Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit by Wahl Clipper Corporation - review by DreamWolf

Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit

Wand massager by Wahl Clipper Corporation

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Prettier, weaker, with the same funny attachments

What a pleasure, what a delight, Wahl has created a rechargeable, portable massager for us!

With its seven different attachments it is sure to please those sore muscles and spots, and it is mighty powerful enough for your craving flesh too when you have other ideas about how to enjoy this fine and sleek grayness!

Though I have experienced a few strange and funny things with it, if it stays reliable I can surely say that I will never regret getting this lovely portable massager!
Powerful, rechargeable, portable, various attachments, sturdy, perfect body massager, long run time
Awkward attachments for pleasure purposes, loud, only one speed, charging light behaves strangely
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The Wahl Mini Wand Rechargeable Massage Kit had been keeping me excited and eager to obtain, with its sibling the 2-speed Wahl Massager.

It is originally designed to be a body massager, so the expected powerful vrooms sound very promising for those who seek the might of something more than batteries and casual rechargeable vibes. With its more convenient shape, the slightly flexible but sturdy construction, and the portability, who could resist to grab one quick? Check out how one of the very few rechargeable power-horses offers tantalizing tease for anyone who craves for more.

Well, as it looks like we have found another reliable looking brand after the Hitachi, I put my paws on one quick with a buyout assignment.

It can be used only externally for pleasure purposes, and though it is larger than the popular small clitoral teasers, this little magic wand can put you into the greatest delights if you learn how to use the attachments right.
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    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The little sibling of the mighty and ugly 2-speed Wahl Massager is made of two kinds of materials: the body is smooth hard plastic, and the seven attachments are made of PVC.

Hard plastic is completely non-porous, though that part doesn't play any roles in your pleasure, as you will use the porous PVC attachments only. So it isn't the safest material out there, simply because the manufacturer intended it to be used in a different way, for your sore muscles wanting some relaxing electric delight. Other than that I do not think that the porosity of the attachments would mean a big problem, because with proper care they can be kept pretty clean. You can still use a condom over them, though that is something I imagine to be a pretty funny sight, and as long as you don't share it with anyone else other than a precious love you are fluid bound to, then it won't really matter.

Out of the box and later too, the body and the attachments don't have any smell, which means delightful news for anyone who is sensitive when it comes to unpleasant chemical odors. I didn't try to lick around any of them, and now testing one of the attachments I can surely say the PVC doesn't have any special taste either.

The seven attachments are the following, offering various textures:

Facial: a large and shallow cup intended to be used on the face
Muscle kneading: a square shaped attachment with four large rows on the top
Scalp: interestingly the rounded attachment with countless little spikes all over has the funniest texture for your head, because like a comb, it can mess your hair up unless you have a very short mane
Knuckle and Joints: the triangular shape is made for the body parts reflected by the name
Deep Muscle: the somewhat shallow rounded knob surrounded by concentric circles and a line crossing them is made to work knots out in your muscles, a somewhat flat attachment to dig deep into your flesh with the vrooms
Spot Application: it is for pinpoint massage, a little knob encircled with an edge
General Body: a small and deep cup for whatever kind of use

The PVC attachments aren't as hard as the plastic, a little bit softer and more flexible, but still stable enough for hard use. The surface doesn't always look perfectly smooth, which personally bothers me a little bit, as I worked in a factory once making plastic parts, and there it was crucial to make everything as appealing as humanly possible. It really shouldn't bother you though, because the tiny mistakes made on them won't ruin your experience.

As the attachments are made to be used for body massage they aren't all as practical for pleasure purposes, but it is still manageable because you have a great selection with seven different kinds. So it will depend only on your personal preference which is most usable for your taste.

Cleaning your Wahl Mini Massager will be found below in the right section.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The length of the body of Wahl Mini Massager is 7 3/4 inches, and the various attachments have the average length of 1 1/2 inches. The width of the massager is 1 3/4 and 1 1/2 inches, so the base of it has an oval shape. The diameter of the attachments has the average of 1 1/2 inches.

