Eroscillator 2 top deluxe - clitoral stimulator by Advanced response corp. - review by Brian

Eroscillator 2 top deluxe

Oscillating massager by Advanced response corp.

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Quality comes with a price

Overall this is a great product. But when buying something this expensive, unless you're rich, price has to come into it at least a little bit. Overall I felt this was a great toy that will last a long time but it wasn't so amazing or original that I'd tell everyone to go buy it. If you have already tried the cheaper options and want something with a good level of power but won't numb you or are looking for a different kind of stimulation then this might be for you.
No Numbing, Powerful, Long Cord, No Batteries To Wear Out, Well made
Price, Little Loud, Corded, Hand Gets Tired After A While
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The Eroscillator 2 top deluxe's big claim to fame is that is that it's not a vibrator but rather an oscillator, if that's even the correct word for it. It oscillates which means the head on it rotates side to side (quite fast I might add). Normal vibrators pound up and down not side to side. There is definitely a difference in the feel between this and a regular vibrator but the question is, is it worth the extra cost? That's what we'll be covering in this review.

Because it acts very similar to a vibrator, the Eroscillator can be used in pretty much all the same ways as a vibrator. You may find that there are actually some things that work better because it oscillates. For example, running the Eroscillator over my skin felt much nicer and was much more stimulating than with a regular vibrator. One of the biggest selling points of the Eroscillator is that it won't numb you like a high intensity vibrator can. Those that have an issue with this will enjoy the absence of this in the Eroscillator. This toy is primarily designed and marketed to woman but that doesn't mean it can't be used by men. So while it's great for clitoral stimulation, and to a lesser extent for vaginal or anal stimulation, it can also be used on a man's penis for some fairly strong stimulation.

Because it's waterproof, the Eroscillator can also be used in the bathtub. Of course care should still be taken to not get the wall plug in the water but otherwise everything else is waterproof once the plug on the bottom is inserted.

One thing I think this toy would be great for is teasing. You can make the sensations as soft or as hard as you wish and it makes for a fun teasing that leaves you wanting more.

The Deluxe version comes with two more attachments than the Plus version those are:
The Seven Pearls of the Orient - The Pearls one is mainly designed for internal use either anally or vaginally. One caution with this is since the attachment comes off pretty easily extra care should be taken when you used anally to avoid it slipping in

The French Legionnaire’s Mustache - This ones great for teasing but it also is actually quite capable of orgasming from as well.

Both the Deluxe and plug versions come with these attachments:
The Golden Spoon, Ball and Cup, Grapes and Cockscomb

Here are pictures/descriptions of the attachments from the product sheet:
Page 1
Page 2

The flat side of the Gold Spoon is good for flat surfaces like the penis shaft or the labia. The side with the tip seems to be designed specifically for clitoral stimulation.

The ball end of the ball and cup attachment seems well suited for the clitoris as well. It could work well for stimulating the nipples as well. It mentions using the ball side for vaginal exercise. Not sure what they mean by that.

I really like the grapes and cockscomb attachments. You can push down pretty hard and give a deeper "massage". This seems to be the attachment I end up orgasming with most of the time but the others are great for warming up or for lighter stimulation.

You'll also notice there are two more attachments you can buy. The Ultra Soft Finger Tip and the G-Point attachment.
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Material / Texture

My first impressions of the Eroscillator were much better than I set myself up for after all the talk of it being butt ugly. I'll admit it's not super sexy but it's far from ugly. First everyone mentions that the color of the material is bad. While I'm not a huge fan of copper colored toys I found the color to be quite nice especially under good lighting. Second the softness of the attachments really surprised me. They're not overly soft but they have a nice give to them that was unexpected from looking at the pictures where they look so ridged. What's even more amazing was the hairs on the French Legionnaire’s Mustache attachment. I didn't even think about it before hand so I didn't have any expectations of what the hairs would feel like but after first touching them I said "Whoah those are really soft". Now thinking about it, it makes sense that they would be and I know it wouldn't be nearly as good if they were harder. Underneath the soft surface material, which I still do not know if it's silicone or TPR, is the hard plastic that connects to the main part of the toy. This gives the attachments some firmness that you can feel when you squeeze down on it.

The attachments had just about no odor. If anything I'd say it was a slightly sweet scent like I smell with a lot of the Tantus toys I get. The surface of the attachments has some grip to it but this is easily overcome with a little bit of lube, either natural or artificial, causing it to move very easily around.

