Wingman Not Mandatory But By Invitation-Only

We love our Liberator Wing! The ‘new’ positions made possible have added variety & dimension to our lovemaking without us having to be contortionists. A big plus is how little effort it takes to maintain the Wing.

The Liberator Wing has made already fabulous toys (can you say VixSkin?) even more pleasurable.

As far as my husband and I are concerned, when you have a Liberator Wing you don't have to have a wingman...unless you want one.
Hands-free toy use, double penetration, firm support, water-resistant & easy to maintain
Cost, may be too firm/tall for some, not good for use with smooth toys
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extremely useful review


The Liberator Wing can be used by everyone for solo and partner play for both penetration and external stimulation. When you don’t have to hold a dildo or vibrator in your hand(s), they’ll be free to pleasure yourself and a partner.

The Wing can also be used without toys simply as a position pillow, similar to how you’d use a Liberator Wedge. It’s great support when being ridden doggy-style, under your head for an unobstructed view of your partner pleasuring you, support under the knees when you’re partner’s riding you cowgirl, under your hips for deeper penetration and angles.

When my cover has been freshly laundered, I’ll also use it as a pillow under my head or knees when I’m propped up reading in bed.

The water-resistant liner means you don’t have to worry about soiling the foam core. Even the microfiber cover repels moisture and lube. So go ahead and use as much lube as you want, then wipe it away with a few swipes of a washcloth.

Unfortunately, the Wing isn’t good with smooth surfaced toys like glass, metal and plastic. When used in either opening, there isn’t any drag between smooth toys and the lining to keep them from sliding into the 8” slot or 24” channel.

My husband and I are a monogamous couple, so the Wing is an excellent tool to help us enjoy ‘threesomes’ without inviting a third as well as leaving our hands free to do things more pleasurable than holding onto toys. Come to think of it, even if you engage in threesomes, the Wing makes it easy to enjoy unplanned threesome action with the added bonus of eliminating any trouble and drama a third party can involve.

Toy holder openings

Top & side openings
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    • Anywhere
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Liberator Wing has a contoured core sculpted from high-density, furniture grade polyurethane foam (oval cylindrical shape) covered by a zippered water-resistant nylon cover which is in turn covered by a zippered microfiber cover. The manufacturer lists dimensions as 9”H x 24”L x 15”W, but my Wing measures 8”H x 24”L x 13”W.

The microfiber comes in a variety of colors: red, black, blue, purple, leopard, tan and white tiger. I chose the white tiger cover specifically to avoid having to see lint (microfiber is usually a lint magnet), so I can’t be sure just how much there might be on my cover. Amazingly, I don’t find much if any dog hair on it despite the prolific, year-round shedding of my long-haired dogs.

Unzipped cover
Foam core

Photo below: Microfiber cover removed to show water-resistant liner. Left – channel that runs the length of the Wing which holds toys inserted in side/end mount. Right – view of pocket that lines top mount slot (turned inside out).

Water-resistant liner

What makes the Wing such a wonderful addition to playtime are the two openings to hold your toys in place which leave your hands free.

The 4” long top opening is geared for use with penetrative toys/dildos. There is a slit cut into the foam below this opening (fully lined by a water-resistant nylon cover) that is approximately 4” long x 8” (full height of my Wing). The manufacturer recommends toys with bases between 1.25” and 3”.

The end opening is good for use with vibrating toys. The 2” diameter opening in the microfiber cover leads to a channel that runs the length of the Wing on the side opposite the top opening. Keep in mind that, if you’re straddling the Wing, a vibrator with a large circumference may press uncomfortably against your pubic and stomach area.

Vibrators with small controls/buttons should be turned on prior to mounting in the Wing. A definite downside is that it may be impossible without first removing the vibrator to change speeds and patterns. My Vibratex Mystic Wand has large buttons so I make sure to have them facing up so I can easily click on them to switch speeds and vary the vibration patterns.

Mystic Wand

I don’t own a Hitachi Wand but have an old massager that is similar in size – 2” circumference and ~9” long not including the massaging head. It fit in the side/end mount but without a separate opening for the power cord I had to run the cord back along the length of the massager and out again.


The high-density foam provides a firm, supportive core which may be too firm for petite users. They could end up resting on the Wing rather than compressing the foam to their contours with body weight. Petite users may also have trouble straddling the Wing once a dildo has been inserted due to their combined height. An easy work-around is to insert the Wing-mounted dildo while on their back then roll/move into the desired position.
    • Firm
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


If you haven’t already figured it out, my husband and I both love the sensations we get from double penetration. In the comments section below, I’ve listed a number of uses we’ve found for our Wing. It’s made many positions more comfortable (firm support) in addition to allowing hands-free lovemaking while making use of our toys.