The design is very simple and much more appealing than the 2-speed electric Wahl massager's, with its brownish gray and beige shades. The attachments may looks funny for pleasure use, but indeed, they can be used for such purposes too. It is easy to hold the massager and the attachments stay in place pretty fine, though sometimes I had some of them roll off during use.

This is certainly a long toy for a delightful massage of the other kind, and its flexible construction makes me wonder sometimes why it couldn't be just simply all rigid. But all in all it works as a body massager and as a pleasure giver too.

Everybody, beginners and advanced users alike will find this fine object easy to use, though its one speed may be too powerful for those who have a more sensitive flesh. It doesn't look like a pleasure vibe at all, so its discreetness makes it perfect to just have it lay around in your home, as nobody would suspect that it is for anything else but pleasant muscle relaxation.

If you do want to hide it anyway then the little plastic Ziploc bag for the attachments will serve as a handy little holder for the accessories, and the massager itself has a slim enough body so as long as the length doesn't matter you can tuck it anywhere where it can stay dry and safe.

Traveling is easy with it because you can slip it between your clothes in case of going somewhere for a vacation, and if you just want to grab it and take it somewhere quick it still has the innocent look of a casual massager.

It comes with an AC charger and a stand, which makes it even easier to have it around.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The little Wahl has one speed only, which is powerful enough for the most craving kinds of flesh too. It is a rechargeable massager, and it is stated in the manual that you wanna keep it on the charger all the time, so it can be ready to be used anytime for you. The red light on the bottom will let you know it is being charged, though I don't remember ever seeing it stop, which means that when it is fully charged you will see no difference, and won't know when it is fully loaded. I assume it isn't a problem if you wish to keep it out all the time, so it can just sit on the charger stand always ready to please.

A full charge takes a few hours only, and though it is said that it can run for more than 2 hours it is in the manual that you shouldn't use it for more than 20 minutes. Oh well.

A very simple slide button controls your precious portable massager. Sliding it up you will see the "I" below it, and hear the mighty and really loud vrooms. In off position the button is down, above it you see the "0" to show you it's really turned off.

The PVC attachments lead the vibrations very well, and the more pinpoint the shape is the stronger I could feel them. I didn't experiment with all the attachments unless you call quick tries on other body parts into that category. I wonder who likes to use the ones I didn't find useful for proper stimulation for my taste, so I think such a conversation would be an interesting and enriching topic.

The power is coupled up with the noise what I was pretty damn shy to use in the company of my relaxing Precious Master (who of course didn't mind it at all), but in case of wanting some privacy I definitely wouldn't use it without doors shut to be sure that nobody hears it on the other side of the wall. Try to find some moments for yourself alone if you can't share such pleasures with the people you live with, because the noise would justify only casual use in the eyes of those who don't intend to be with you in a more intimate way.

Wahl Mini Massager is NOT waterproof and not even splash-proof, so don't even think of using it in an irresponsible way! It is meant to be used only externally, and if you decide to use some lubricants anyway then be VERY careful about having it only on the attachments!
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

For the lightweight hard plastic body you can clean it very carefully with water and antibacterial soap, and can use isopropyl alcohol if that is your desired way to keep it fine and dandy. The Wahl Mini Massager is NOT waterproof, and as it is charged by electricity you always want to be careful when it comes to cleaning it. Toy cleaners also work as fine as the other options above.

The seven PVC attachments can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or a toy cleaner too. They accept both water and silicone-based lubricants. You can use a condom over them for more safety but like I said it may be hard and funny, so just remember to obtain another one in case if you want someone other than your precious one to share such pleasures with you.

I find the cleaning mighty easy because of the smoothness of most of the parts, and storing is as easy even if you don't want to keep this somewhat bulky but sleek massager in out in sight all the time. It slides into a chest or drawer cozily because of its slim shape. The attachments can be kept in the little transparent Ziploc bag or any other pouches, and you won't have to worry about the rest when it comes to lint and other kinds of yucky things - the hard plastic is perfectly smooth, rigid and sturdy.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging of this fine one speed vibe couldn't be more harmless than the design it has.
Nothing shows at all that it could be used for any pleasure purposes, all over the hard paper box you see only all the useful information about the functions and the different attachments, and only the facial region of a naked lady and a naked gentleman can be seen in a most acceptable way.

