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Eroscillator 2 top deluxe

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If you’ve never had an orgasm or don’t find that vibrations on your clitoris take you there, the Eroscillator may be the solution. With its oscillating motor and multiple attachments, it has the power to give you what you’re looking for with a gentle touch. This set contains an internal use attachment as well so you can experience oscillations inside as well as out.


Variety of attachments, long cord, easy to use, strong.


  • Material / Texture:

    The main part of the Eroscillator is made from plastic, and the attachments are made from silicone coated TPR (one has nylon bristles as well). None of the pieces has any scent, and all are phthalates and PVC free. All of the pieces, including the power cord, are a burnt copper color with the exception of the bristles on one attachment that are black.

    The Eroscillator features a ribbed design down its sides, which is for aesthetic purposes and ease in gripping the unit. It’s easy and comfortable to hold and is of moderate (not heavy) weight.

    All of the included attachments have a different shape and texture, and range from 2” to 3” long:
    - The Golden Spoon This two-sided piece has a concave cavity on one side and a flat surface with small drops on the other
    - The Seven Pearls of the Orient This has seven small graduated balls (from ¼” to 1” in diameter) stacked on top of each other in a gentle curve, and is ideal for vaginal or anal stimulation (a condom or a thorough cleaning is suggested if used between both orifices)
    - The French Legionnaire’s Moustache This has nylon bristles on each side and rather resembles the moustache it’s named after. The bristles provide amazing tickling sensations
    - Ball and Cup This piece has a concave side for clitoral and nipple stimulation (the cup) and a convex side that can be used for clitoral or vaginal excitement
    - Grapes and Cockscomb This piece features large nubs in a circular pattern for clitoral stimulation, and a flatter, blade-like side for labial teasing

    Material safety
    Textured head
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Eroscillator is designed to be easy to hold. The 8” long base unit has a slide which allows you to cycle through three speeds of oscillation: low, medium, and high, and it’s very easy to operate. The power cord is amazingly long, which allows you the freedom to be away from the wall. It can be a bit tricky to store as it is easy to tangle after repeated use. The power source ensures that the Eroscillator can be used for extended periods of time without lessening in intensity, and the base unit never gets too hot to hold.

    The Eroscillator isn’t the most discreet toy visually, but should travel fine in its box.

    4 3/4"
    1 1/2"
    The set includes:
    • Eroscillator body
    • 5 attachements with 8 heads (golden spoon
    • ball and cup
    • and grapes and cockscomb
    • the french legionnaire's moustache
    • and the seven pearls of the orient)
    • power adapter with 12' cord
    • DVD
    • and instruction manual
    1.2 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    This is very easy to use. Select the desired attachment and snap it on to the base (each of the attachments snaps securely), make sure the control switch is off, and plug it in. Switch the Eroscillator on and adjust the intensity over 3 different levels.

    The Eroscillator works by utilizing an oscillating motor. While the attachments look like they’re vibrating, the motion is different from vibrating motors. The intensity level of the Eroscillator varies by the setting, and on the highest it moves at 7,200 oscillations per minute (as a point of reference, the Hitachi is 5,000 rpm on low and 6,000 rpm on high). The Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe is billed as having 35% more power than the Eroscillator Plus, in part to operate the internal attachment (the Pearls of the Orient).

    The attachments work best with a light touch, although you can use firmer pressure if desired. Some, like the Moustache, require a very light application so that the bristles provide the stimulation. Others like the Pearls of the Orient don’t require pressure at all since they’re inserted either vaginally or anally. Even using firm pressure with other attachments, the clitoris never feels numb. Which attachment works best is a matter of personal preference.

    The sound of the Eroscillator as well as its gentle feeling may make you feel as though it isn’t powerful, but it is. Unlike many external vibrators, this toy is amazingly quiet while it takes you down the road to bliss.

    Special Features:
    • Attachments
    • Multispeed
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Eroscillator and attachments are easy to clean. The base unit can be wiped with a wet washcloth if necessary, and should never be immersed in water. The top that protects the oscillating motor attachment can be removed by twisting counterclockwise, and this can be washed as well. The attachments can be rinsed under running water and cleaned with nonabrasive soap. They should always be thoroughly dried before being reattached to the base.

    If necessary, waterbased lubricants are safe to use.

    The Unit can be a bit tricky to fit back into its box, so you may wish to use another box or bag for storage.

  • Packaging:

    The Eroscillator comes in a pink and maroon box with a flower behind the top lettering of “Eroscillator – the Science of Pleasure.” The box bottom lists the properties of the Eroscillator and results of use. Inside the box is the base unit, which is shrink-wrapped in hard plastic, as well as the power cord, five individually wrapped attachments, a sheet with important safeguards and brief how-to, and a booklet detailing the use of this product and sections on what to do if you’re already orgasmic or if you’re not. Also included is a DVD that highlights the Eroscillator’s features, and a clear foldout bag that can be used to keep everything together.

  • Personal comments:

    According to the information that comes with the Eroscillator, it was developed after 7 years and $2 million in research by the Swiss. It’s the only product ever recommended by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who many consider THE expert on sexual health and pleasure. It comes with a one year limited warranty.

  • Experience:

    I have the original Eroscillator Plus, so I was curious how the Top 2 Deluxe performed in terms of power. I didn’t notice any difference or 35% change, but I think that with a toy like this it’s hard to tell. It’s not the strength of the vibrations like on a regular vibrator, but rather the power of the oscillations. The manufacturer comments that the more powerful motor is needed to use the Pearls of the Orient in particular since it’s meant for internal use, but it all felt the same to me.

    That being said, I absolutely love the Eroscillator. The orgasms it produces are quite different than a vibrator like the Hitachi or Fairy – they sneak up on you, and you’re wonderfully turned on, wet, and aroused while you’re using this. I find that I stay aroused longer, even if I cum quickly from playing around. I’ve found that a lighter touch works best, so that the motor can move whichever attachment I’m using more easily.

    I really love the new attachments that come with this Eroscillator. The French Lieutenant’s Moustache feels particularly nice – the little bristles flitter on your labia while the head of the attachment rubs your clit. You can turn it so that the bristles dance along your clit as well. As for Pearls of the Orient, this attachment is fantastic. It looks like it’s too small to do much of anything, but the sensation inside, either vaginally or anally is …well, hard to describe, but just as orgasmic as the other attachments are. My husband likes the cup attachment on low speed, as I run it over his nipples and under his balls.

    My husband hates that this is corded, but he likes not having to stop in the middle of playtime to rustle up some batteries if I’ve forgotten to change them. I like the power cord, as we don’t have to worry about charging or overcharging anything, and it's long enough to let me use the Eroscillator almost anywhere in the room.

    Would I recommend this? Absolutely yes. It’s the best orgasm producer I’ve ever used.

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