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We love our Liberator Wing! The ‘new’ positions made possible have added variety & dimension to our lovemaking without us having to be contortionists. A big plus is how little effort it takes to maintain the Wing. The Liberator Wing has made already fabulous toys (can you say VixSkin?) even more pleasurable. As far as my husband and I are concerned, when you have a Liberator Wing you don't have to have a wingman...unless you want one.

I have my new ride. I would much rather stay home and play with my wing then do anything else. I have been able to use multiple vibes and dildo's with this accessory. It's easy to clean and after my sessions are over I can lay my head on it and watch TV. The price is easily justifiable when you see the quality of this furniture and it will last for years!!

The Liberator Wing was my first Liberator purchase and I'm very happy with it. The pillow is an excellent investment. Even as a position pillow alone, it has many possibilities and with the 2 toy pockets even more.

This is a great solution to look into as a more versatile positioning pillow that the Axis Hitachi. Lint rollers required (not included).

You know it was a matter of time before I not only got my hands on this wonderful Liberator piece but that I put my silly (but oddly sexy) stick figures on it! This piece is useful, comfortable, very supportive, and has so many uses that it never gets "put away" from my floor or bed. It's more than a wing-shaped pillow! It's like the Swiss knife of sex accessories. What can't it do?!

I have not been disappointed by any of my liberator shapes in the past. And this one is no different. It has lived up to the hype. I see this being in our bedroom for many years.

Looking to simulate a threesome for some double penetration action? Need a good positioning pillow? Look no further! The Wing is all that and more.

This is a great pillow to help turn almost any vibrator or dildo into a hands free experience! Use by yourself or with a partner to make your bedroom play more interesting!

We love our Wing; it has let us fly sexually by allowing us to use toys in whole new ways.

ALL ABOARD!: The rules are simple. As long as one follows these steps, all will be delivered hot, exhausted and wet with your head still in the clouds. Be sure to bring your imagination, safety supplies and perhaps even someone special to enjoy the journey with!

I know I've said it over and over again but The Liberator Wing really is just amazing. Anyone can use it, male, female or other. It lets you enjoy some of the things you sometimes miss out on when playing solo and couples will delight in living out DP or threesome fantasies or just including The Wing in foreplay performance.

The wing is a fun looking shape that promises the user hands free stimulation, which is easier said than done. Toys, even those that have drag and should stay in the hole, don't stay in the hole. The pillow is quite thick, so the elevation might be too high for some, creating uncomfortable penetration. It might work better for those who have harness based or suction cup toys. So far, the best use it has got was from being laid down on for massages.

The wind beneath my....

Sometimes you just wanna ride something, and what better than a micro fiber covered pillow. But, not just any pillow, a pillow that turns your favorite toys into hands free toys and can be enjoyed in a whole new way.

The Liberator Wing is an incredibly useful piece. It allows you to use many of your toys hands-free, and will even allow for double penetration positions. It's well made and easy to care for, and should provide enjoyment and satisfaction for a long time to come.

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