I noticed all the attachments have a slightly rough spot (grapes and cockscomb seven pearls. I'm presuming this is the part where it was attached to the mold or something. I don't notice it during use so not that big a deal.
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

As I said, no one seems to like the design of this toy. I honestly found it pretty good. My main complaints are that since it's straight and long it's a little harder to use it internally where it's facing out away from you but since its primary use is external this isn't too big an issue. The toy is fairly light... at least when you start out. Depending on how long you go for your hand can start to get tired from holding it especially since in order to get the most stimulation you actually have to hold it barely touching the skin meaning you have to carry most of the weight.

This toy is very well designed and I can see this thing lasting for a VERY long time. Even though it's a plugin toy, it's still waterproof with the plug inserted on the bottom. I find it amusing that for such an expensive toy it's still made in China. There are three speeds and it's fairly easy to see what level you're at. A 0 is up at the top to show you the toys off. At the bottom are 1, 2 and 3 for speeds. The round cone top comes off easily for cleaning. So does the speed control switch.

One interesting part of the design is that the speed control switch appears to use magnets to adjust the speed (I'm guessing they used magnets to allow it to be completely waterproof). Taking it off you can see a magnet surrounded by green plastic with stub legs that provides the click action. One glitch I have noticed occasionally is sometimes when you put it back on after cleaning, the 2nd speed ends up being the same speed as the 1st. This seems to resolve itself after a while so it's not that big a deal.

The attachments are very easy to attach and remove. The bottom lines up easily with the toy's base.

The power cord is very long (10 feet) and this a real nice feature. Also, the toy will stand up even with the power plugged which is nice.

This toy is unfortunately not easy to hide. It's not huge but it's not very small either. Travelling should be fine although I'd probably put it in my check in luggage to avoid any embarrassing bag searches. Although the hitachi magic wand has a big reputation for being a sex toy, it's still normal enough looking that I'd be fine with leaving it underneath my bed, this on the other hand goes a bit too far and will be locked away with my other stuff.

Below are some photos to give you some ideas on its size:
toy with tape measure
toy beside magic wand

Functions / Performance / Controls

I mainly got this toy for my wife as it was her birthday recently but of course since I'm the one doing the review, I 'had' to try it out. Of course I wanted to anyways. Overall I'm quite impressed with this toy. It definitely has a different feel to it than any vibrator I have. I liked moving the attachments over my skin teasing myself. I have a knock off hitachi magic wand that I use sometimes so I was curious how it would compare. The biggest difference is with the Eroscillator I can use the toy directly on my skin where as with the wand I usually put something like a towel in between. Moving the attachments up and down my penis felt fairly good. I was surprised how long it took me to orgasm. When I started focusing more on my fantasies than on the physical stimulations I orgasmed very quickly. On subsequent uses I've learned that fantasy plays a huge role with this toy. Without it, it feels good but it's really hard to finish but with it you can finish very quick. This is quite different from the wand I have as the nice thing with that is you don't have to think about anything and eventually you'll still orgasm from it because the stimulation is just so much. I think part of this has to do with the fact that the wand is stimulating both the penis head and shaft where as I mainly use the Eroscillator on the shaft as it's too powerful for use on the head most of the time.

My favorite attachments are the French Legionnaire’s Mustache and the Grapes and Cockscomb. I use the The Golden Spoon sometimes for starting out but usually switch later on.

I did not use any of the attachments internally since this will primarily be my wife's toy. My wife did use some of the attachments including the The Seven Pearls of the Orient vaginally and said they felt pretty good but I don't think they felt as good as they do on her clitoris.

Now as far as intensity or power goes I would say this toy is somewhere between the Hitachi (assuming my knock off is the same power) and a decent quality battery operated vibrator. It's no where near the Hitachi but it's also a good amount stronger than a regular vibrator too.

