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Featuring a staggering ten pulsating functions and five speed levels, this vibrator sports the classic and ever-popular egg shape.

This design is perfect for clitoral stimulation, especially since the bullet in nubbed and made out of extremely soft and sensual Futurotic™ material.

The functions and speeds are controlled via up down buttons on a separate control pack, and the vibrations are very powerful at the highest speed setting.

For the last order of business, here's a list of all the different rhythmic and pulsating functions:

1. Trigger

2. Mini climb

3. Vibrate

4. Mini pulse

5. Double level

6. Shooting climax

7. Double shot

8. Double dribble

9. 2 vibes rocking

10. Small graduation

Catalog ID: SE114310

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size

    Insertable length:
    0.4 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Control pack
    Powered By:

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    Customer comments

    • anonymous
      I definitely don't recommend this for something that is worth the is powerful, it is fantastic for a one time thrill ride....but it stops working after a time or two.......this thing breaks if you use it for more than about a minute.....while I thought maybe I just got a lemon, I bought another one of them and it quit working even off.....don't waste your money unless you want to use it once and throw it in the trash because it will break if you use it long enough to do anything good....
    • Elizabeth
      I too have tried several bullets and this one is my very favorite! i love the different settings on this one the mini climb is my favorite! and what is truely great about it is it can satisfy me in what ever mood i am in if i just want to get off fast or you know take my time and play i totally ran the batteries down in my bullet it is mine and my husbands fave toy! its great for men too! we love the little nubbies all over itbut i suggest you make sure you are very well lubricated before because the nubs will hurt if your not well they were uncomfortable at first then i got going and they were great!
    • anonymous
      I just received my second one knowing full well that it too will break one day....What does that tell ya? ?? ? Good stuff ladies!
    • Pingme
      Agree great product...mine broke too but after all i put that thing through it was worth it and all i used for half a year. i'll have to buy another
    • anonymous
      Worked great....but it broke after a few months!!!
    • anonymous
      Mine broke too! It just stopped working!
    • anonymous
      Nice product, but after only 4 months it has broken. I didn't know a vibe could break!
    • lindsay
      This one is awesome. i've tried my share of bullets, and this is, by far, the best one ever. there's like ten different settings and 4 levels of intensity that just incredible. you can totally find a vib that works for you. what i like about the levels is that it is pretty intense to start with - generally by time you reach the 3rd, you're there, so you never really get to the last level, going "i need more". plus it doesn't swallow batteries and uses your typical AA, which is what you're aiming for. my only, ONLY issue with this toy is the bullet itself. while it's covered in super smooth soft gel plastic, it's all sorts of bumpy, which just wasn't working for me. that's the only reason i gave it four instead of five. it was kinda rough and not so good if you're into heavy grindin, but i think if you like bumpys or are more into gentle tickling you'd be fine. i'm hoping desperately they make this without the bump, i'd buy it in a heartbeat. but i'd still buy it again even if
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