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Astrovibes Pisces

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Traditional vibrator - Astrovibes Pisces - view #1 Traditional vibrator - Astrovibes Pisces - view #2 Traditional vibrator - Astrovibes Pisces - view #3
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
4 bees


Astrovibes Pisces takes on the stars, the planets, and your birthday and bundles them all together in order to create the perfect toy. Choose the toy under your sign or do what I did, cheat and get the most interesting looking one. Either way, you're bound to be rocketed into a world of new sensations as Fun Factory has stumbled upon a hit toy line which promises a plethora of sensation. So go ahead, look up at the stars and then down at the Astrovibes, it's time for some astrological fun!


100% Silicone, Strong Vibes, Large, Fun texture.


Not waterproof, Loud.

Best use:

Fun Factory has certainly come up with a good idea; a vibe built for your astrological sign. Now, I'm not a Pisces, but Leo was not available and the fish shape of Pisces intrigued me. It didn't look so lifelike that it would be odd for me. Instead, it looked as if it would provide me with interesting texture. Plus, who doesn't think that pairing astrology with pleasure is fun? I know I do!

The Astrovibe is intended for both clit and vaginal stimulation. It will not stimulate the g spot and should never be used for anal since it does not have a flared base. While the toy looks pretty simple by the picture, it packs a punch when inserted from its many grooves and girth and may be suitable for advanced users; beginners could use the vibe for clit stimulation while working themselves up to a larger girth. I am a seasoned toy user and this was a little uncomfortable upon first insertion. It doesn't happen to me often, but take my word for it, go slowly with this toy. Slow and steady will pay off.

The Astrovibe is suitable for both solo and couple play. Use it alone to spice up masturbation or use it with a partner to get things going. If you want to get really wild, and you're into intense double penetration, you can use this toy vaginally with either a butt plug or a penis and have an awesome, mind blowing ride. The vibes carry so well that even your partner should be able to feel them.
  • Material / Texture:

    Fun Factory prides itself in making many of their toys out of high quality, medical grade silicone. Silicone toys are safe to use, should not cause allergic reactions, and are inhospitable places for bacteria. The Astrovibe is silky smooth with a soft, squishy tip converging into a hard inner core. Basically, the outer portion of the vibe is very pliable and pleasant, while the inner portion is just hard enough to make insertion comfortable and easy. The base of the vibe consists only of the battery compartment which is hard plastic.

    Fun Factory guarantees that the toy has no odor what so ever. I hate to say it, but my toy does have a slight odor. Nothing offensive though. The smell is kind of like a new doll. Even so, the vibe is tasteless which is a plus. I can't say I will be putting this fish in my mouth much, if at all, but a tasteless toy is always a turn on.

    Eden says that this toy is swirled. That's a pretty darn good description. The head of the toy is, well, the head of a fish. It has two raised eyes on either side of the head, and two gill plaits. It does not have a mouth, therefor it is not entirely lifelike. It's really designed to give stimulation. When the two eyes face outward, the dildo stretches the vagina wide and provides intense, new stimulation to the sides of the vaginal walls. This is surprisingly toe curling and could even be too intense for women who do not want a lot of stimulation. Next, two deep, grooved swirls run down from the gill plates to the base of the shaft or body in this case. These provide the upper and lower walls of the vagina with gentle stimulation. Turn the fish on its side and you have gentle stimulation to the upper and lower areas. I don't know why, but using the fish right side up makes for very intense stimulation.

    Finally, unlike my other silicone toys, this toy is a hair magnet. Also the silicone has bumpy imperfections around the toy, which might cause irritation. I personally didn't experience any, but you might want to cover this toy with a condom.

    Material safety
    Ribbed / Smooth
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Astrovibe is 8 inches head to well, where the tail would be with seven and a half of those inches being insertable length. This is a big one! Circumference ranges from 4 1/4 to 5 1/4 inches from head to base. This is truly a really big fish. For those of you who aren't used to larger toys you might have to work yourself up to this one.

    Upon first glance, a person really shouldn't know what this vibe is. It just looks odd. Give them a few seconds though, and they'll figure it out. Don't worry, you can store it in a drawer, toy box, or even under the bed. I keep mine in the clam shell case it came in just to keep it safe. Also, because the toy is sturdy it is suitable for travel but be forewarned, it is loud. Probably not something you want to take with you to the in-laws. A hotel room should be fine though.

    Insertable length:
    1 5/8"
    11.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Astrovibe takes two AA batteries. Just unscrew the cap, put one battery in positive side up and the other negative side up, and screw the cap right back on. The controls are a simple twist dial. Turn the dial to turn the unit on. The unit starts on the lowest speed, which is a strong, loud vibration that travels through the entire shaft. Silicone seems to be a wonderful conductor of vibes. The bullet though, is located at the head of the toy, where the vibrations are the strongest. The next two speeds are medium and high. High provides intense vibrations and is extremely loud. You'll want to make sure you're alone or have some music handy to drown out the vibrating hum of the toy. Sadly, this toy is not waterproof which means that, even though it is silicone, it cannot be sterilized.

    Special Features:
    • Free samples
    • Multispeed
    Control type:
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Because this vibe is not waterproof it cannot be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher or boiled. So much for the wonders of silicone. If you intend to share, cover this toy with a condom. To clean, wash with a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water but be sure not to get the control unit wet. I clean mine with toy cleaner just to be on the safe side. Because the toy is silicone it cannot come into contact with other silicone products, therefor store it away from other toys. I use the plastic clam shell the toy came in to keep it separate. Finally, never use silicone lubes with this toy as it will break down the material.

  • Packaging:

    The Astrovibe Pisces came in a study cardboard window box with the toy nestled inside a plastic clam shell casing. The back of the box contains two magnetized flaps which provide information on the toy in four different languages. Tucked inside is a pamphlet detailing the other products Fun Factory sells and a sample of their lube Toy Fluid which is ultra slippery and long lasting.

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