always drive me crazy with sex toys though: one is that fluids do tend to get stuck in the small ring that separates the cord and the opening in the bullet--this can be a little gross and generally results in small rings of dried up ickiness that need to be picked off after use. The second is that the small seam in the center of the toy also attracts... Gunk. Unfortunately, there is no "picking out" dried things from this seam, as it is too small for anything (such as a pin or toothpick) to really fit inside of it. After just one use, you can already see buildup in this seam--yuck!

Personal comments

Frankly, this bullet is adorable--and if it worked perfectly, I might have been able to give it 4 stars in good faith. However, because it doesn't always work and doesn't necessarily work as advertised, it's not a product I would recommend to any of my friends in the future. The best bullet I've owned from EF so far remains the Passion Bullets Dual and I will continue recommending those over this bullet. The size and shape are just a little strange and the controls are just a little too unreliable for my tastes. I was able to use this toy for a bit of foreplay, and while that was alright, I don't think I'll be grabbing it again the next time I need a bullet.
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