Flying On Cloud 9

ALL ABOARD!: The rules are simple. As long as one follows these steps, all will be delivered hot, exhausted and wet with your head still in the clouds. Be sure to bring your imagination, safety supplies and perhaps even someone special to enjoy the journey with!
~ Velvety soft cover
~ Dense but still pliable foam
~ Multi-purpose
~ No storage bag to protect from lint
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Last call: All Passengers Bound For Pleasure Island Are Now Boarding Upon The Wing!

1) Grab boarding device/s of your choice.
2) Lock ‘n' load your device in the upright position.
3) Straddle oneself upon your firm, yet soft velour seat.
4) Make sure your airbags are deployed on either side in case of turbulence – this pilot gets wild.
5) Brace yourself and hold on for the ride of your life!

Some important in-flight facts to consider:

~ Nuts may or may not be included in the flight.
~ Seats are long, so why not treat a friend.
~ Flight could last as long or as little as desired.
~ All direct seating is waterproof in case of fluid spillage.
~ The comfort of the ride is the passenger's full responsibility – no condoms or lube are supplied on board.

I find myself asking “Do I really need a man for pleasure?” Oh, who am I kidding! Of course I do, but for now, I'm making the Liberator Wing my bitch – to abuse whenever I feel the need.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material


Your comfortable Wing ride is created by Liberator airways and proudly helps people around the world arrive at desired destinations with a smile on their exhausted faces. Each supportive seat is designed using a very dense, yet pliable foam base and then protected by a black waterproof cover. This keeps the foam in prime condition - especially for those messy passengers. On top of this is a divine short haired velour covering which feels superb against ones naked flesh. Being that my Wing was brand new (no communal seating here), there was no odor and will continue to remain that way as long as one launders the cover regularly.



Liberator delivers a multitude of colors so everyone can find a shade that matches their surrounding decor. I naturally went with the purple so it fits in well with my smoky mauve color walls. Unlike the light shade of the image on the product page, the purple is a beautiful deep color. Unfortunately it's very hard to capture the true shade in photos, so the majority of mine are way off too. I was able to snap a couple of pictures today, that shows the real color.




So that there aren't any uncomfortable edges digging into your thighs as you ride your seat of pleasure, the Wing is an oval cylinder in shape. It is 13” wide, 8” high and 24” in length. So feel free to invite someone special to enjoy the pleasure and ride the turbulence together.

The outer covering is extremely soft (almost slippery when you're trying to get a grip) and feels heavenly against any part of your body. The velour is a short pile and attracts lint like it's going out of fashion. You could use a pet lint roller, but it may have the potential to pull the actual velour out and cause bald patches over time.

There is a large plastic zip that runs half way around the side of the Wing. Even though it's set high enough where you're thigh could be in the riding position, I haven't felt it at all. There are no rough or sharp bits and the small lip of velour tends to sit flush with the top of the zip.


vibe hole

dildo slot



The beauty of the Wing is that it can be used solo by girls and guys or spice things up by using it together. Ever wanted to invite a 3rd person into the bedroom, but worried how your other half will react? With a favorite dildo or vibrator and the help of the Wing, this fantasy can become more of a reality.

On one of the top/ends of the Wing is a channel where a double dong, vibrator or wand can be slid in. This channel runs the whole length of the Wing so any shiny (slippery) toys have the ability to be accidentally pushed right in if you get too carried away. The toy is held in place between the waterproof lining and the velour cover.

Turn the Wing over and just in from the end is a slot in the foam. This is lined with the waterproof lining. Because of the sewing seam of the lining where the pocket has been joined at the top of the foam slit, it creates another small gap. The best type of dildo to use are the ones with a round base like the Happy Valley Big Boy or the O2 Adam. Gently slide your fingers between the foam and the waterproof lining seam on both sides, so that some of the lining pocket forms a space for the base to be held in place. Surprisingly, this does hold it well.

To be able to use a dildo which has testicles as a base, you'd have to turn it on the side so the balls fit into one of the side pockets – unless it fits perfectly in the length of the velour slit. This slit measures just under 4”, but then you have to cater for the width of the dildo too. I highly wouldn't try this as it may cause the stitching to burst, even though it's not your typical thin cotton.

If you're using a vibrator or a dildo that doesn't have any kind of base, push all of the lining pocket down into the foam slot and slide your toy in. The main problem with using a vibrator, unless it's controlled via remote, is that you won't (or at least not with any ease) be able to change the intensity or patterns once you're in motion.

vibe in top slot

cardboard directions



Unfortunately my Wing didn't come with any bag for storage which is very disappointing considering the price and the fact the velour picks up everything in its path. I hate the idea of dust (living on a dusty dirt road) getting into mine, so I have used a standard pillow case which does the trick just nicely. It conceals it for those who require some discretion, as it looks just like a puffy pillow.

The packaging is extremely simple – just a cloudy plastic bag that warrants scissors to get into. You could use it for storing your Wing, but it's not resealable. In the bag was a large cardboard sheet with directions on how to position different types of toys.

Care and Maintenance


Unless one is lucky enough to have a maid service, all cleaning will be the sole responsibility of the passenger. This is very simply done by carefully unzipping of the velvet cover and throwing it in the washing machine. If you're concerned, either a gentle cycle or even hand washing may be chosen. Bleaching is not a wise move. The waterproof protector can be given a wipe down with a slightly moistened wash cloth or toy wipes, if necessary. I personally don't have a dryer, so my cover is just hung up inside to dry (this prevents any possible fading over time). Once dry, make sure to line the slots up perfectly to limit frustrations next time you decide to travel!



This has truly become a blessing for me in many ways! My legs will become numb very quickly when kneeling to ride a dildo, but the Wing supports my weight. This relieves my legs and allows me to perform fully for my Master. Even with my weight, I barely made a dent when riding, but it's more than soft enough to be comfy.

I found it comes in very handy when I'm sitting in bed watching tv and propping my elbow on it. Or for those who love to eat in bed, it makes a great platform for resting your plate on. It may come with a higher price tag, but I'm more than happy that I went for it!

In my experience, the Wing earns a full 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I'm loving it even more!
The more I experiment, the more I fall in love. Originally I had no intentions of ever buying Liberator furniture of any kind. Now I wouldn't be without my Wing! I'm even considering other shapes - just have no idea where I'd store them.

I'm very impressed with the type of foaming Liberator use cause even at my size the foam barely has an indent as it totally supports my weight.
Truly a wonderful item!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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