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Slender and seductive, this waterproof vibrating plug is the perfect accompaniment to some wet and wild anal play. Made of super soft rubber material, the plug is delightfully contoured and ribbed with a gradually increasing thickness that will stimulate as you work your way down. The ribbed shaft is conveniently flexible and starts off with a small rounded head for easy insertion, making it great for the novice and experienced rear enthusiast, while the elongated and tapered bulbs ensure comfort and handling during penetration.

The suction cup base adheres to most hard surfaces and retains a strong hold whether you're rocking back and forth or thrusting up and down, and a handheld remote control directs the flow of vibrations. Ergonomically designed, this remote connects via a generous length of cord for much needed slack, and features an on/off switch with four levels of vibrating intensity that remain quiet even at the highest setting.

Catalog ID: PD285712

UPC: 603912216721

  • Material / Texture

  • Design / Shape / Size

    Insertable length:
    6 1/2"
    1 1/2"
    8.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Special Features:
    • Multispeed
    • Suction cup
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Control pack
    Powered By:
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    Customer comments

    • spicy panda
      spicy panda
      Oh wow! This is a great vibrating butt plug. The wife loves it vaginally too. Great in the shower, in a butt harness, or just with oral, it is only limited by your imagination. Material is great and easy to clean, and the vibrations go from foreplay to mmmmmm, then from mmmmm to awesome, and then then oh #@&^. Must buy for the expert anal lover to the curious.
    • chris
      I wasn't very experienced with anal play, and i bought this on a whim while thinking of broadening my horizons. I got it on a friday and got myself off all weekend with this lovely piece of rubber. I recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a try. The vibrations are pretty good, and the size and flexibility are perfect for me. Attached to the tub, the shower (waterproof feature is nice), the headboard, a chair; this thing will make you come..... hard. Its a keeper.
    • Gail
      I agree! I really love this toy. And I love how it's Really waterproof. I've had bad luck with some waterproof toys, but this one is great. And the vibration is really awesome. This is my favorite toy.
    • Elizabeth
      I totally love this thing! it was perfect for me because im not very experienced with anal play but this thing wa great because it is smaller at the top but if i want more i just have to push! =) i dont have to go to another toy and the vibrating bullet just sent me right over the edge i never thought i would like anal play till i found this wonderous toy! =) i love that it has the larger end at the bottom that way it dosnt get away from you which i have found happens alot with anal toys unless they are made right this one is awesome i redommend it to everyone plus the thing is waterproof you can NEVER go wrong with a waterproof toy! i give it an A+
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