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Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit

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The Wahl Mini wand provides deep, rumble-y vibrations with the intensity of most massagers on low - which is still quite strong! - with none of the bulk. Discreet, it looks more like an electric toothbrush than a sex toy and is rechargeable, so you are not tied to an outlet when in use. Multiple heads provide varying sensations, exquisite for genital use and all over body massage.


Strong,easy to use and hold,compact, multiple attachments for multiple sensations, rechargeable.


Loud, may be too strong for some

Best use:

The Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit pretty much does it all.

Body massage? Check. Clitoral stimulation? Check. Scalp massage? Check. Facial? Check. Take out the trash? Oh. Well, no, it doesn't do that but if it did we'd be in trouble. I don't think you can get a marriage license for a massager.

With seven different attachment heads, a relatively slim, easy to hold body, all the power of the original Wahl on low (which is insanely strong and not low at all), easy to use power switch and a flexible neck, the Wahl Mini Wand is an all-in-wonder tool good for nearly any user, for nearly any use.

Plus? It's rechargeable and looks more like an electric toothbrush than a sex toy so it's quite discreet and convenient!
  • Material / Texture:

    The Walh Mini Wand has a plastic body with a flexible neck and PVC attachment heads.

    The plastic body is smooth, lightweight, with no odor to it at all. Plastic is body safe, non porous and quite easy to clean. The PVC heads are rather like a mix between plastic and rubber; slightly flexible but firm, enabling you to get a good bit of pressure with them. The PVC has no real scent that I can detect, certainly not the new shower curtain scent a lot of more porous materials have. I could also detect no taste.

    PVC is porous, though, and cannot be sanitized so this should be used only as a solo toy or with those to whom you are fluid bonded. A condom can be used to cover the heads but it is not very convenient or easy to do so -- the condoms don't fit well and could interfere with the attachment point and motor.

    Each attachment head has a different texture and feels different depending upon where you use it. Some are suitable for genital use but some are obviously best suited for body, scalp or facial massage.

    The Knuckle Joint attachment is smooth and angled.
    The Muscle Kneading attachment is rippled with a smooth feel to it.
    The General Body attachment is also smooth and is concave.
    The Scalp Stimulator is prickly, each little prickler smooth but pokey.
    The Face Vitalizer is slightly concave, like suction cup, with a slick surface.
    The Deep Muscle Stimulator is ringed, the rings acting like ridges, with a smooth rounded center.
    The Spot Applicator is also smooth, with an outer ring and a raised, rounded, pinpoint center nub.

    Plastic / Pvc
    Material safety
    Nubbed / Ribbed / Smooth / Studded
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The handle/wand part of the Wahl Mini Wand is approximately 8 inches long and a bit over an inch and a half in diameter. It has an oval shape more so than a round one, making it easy to hold in the hand, and a flexible neck that allows some give when pressure is applied.

    It is extremely discreet, appearing, without the heads attached, like the handle of a larger, older electric toothbrush or grooming item. Even with the heads attached most would assume it is just a regular old body massager, totally acceptable to see on a shelf at Walmart.

    The heads are very easy to put on and remove. Each has an open area on the back that slides firmly onto a nub at the top of the wand. Press on, pull off to remove. Very simple, very easy.

    The Wand itself is operated via a slider on/off switch. It has one speed; click up to turn it on, slide down to turn it off.

    The Mini Wand does have non slip grips along the sides of the handle making it a bit easier to hold onto during use than if it were all slick plastic. It is light weight and should not cause arm or hand fatigue for most users, unlike many massager style products.

    8 1/4"
    1 5/8"
    20 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Mini Wand, being a massager, is quite strong. Even though it only has one speed that speed should be enough to provide intense massage or genital stimulation for nearly anyone. Vibrations are deep and quite low frequency and transfer thru the attachment heads very, very well.

    I just got the Original Wahl and I would say the vibrations on the Mini Wand are comparable to the Original on low -- definitely not what is normally considered low speed! These vibrations are deep and penetrating and much, much stronger than a bullet vibe or traditional vibrator. They're massager level vibrations, so if you have sensitive clit they may be too strong for genital use.

    Each head has a different function and, while they are not all suited for genital use, they are definitely all useful. Attachments range in size from the size of a quarter to the size of a silver dollar, perhaps a bit larger.

    The Knuckle Joint attachment is wedge shaped, with a long ridged surface area that is fantastic for use in finger, toe, elbow or knee joints and works wonderfully applied lengthwise against the clitoris. It manages to spread vibrations along the whole clit, top, bottom and dead center. Great if you like pinpoint stimulation.

    The Muscle Kneading attachment is ripples and works best on larger areas. This gives a great massage across the back, buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulders but is a bit large for genital use unless you like a diffused, spread out sensation. It definitely rumbles the entire clitoral area.

    The General Body attachment is deeply concave, with a ridge around the edge and is excellent for all over body use. If you like to have your clit cupped by a toy, this makes a great clitoral attachment.

    The Scalp Stimulator is covered with tiny pokers, longish nubs in a circular pattern. This provides an extreme and possibly painful experience in the genital area but works fantastically as a scalp massager. Rubbing it in circles over your scalp leaves you feeling so, so relaxed!

    The Facial Vitalizer is the largest of the attachments, shallowly concave and quite flexible. This is great for cupping a large area of the vulva to provide diffused, deep vibrations. It also works well, with a bit of cream or lotion, to massage the face. Avoid the eyes!

    The Deep Muscle Stimulator is a ridged attachment. It has two circular rings and a rounded, pinpoint tip. This one is great for deep muscle massage, feels super on the feet but a bit obtrusive on the genitals.

    The Spot Applicator is another deep, pinpoint attachment with a protruding, rounded tip. This one is incredible for clitoral stimulation if you like that pinpoint pressure and very, very strong vibrations. It works very, very well for deep muscle massage, especially in the shoulders and upper back.

    The Mini Wand is fairly noisy. It can be heard thru a closed door unless you have a good bit of back ground noise so if discretion is a concern when it comes to noise level, this one isn't going to provide you with silent, secret pleasure sessions.

    Special Features:
    • Attachments
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Wahl Mini Wand Rechargeable is fairly easy to care for but not sanitizable.

    The handle/wand can be wiped down with a toy wipe or a damp cloth but it is not waterproof so do not submerge it or use running water.

    Each attachment can be washed under running water with soap but be sure they are dry before reattaching.

    Charging is simple and easy. A plug fits into a hole at the bottom of the charger and a few hours plugged in after use should keep you charged and ready for next time. The initial charge can take awhile but there is a light under the on/off switch to let you know it is charging and when it is finished charging.

    Do not use this while it is plugged in. Do not use this in the tub or shower. Do not use this on the front of the neck, varicose veins, on unexplained leg pain or on sensitive, broken or inflamed skin. Use ONLY with an attachment firmly connected.

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