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Elegance is a beautiful and high quality luxury vibrator that's made of 100% silicone and plastic. Its control pad is easy-to-use, and its vibrations rumble throughout the entire length of the vibrator, giving a great amount of pleasure. Elegance is also rechargeable, meaning that you can use it over and over again without the hassle of batteries. Perfection? I believe that it's been achieved.


Classy, rumble-y and hard vibrations, good size, easy-to-use control pad, rechargeable.


Has a small seam (cannot be felt in use, though).

Best use:

Elegance is an insertable vibrator that has a bulbed shaft that's of a pleasing length and girth. Its vibrations are meant to stimulate the user internally, and they do their job well of doing just that. There are a few beautifully placed notches along the shaft, and they're mainly there for looks—they do not give any extra stimulation. Elegance can also be used for clitoral stimulation and teasing.

I would definitely recommend this for people new to using vibrators who are wanting to get something longer lasting and rechargeable. It's also an excellent buy for people that are extremely experienced who like rumbly, high vibrations.
  • Material / Texture:

    The insertable portion of Elegance is made of a velvety smooth silicone that has some drag to it in use. There are some that like this, and others that do not—if you prefer your toys to glide more easily, then you will not like Elegance. But if you enjoy your toys to have a bit of pull when used, then you'll love it. There is a seam around the silicone, but it cannot be felt in use; it's very discreet.

    It's a fairly firm silicone, but since it is just a layer, I was not able to really tell. The layer sits over the plastic inside, so it's not flexible at all.

    Silicone has no smell, and no taste, which is great for people new to using vibrators or even those that are extremely experienced, as they'll both appreciate that it does not stink up their other toys.

    Material safety
    Ribbed / Velvety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The vibrator is a slightly curvaceous toy, with an average sized insertable portion that has a filling end and a thinner shaft. It's not phallic at all, but it's still internally pleasing and great for opening a person up and rubbing against their g-spot. Its end does not taper much, so it's a bit big at first as it's pushed in, but once it's in, it feels great.

    It has a total length of 9", with 5 3/4" being insertable. The girth at the tip of the toy is about 1.5" in diameter, and the shaft has a diameter of 1 1/4". Elegance's control pad takes up about a third of the length of the vibrator, so it's very easy to grip, and also easy to sift through while it's in use.

    Insertable length:
    5 3/4"
    4 1/2"
    1 3/8"
    19.7 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    To turn the vibrator on, simply press the "+" button. You can either go through the different levels by pressing the "+" or "-" buttons, or you can hold them down for a little while to give a smoother transition. There are two arrow buttons, an up and a down, which cycle through the different pulsation and area vibrations. All of the buttons are extremely easy to press, but when Elegance is in use, it's rare that it's pressed accidentally.

    There are fifteen (or more, I lost count) levels of vibration, ranging from a low rumble (that's still fairly pleasing) to a high buzzing rumble that's extremely strong. There are five different patterns to use: the regular buzzing, which resonates through the entire vibrator, a pin-point vibration in the vibrator's tip, rumbly vibrations through the shaft of the toy, and two buzzing vibration patterns, one with a long buzz and short buzz, and another with short, fast pulsating vibrations.

    Elegance is not a very loud vibrator, but its sound matches its intensity. It's not too loud that it can be heard from miles away, but it's also not extremely quiet. The vibrator should not be submerged in water, as it's only "splash proof." I do not recommend putting it in the tub or pool.

    The fast pulsating vibration, on a mid-range speed, was my play partner's favorite. It was good for teasing, leading up to the "main event." Some people might feel that the medium speeds are extremely strong and numbing, and others might feel that the highest levels are too soft. It's a very subjective toy. For my girl, she liked it, so it was just right.

    Elegance charges by a set of two cords, one that can be plugged into a USB port, and another that has a USB port inside of it that then plugs into a wall. You cannot use Elegance while you're charging, sadly, but it does have a short charging time.

    Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Light indicators
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Splashproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Elegance is extremely low maintenance, which is great considering its high price-point and its luxury status. Because it's made of silicone, it can be shared between partners and orifices safely without the worry of transmitting disease, so long as it's sanitized beforehand. Though it's silicone, I do not feel that the three ways of cleaning silicone apply—you will not want to boil this, as the inside mechanism may become faulty or stop working. Instead, clean it by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution or using a toy cleaner (toy cleaner won't sanitize it for use between partners, but it is sufficient for cleaning).

    Using water-based lubricant is the best choice for this vibrator.

    You can store Elegance in its original packaging, or you can store it in the pouch that comes with it, away in a drawer, chest, or toy box. It can be placed anywhere and remain safe; I do not, however, recommend putting it in a damp place—keep it somewhere dry.

  • Packaging:

    The vibrator comes in a two-level box, the upper level holding the vibrator itself and the lower level holding the chargers and the instructional guide. Elegance sits in a nicely padded, velvety area. The lower level, which is a pull-out drawer, hold the other, less important pieces. Also sitting in there is a velvety smooth pouch, that's good for holding Elegance during travel.

    The box is made of a hard, firm cardboard, that displays the company's name as well pictures of Elegance—this means that it isn't very discreet, but it is a lovely package to give someone as a gift. I noticed that it does not close fully, however, but it is still safe for storage. The instructional guide that it comes with makes owning Elegance very easy, and tells how to use Elegance, how long to charge it for, and how much play one charge will give.

  • Personal comments:

    This is my first rechargeable vibrator, and I was so happy that it's able to be charged by USB port. This means that not only can I use it after charging it a while from being on the computer, but I can charge it WHILE I write this very review (which I did, mind you).

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