Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit - wand massager by Wahl Clipper Corporation - reviews

Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit

Wand massager by Wahl Clipper Corporation

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Wahl Mini Wand rechargeable massager kit reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

I don't regret getting this toy, but it won't be one of my primary toys. I recommend it as an experimental item.

What a pleasure, what a delight, Wahl has created a rechargeable, portable massager for us! With its seven different attachments it is sure to please those sore muscles and spots, and it is mighty powerful enough for your craving flesh too when you have other ideas about how to enjoy this fine and sleek grayness! Though I have experienced a few strange and funny things with it, if it stays reliable I can surely say that I will never regret getting this lovely portable massager!

The Wahl Mini Rechargeable Massager Kit is a good choice if you usually use one speed on your vibrator - and want that speed to be strong. The on/off button is a pain, but the recharging aspect is amazing, and it's nice to be able to switch the heads off of this vibrator very easily.

The Wahl mini-wand is a great no frill body massager and clitoral stimulator. This massager is portable, discreet, versatile, and packs a powerful punch. The long lasting rechargable battery allows for hours of play when and where you want to, without the constraints of power cords or drained batteries.

If you have a few bucks and you like intense vibrations, this massager is totally worth picking up. It's quiet, powerful, does its job, and is discreet. Also, you won't be attached to the wall by any cords, or have to worry about finding fresh batteries. I didn't expect much from this thing, but I was really impressed. It's fun for your whole body

This would be a pretty nice vibrator; powerful, lightweight, discreet and rechargeable. But, it has one fatal flaw. It is the loudest vibrator I have ever encountered.

The Wahl Mini Rechargeable Wand is an absolute heart breaker for me. There are so many points where it excels light years beyond its massager peers, and yet there are points where it fails quite miserably. So miserably that my Wahl Mini is essentially useless to me and I am now on the hunt for a friend that can put it to better use. For some this ferocious power house of a massager may be a heaven sent, but for me it's pure torture.

Got a knot in your shoulder? Grab the Wahl. Headache? Grab the Wahl. Can't sleep and figure a quick O will knock you out? Grab the Wahl. This toy is just so versatile it is a must have for everyone.

The little sister of the classic WAHL massager packs a punch in a smaller size. Still not the prettiest vibe, but it's quite discreet and is far more portable than many strong massagers. Deep, strong vibrations won my heart instantly! Add in the rechargeable aspect and it's a solid, classic massager that delivers amazing pleasure.

No really it's just a shoulder massager mom, you know for all those cold lonely nights when I just need to relax. Who would even think of taking a muscle massager and putting it down there? Oh, you and Dad have one? TMI Mom, TMI.

The Wahl Mini wand provides deep, rumble-y vibrations with the intensity of most massagers on low - which is still quite strong! - with none of the bulk. Discreet, it looks more like an electric toothbrush than a sex toy and is rechargeable, so you are not tied to an outlet when in use. Multiple heads provide varying sensations, exquisite for genital use and all over body massage.

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