It contains all the manuals and what not with everything you want to and have to know about this fine grayness, so many things in it that I couldn't even remember if I didn't have them all right here next to me while writing this review.

As the box is separated inside into two sections it could be a nice way for storage too, though it takes up quite a lot of space so I intend to manage storage in a less bulky way. A long pouch will do for the massager, a small one for the attachments and others parts, or you can just keep everything inside a big enough bag.

It would make a truly excellent gift for anyone at all, whether for body massage or pleasure use, because it has an entirely non-threatening look, it can be used by adults, kids, probably even larger pets I assume, and the best part in it is that it is rechargeable and portable. Uses simple AC power, can be left out on the stand all the time, it is simple and looks reliable, so I don't know what reason would be against not to have one in your home, even if it will serve only as a body massager.

As it really looks like a brand after the famous Hitachi we can trust, I do think it is a piece you want to have in your realm!
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

To tell you the truth I didn't find any of the attachments entirely practical for an excellent pleasure use, but it was still manageable. I did use it for much-much longer than 20 minutes, and it was running like a dream until it got totally drained. It just stopped working as I remember, so it isn't like the annoying battery vibes with weaker power when the source is about to die.

I tried it both on my Master and myself for body massage, and though it isn't as powerful as the 2-speed electric Wahl Massager it was still pleasant enough for muscles and any other spots.

I got it because the brand looks pretty trusted and reliable to me, and I thought why not to have all of their massagers, so when all my other vibes die these will still be running like a dream! I hope that my faith in them won't stay unanswered in a disappointing way.
    • Bumpy
    • Porous
    • Smooth


My experience with it includes three funny things.

First one is that when it was supposedly fully charged the light was still on, and as I know it should turn off in that case. It didn't really bother me and I just left it on the charger for days and days until next use, when it got fully drained. Haven't put it back to charge yet.

The second funny experience was that for the first two times or so I found the awkward shapes of the attachments pretty useless to give me full pleasure, so I just put it all aside and chose another fine vibe. Last time it changed, as I could finally set my mood to enjoy it fully, right before I achieved what I wanted so badly it stopped working!

I just thought that it was drained, and I reached for the other Wahl to finish what I started.
After a short while I decided, oh well, why not to check out if there was just a bug in it for a few minutes, and maybe it is still able to run. To my great surprise I could turn it on, but it worked only when I had it bent a little bit! I worried a lot about whether it was ruined so it would run only bent for the rest of its little machine life, but I could catch up again, and got close to enjoying my time just fine.

In those minutes happened the funniest part. IT WAS MULTI-SPEED!!!
Of course the controls are the same as always, but I noticed it that the more I bent it the more powerful it was - so this resulted in tiring my hands out a little bit, by trying to maintain the largest angle to keep it as powerful as possible! Whenever it went back to straight angle it stopped, and whenever I bent it again it returned to the vrooms, the larger angle the more powerful!

I was enjoying my fine toy, enthusiastic and happy and amused, and when I got close to the final delight it stopped again, even with the large angle bent!

Of course it meant that it was really drained finally, so I had to reach for the other Wahl again, which of course has entirely different vrooms, so it took a while to manage my pleasure again, but it was solved blissfully of course. I tried the Mini Wahl again and again a little later, and knew finally that it wouldn't come back on anymore until it receives a good healthy charge to be vrooming away so joyfully again - so until next time, when I hope we will have a more successful encounter very soon, dear precious portable fine, fine massager of mine.
    • Long lasting power
    • Not enough variety
    • Recyclable
Follow-up commentary
I had to obtain a replacement, as the first one seemed to be defective, or maybe I just handled it way too rough.

Have indulged myself into the delights of the second one, and I find it to be a pretty good arouser, and a usable pleasure vroomer to satisfy my craving flesh in the right moments.

Not as powerful as the beloved wand massagers of course, so it has been resting for a while now - but I still keep it handy because I love it as hell, so yep, it is a precious one, and among the best toy decisions I've made in my life!
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