Eroscillator 2 top deluxe

Oscillating massager
by Advanced response corp.

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Eroscillator 2 top deluxe reviews

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The Eroscillator is like a toothbrush on a power cord where it oscillates rather than vibrates. It does provide unique stimulation, but my body seems to prefer vibrations. With the deluxe model you kind of get eight different toys with five different attachments depending on which attachment/side you use. Now that is kind of neat! But... it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Ultimately, I would think a lot about your own preferences before buying this, especially with regard to other toys that you already know and love. If a small, powerful vibe is what you're looking for, this isn't it. If you've exhausted everything and you're looking to splurge on something new, I'd consider taking a chance on this one.

This item is worth it because the oscillations provide a different experience from a typical vibrator; it wouldn't numb you as much.

If you like clit stimulation at all, you need this toy. It's great for foreplay as well! There's no weird smell like you get with some toys, and the attachments are free of PVC and phthalates. The Eroscillator is actually made for and approved for use on genitals, whereas other items are "novelty toys" or "massagers". Plus, Dr. Ruth recommends it! (And it's the ONLY toy she's ever recommended.) If you're looking for something that will give you a guaranteed orgasm, this is it!

Are you unable to orgasm or find it difficult to get there? Then this is the product for you. It has multiple attachments that are good for beginners and advanced users alike.

Overall this is a great product. But when buying something this expensive, unless you're rich, price has to come into it at least a little bit. Overall I felt this was a great toy that will last a long time but it wasn't so amazing or original that I'd tell everyone to go buy it. If you have already tried the cheaper options and want something with a good level of power but won't numb you or are looking for a different kind of stimulation then this might be for you.

You're curious? I was too, and I thought that I didn't want it from the looks alone. It should at least come in other colors or have a more pleasant-looking shape (crossing fingers here). But like all things, we should look beyond looks as this toy has the advantage of bringing you orgasms without numbing you up. On my reviewer's honor.

If you’ve never had an orgasm or don’t find that vibrations on your clitoris take you there, the Eroscillator may be the solution. With its oscillating motor and multiple attachments, it has the power to give you what you’re looking for with a gentle touch. This set contains an internal use attachment as well so you can experience oscillations inside as well as out.

Going on looks alone, I never would have thought that this toy would be as awesome as it is. The oscillations feel different on the body than vibrations, and in a very good way. The many different attachments allow something for just about everyone.

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