Texas Fu?k 'EM playing cards - adult game by Cal Exotics - review by Pleasureman

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Ready to Bet Sex?

Texas Fu?k'EM poker is a wonderful sex betting game which will have you and your partner coming back for more. Use as a drinking game, alone, with your lover, or even at parties, this game is versatile. Once you've won, you get to pick what you want from a list of choices which are always erotic.
Betting sex, easy, perfect for beginners and poker lovers.
Chips not included.
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Purpose / Audience

What is Texas Fu?k'EM? It's a Texas Hold'EM style poker game which involves sexual favors or all out sexual fantasies as prizes instead of money. So basically, what you're doing is trying to get as many chips as possible (not included) within a turn or two to become the winner. Once you're the winner, your lover MUST do one of a few choices based on your winnings!

Because the game is not too down and dirty it is perfect for those just starting out with sex games. There aren't any naked pictures or embarrassing props. Even so, it is perfect for those couples who like randomness in their games along with a little betting. Therefore, it is a wonderful choice to beginners but also a great choice for those advanced users in adult games who want to spice up their love lives. You can even use it as a party game but make sure that couples are matched up before they begin play.
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for parties

Rules / Content

So, what does this game come with? This game comes complete with a deck of 54 playing cards with TEXAS FU?K'EM written right on the back in bold, pink, letters. The deck itself is a standard playing deck. It can be used for any game, if you don't mind the big pink letters on the back. Also included are five playing dice with the top six cards printed on them (ace, king, queen, jack, ten, nine). Not included are the chips you need! You need 30 chips for this game. You can also use coins.

So, how do you play? Well, divide the chips amongst the players. Roll the dice and line them out in the middle of the table. This is for everyone to use. Now, shuffle the cards and deal out five cards per player. From here you can remove one card from your hand and replace it with a new card. You cannot remove more than one card during each turn. You also have the option of re rolling the dice during your turn. After two rounds the players compare hands, and the winner, based on what type of hand he or she has, receives between 1-7 chips from each player. You can play as many hands as you wish. The winner is the person with the most chips at the end of the game.

At this point, you look at the instructions and find winnings for 30-25-20-15-10-and 5 chips. Each option has about four sub-options. The first sub-option for 30 chips is "Reserve the night in bed for scorching, unhurried lovemaking with your partner. No excuses! No interruptions!" The first sub-option for 5 chips is "Let's turn down the lights, put on some soft romantic music, and turn me on like we were hot, horny teenagers in the back seat of a car."

This can also be played as a drinking game, where the losers by the winner drinks. If you want to play alone, try to match up your cards with the dice, but don't forget to bid! This time, you have to give yourself what you won!


The game comes tucked in a box with a picture of a woman holding cards in her panties. In other words, not discreet. The cards themselves are thinner than most, but don't wrinkle with shuffling. It is clear from looking at them, that they are a little cheap, but they still do their job. The dice are decent quality and should last a long time. However, the markings are not embossed and therefore might rub off with time. That remains to be seen. The cards come complete with a rubber band for storage whereas the dice come complete with a tiny little zip lock bag. The entire game can be stored in the box and hidden from prying eyes.
    • Travel friendly


So, how did this game work out for us? Well, my girlfriend and I used quarters as our chips. Thank goodness we have a coin laundry room, otherwise we'd have to run to the store to buy chips. Anyhow, we played a few rounds and she won every time. I gave her massages and necked her along with four play for thirty minutes before engaging in hot intercourse. Now, even though she seems much better than me at poker, I still enjoy it. The forced four play really makes things hotter. We will continue to make this a part of our love making for a long time.
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