While the Wing is designed to allow toys to be inserted into the top slot, I much prefer to place my flared base toys between the liner and microfiber cover. This method makes it fairly easy to switch out dildos and - here's the best part - you don't lose any of the toy's length. My Tantus O2 Cush has a 2 3/4” diameter base and doesn’t budge even with vigorous thrusting. The microfiber material is folded under and stitched along the 4” opening, and it does a great job grabbing onto textured toys and holding them in place. I don’t own anything with a smaller base but, using my experience with the Cush I’d say that this method would work with flared bases as small as 2”, maybe a little smaller.

O2 Cush mount

It takes a little bit of work, but dildos with balls and flared bases larger than the recommended 3” maximum can also be used. Unzip the microfiber cover and insert the dildo from the underside through the 4” opening. It takes a bit of wiggling (the microfiber grabs onto silicone) but once through, position the dildo to your liking and zip up the cover.

Johnny & Outlaw

Liberator’s suggested use for the end opening is to insert a vibrating toy into the channel, which runs the length of the Wing on the side opposite the top mount opening, and straddle the Wing to feel the vibrations. Sounds good on paper but the reality is it results in muted vibrations since the microfiber cover is a barrier between the vibrator and your body. Using a vibrator with a 1.5”-2” circumference would give a snug fit, and you’d be able to place your clit against the vibrator itself (see photo above of the Mystic Wand mounted in the Wing).
    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use


The Liberator Wing arrives packaged simply in a plastic bag. Included are the Wing, Liberator Gear booklet, and half-page instruction sheet illustrating basic uses for each of the two openings. The booklet (color photos on every page, printed on magazine-quality paper) is primarily advertisement of the various Liberator shapes, but the photos also include male/female couples in the many positions that are possible on the pieces.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide or sell a storage bag for the Wing.

The Wing is not a travel-friendly sex pillow due to its size and the questions that may arise due to the toy-holder openings.
    • Minimal
    • Very informative

Care and Maintenance

Both the zippered microfiber cover and water resistant nylon liner are easy to remove and washable. I primarily use a damp washcloth to clean after use, only periodically throwing the covers in the washing machine and running on either the hand wash or delicate cycle. The manufacturer says the microfiber cover is dryer-safe but I prefer to let both covers air dry - especially as they dry quickly.

Storing the Wing may pose a problem due to its size and lack of a customized Liberator Gear Bag. You could use it as part of your decor but the toy-holder openings may invite questions. The Wing will stand on its end which drastically cuts down the amount of horizontal space needed for storage.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean

Personal comments

Some suggestions I have to utilize the Wing using a penetrative toy in the top opening:

Solo play on your back with the Wing in top position, using hands/legs to thrust.

Solo and partner play on your back with the Wing in bottom position for rear entry either vaginally or anally which leaves your hands free to use other toys, pleasure yourself and/or a partner. Not to mention you’ll be wide open for your partner to touch and pleasure you, too. Tip: Propping the Wing diagonally against pillows, with mounted toy on the lower end, works well for rear entry when going solo.

Solo and partner play straddling the Wing, vaginal and anal. The cowgirl position (length of Wing in front of you) leaves your hands free to play with your nipples, clit and ass and your partner has easy access from front and back. Reverse cowgirl leaves you in a great position – your partner can eat you out or, if you’re riding anally, switch back and forth between PIV and oral.

Partner play straddling the Wing, vaginal and anal. Riding in cowgirl position while giving a BJ. When you don’t have to support your upper body or kneel to keep your hands free, you can go down on him for longer periods. With both hands free, it’s easy to get him to come hard by adding prostate stimulation and stroking his shaft to the pleasure you’re giving with your mouth and tongue.

If you can get the angle and height right, the Wing can also be used propped up diagonally with the toy mounted end up high. You can back yourself up against it and thrust while holding the Wing in place with your legs/feet.

I don’t have any suggestions for using the side/end opening other than what I’ve already mentioned above with a larger vibrator (like the Hitachi or Mystic Wand). So far I haven’t found much use of this opening but that may be due to my fairly limited toy collection and experience.
    • Aids in variety of positions
    • Good with a large variety of toys


The Wing makes possible a position that has become a personal favorite. I get really turned on giving my guy head, so riding a dildo in cowgirl position while going down on him (as described in the comments) takes it to a new level – yum!

Personally, I also find it very comfortable riding a dildo cowgirl while my husband rides me from behind. The drag of the microfiber on our sheets means he can ride me hard without me sliding across the bed. Yeah, it really is that good!

We very seldom use the Wing as a positional pillow since we also own the Liberator Wedge/Ramp combo. We’ve owned and used the combo longer, and I prefer to use one of those pieces to prop up my hips while my husband manually thrusts into me with a dildo as he eats me out – most likely out of habit more than anything else.

My husband came up with a use for the Wing that surprised me since he has only played with our toys solo a very few times. When I was out of town earlier this year, he found what turned out to be a great setup for him. He placed the Wing on our Liberator Esse (similar to a low chaise lounge), put the Fun Factory Share in the top opening, lubed up and straddled the Wing and Esse. I thought a double ended dildo would get limited use but he’s proved me wrong in that assumption.

Fun Factory Share
    • Double penetration
    • Good for solo and partner play
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