As far as volume or loudness goes it can get pretty loud especially on the third setting but it's nothing like the Hitachi. I'd say it's more similar to the Wahl except it has more of rattling sound than a hum. The noise is much louder in the highest power setting and quite a bit lower in the other two settings.
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

This seems like one of those toys that's very well made and with proper care should last a very long time. The main precautions are number one, lube selection. I don't know if the material is pure silicone or not but I know it does have silicone in it so silicone based lubes should not be used. Most would recommend against oil based as well if it's TPR and not pure silicone but I'd say with a spot test you can see for yourself. I've never really had too many problems with toys and oil based lubes. Other than lube choice the other main thing would be to be careful about the heads touching other toys as sometimes there are interactions between the different materials. The fact that the heads came touching each other tells me they won't interact with one another. Cleanup is easy with soap and water. Please note though that you should not share this toy unless you either put a condom over it or you soak it in bleach. I would be careful doing this as if it's not 100% silicone then that could cause some issues. Otherwise there's not much else to worry about with this toy.


The packaging is really the most disappointing thing to me about this toy. It comes in a plain brown box. Inside of it is another package this one more colorful. opening the top cover reveals the main part of the toy. Removing this cover you can see that the attachments are just laying inside the packaging not covered by anything other than the mustache one which has a cover over it. It just comes across very cheap and does not leave a good first impression. On the positive side, the instructions included are among the best I've seen of any of the toys I've ordered. There is an included DVD however we ended up throwing it away as there is some pornographic material in it. I didn't actually watch it but I could hear my wife watching it and it sounded really dated like it was created back in the early 90s or something. Considering in the documentation Dr Ruth says this is the type of product you could give to your mother, I think the nudity was unnecessary. There is an included clear bag but it doesn't seem to hold everything. My guess is it's designed to hold the attachments and the ac adaptor but not the main part and for this it does ok. Considering how poor the packaging is though it'd be nice if the bag was big enough for everything as I'm planning to throw out the packaging soon. One other thing to note is that the packaging is JUST big enough to hold everything. Unless you put everything back in in just the right spot the package won't close all the way. It seems like they were trying to make these things take up as little space as possible which should have been less of an issue considering the high cost of this toy versus presentation and storage use. On another note in just the couple weeks I've had the toy the cardboard is already starting to fall apart some and is not very sturdy. Below are pictures of what I think is all the documentation for the toy (There's a lot).
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
(Plus the two already linked for the attachments)
List of features
Safety sheet 1
Safety sheet 2

Bottom of packaging documentation
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

So I know this question comes up a lot (or at least it did for me): "Which should I get the the Eroscillator Plus or the Eroscillator Top Deluxe?" I can't answer that for you but here are my insights. I was about ready to purchase the Eroscillator Plus because for a while that's all Eden sold. Then the day I was going to buy it saw they now carried the more powerful one. For those that don't know this version is 35% more powerful than the other. My thought was I'd rather it be too powerful than not powerful enough as you can turn down the speed setting but not make it go any faster than it is at level three. The other thing to consider is the attachments. With this you get two extra attachments. The Seven Pearls of the Orient is only a good attachment but the The French Legionnaire’s Mustache is an excellent attachment and well worth the extra cost. This isn't the sort of toy that you want to buy the cheaper version and then have to buy a second one in addition to the first one. My recommendation is to save for this one. I'm sure the Plus would also be powerful enough for most but you can never have too much power ;)

An even bigger question is: "Is it worth it?" To this I say it is. It's a great product and because of this I give it five stars, however I say this with some reservations. I think this toy's biggest weakness is it not being more discreet. It's definitely better than regular vibrators. Even on the packaging it states that 73% of woman prefer it to others, but the fact that you have to get it out of wherever you're hiding it makes it not get used as much. Now for those that don't mind leaving it out or under the bed then by all means I think you'll really like this toy. Also, for those that have never had an orgasm before with regular vibrators than I think this is a great choice. Once again the packaging states 87% of inorgasmic woman orgasmed with this toy. In both of these cases I can totally recommend this toy. For others I would recommend holding off on this toy and buy something cheaper to start out. Even though my wife admits the Eroscillator is better she still uses this toy more. Something like that would be much cheaper. A step up from that (and with a lot more power) is the Hitachi Magic Wand, the fairy wand, or the wahl massager. All of these are still almost a quarter of the cost and if you haven't tried them out then I would definitely recommend trying at least one of them first. If you already have at least one and you either have issues with being numbed from the vibrations or you're just looking for something new then by all means, this toy is totally worth it.
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  • Mr. John
    This is my wifes all time favorite, and has been so for years. The Hitachi was too much power for her prior to owning the Eroscillator.
  • Wicked Wahine
    Holy Moses, this is the most thorough review I have ever read! Thanks for all the links & info. This is my one stop shop for a review on this, wow!
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