Liberator Wing Position pillow

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Product: Liberator Wing
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A closer look

The Liberator Wing is the first in a series of positioning mounts that presents a unique method of playing with your favorite sex toys. One side holds your favorite dildo or vibrator erect for internal stimulation. Side two encases the sex toy to provide external vibration to the entire mount. Go ahead--ride bareback and hands-free or bring along a partner and go trailblazing! Liberator Wing will change the way you play with sex toys as you explore new ways of achieving orgasmic pleasure. Works best with an adult toy that has a base diameter of at least 1.25 inches. Patent pending.

Design / Material

Material: Foam / Microfiber / Polyester

Color: Red

Length: 24"

Width: 15"

Height: 9"

Weight: 3 lb

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear

Catalog ID: LIB11787103


Love pillow special features: Washable