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Product summary and comments by Pleasure Piratess


Texas F?CK 'Em is a very fun and easy version of poker that can be played with beginners and advanced poker players, for couples or in a party setting. The game is made with quality cards and dice and will hold up to years of abuse, which is a good thing because you will enjoy playing this game again and again! Best of all, because winners chips "buy" favors, you can easily write your own sexual favors or even replace them with mundane chores when you don't want to play it as a sexual game.

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    • :D
    • nice
    • seems fun
    • love texas hold' this would be awesome :)
    • i want to try
    • Yes, you could easily replace the chips with items of clothing which would further add to the sexual element of this game.
    • Hmmm...could this be used for strip Poker? LOL!
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