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Eroscillator 2 top deluxe

Oscillating massager by Advanced response corp.

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Orgasmic Bliss

Are you unable to orgasm or find it difficult to get there? Then this is the product for you. It has multiple attachments that are good for beginners and advanced users alike.
varying attachments
long power cord
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Use: The Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe is an oscillator endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer and primarily used for clitoral stimulation, but can be used for anal and vaginal stimulation with the varying attachments as well as stimulate any other erogenous zone. You can use this solo or with a partner. With the variety of attachments, I feel this product is for everyone.

Material/Texture: The Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe is a copper metallic plastic and has no smell. It is considered hypoallergenic, and is latex and phthalates free. It has ribbed designs in it for better gripping. It comes with five attachments with eight heads. The attachments are silicone coated TPR. The Legionnaire’s mustache is very soft; I didn’t expect it be as soft as it is.

Design/Size: I find the craftsmanship of this product to be superior and I can see it lasting forever. If it does not, I’ll be depressed until I can afford to get another one. It does come with a one year warranty though which is excellent. The attachments snap on and off easily.

It is lightweight, and is perfect for traveling. It fits nicely in my purse and is only about 8” long from tip to base. The cord however is about 12' long allowing you to reach anywhere you wish.


Golden Spoon: Comes with a concave cavity specially conceived to receive and stimulate the clitoris on one side and has a flat surface with small dots to stimulate the inner and outer lips on the other side.

The Seven Pearls of the Orient: Specifically designed for vaginal and anal stimulation and penetration. It looks like a little progressive ball system. The bottom has the largest ball and the top has the smallest ball. I did not insert it anally, but put it around my butt to see what the oscillations felt like. I did not find any enjoyment out of it when inserted vaginally.

The French Legionnaire’s Moustache: This one has bristles on both ends that simulate a mustache. The instructions say it can be inserted internally, but I did not do this. I used it to tickle the outside of my vagina and clit.

Ball and Cup Heads: This is one of my favorite attachments. It features a concave side designed for clitoral stimulation and other erogenous zones. The convex side is stated in the information packet used to help exercise the vagina. I enjoy the concave side directly on my clitoris, it produces some amazing orgasms.

Grapes and Cockscomb Heads: These are designed to give stimulation to the clitoris when using the grapes side and the cockscomb side is designed to stimulate the labia.

The Seven Pearls of the Orient and the French Legionnaire’s Moustache are the two new attachments that are not included in the Eroscillator Plus.

Performance/Functions/Controls: It doesn’t make you numb as some vibrators can leave you feeling. If you push on it too hard it weakens the power of the oscillations so it is best to use a light touch. The oscillations can be felt through the handle, but it doesn’t hurt or make my hand tingle.

The Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe features a slider control with three speeds that you push up to go through: low, medium, and high. Medium is my favorite speed and I am able to get off every time. It is very easy to use and operate. First choose the attachment you desire and snap it onto the base of the toy, plug it up, turn it on, and enjoy the wonderful sensations.

It produces up to 7200 steady oscillations a minute. It is not silent especially on the highest setting in use. At first, I thought we didn’t get the attachments on properly because it rattles a little bit, but that was not the case at all.

Care/Maintenance: The instructions state to never immerse the toy in water. When cleaning the various parts you can use mild soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. All attachments can be rinsed under running water. The instructions also state to use water-based lubricant. It is considered waterproof as long as the plug is inserted on the bottom, but do not put the plug in the water.

Packaging: It came in a plain brown box and inside the box is another rosy-pink box where the toy and attachments are located. Each attachment is individually wrapped. It includes a very informative instruction pamphlet and DVD.

Storage: It came with a clear storage pouch that the toy, power cord, and attachments all fit into. I modified the pouch by gluing Velcro to it so I could close it. I was not able to get the original box to close once I had everything out so this is how I store everything.
I first heard about the Eroscillator when I was reading The Orgasmic Diet because I had never had an orgasm before and I was on the hunt to find something that would work for me and bring me to orgasm. This product is everything that I expected and more. At first, I did not know if it was going to be worth the high price, but I went ahead and ordered it. It's the best decision I have ever made and do not regret my choice one bit. I have been able to consistently achieve clitoral orgasm when using the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe. I know everyone is going to experience different results, but for me it is a dream come true. As far as why I chose this one over the Eroscillator 2 Plus, I liked the idea of having more power. I reasoned with myself that I could always increase my power if that was the case, but if I bought the other I would not be able to do so. For now, I'm only using it on the middle setting, but I like having the ability to control the power if I choose to go higher.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this and use it on a regular basis. The one thing I've noticed since writing the original review is that if I do not use any arousal cream and it takes me a while to climax, the Eroscillator becomes warm on my intimate areas. It does not hurt by any means, but does become warm. There was a short period of time that I had run out of arousal cream and that was when I noticed this. I have to have an arousal cream to help me climax, and it is not the fault of the toy. This performs wonderfully and will always be one of my favorite toys because it was the first one that helped me achieve orgasm.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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