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Extase Elegance

Traditional vibrator by Extase

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A luxurious prepper's internal pleaser!

The only traditional USB rechargeable vibe, having a wall adapter on the top of that - but oh my, I am in love with its packaging the most!

With a motor in each end its rather unusual patterns give a unique sensation, as only the power levels change in the heads. It could be a little bit stronger though, and not being fully waterproof just adds to the disappointment I had every single time of using it because of the design!

An almost excellent vroomer, but still mighty wonderful! 4 stars!
USB rechargeable off the grid vibe, Material, Lockable, Most exquisite packaging, Unique patterns
Could be a bit stronger, Shape and ridges may be uncomfortable without lubricant, Only splashproof
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extremely useful review


Extase Elegance is the only USB rechargeable traditional vibe, and that was enough reason for me to rush away and grab one quick after I got to know this fact! Oh wait, I would have got it with a thousand similar ones anyway!

I also can't brush the enthusiasm away that I have never seen such a gorgeous packaging before, and it can set your standards up quite high after you have delicately unpacked this graceful beauty from its impeccably elegant storage case!

Indeed, it is a traditional vibe only, because the vrooms seem to be way too weak for clitoral pleasures, at least when it comes to my starving spot. It's a comfortable G-arouser, with its cozy rounded head. And did you know it has a motor in each end? Though you could hardly use the bottom end for insertion because of the placing of the control buttons, it still creates a unique sensation!

I do think both beginners and advanced pleasure toy lovers would be crazy for this one of a kind beauty, though I personally don't like the shape of the shaft rather reminding you of an egg inside your flesh. The ridged texturing also adds to the unusual sensations on your spot, and may mean some uncomfortable drag if you don't have enough wetness inside, naturally or with lubricants. These little things determined so much how often I've been using this loveliness that I wanted to drop in these little details, so you already know two main reasons why to think twice if you really want to obtain one!
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Extase Elegance is made of level 10 safety pure silicone and level 8 safety hard plastic - both completely non-porous, food-grade, hypo-allergenic, and latex and phthalates free. The plastic parts have no smell and taste, and the velvety smooth, just a little less peachy silicone smells totally like perfume! It is the most wonderful toy smell you could imagine, with barely any taste of the always pleasant silicone.

This simple beauty revels in that scentful smoothness over the bottom half, but the top half is enriched with the texture of quite deep ridges! And as I barely ever use any lubes, it can be quite an uncomfortable experience for ladies with similar habits! That shape adds to such "risks", and I have been growling quite a lot because of that head being a pain to drag out of my flesh for an easier thrusting! Imagine it with muscles gripping around anything hard like a snake, and that ridged thing is trying to take your flesh with itself as you are doing your best to enjoy some internal moves! Oh gods, it is really unpleasant!

Because of this listen to my advice: LOTS of lube or advanced love for highly textured heads! Because these ridges line up horizontally, as you may have guessed already.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This interesting design makes this beauty a special looking beauty. Because you could call it as gorgeous looking as the packaging is, but there must also be some of you out there who dislike something in the look of the head, but unable to describe what it really is. Certainly an art of creation, fitting purrrrrrfectly for femme fatales of old times!

This is embodied in a surprisingly long size, which has the following measurements:

total length: 9 inches
insertable length: 5 3/4 inches
diameter: 1 1/8 inches - 1 3/8 inches

1 3/8 inches of diameter is slightly smaller than the classical 1 1/2 inches, being a better choice for beginners. The other reason is that the diameter increases gradually towards the head, making it rather a bulged G-head than an uncomfortable size. Beginners may take the next step towards average sized pleasure items, as long as they keep themselves to the advice mentioned in the previous section. Size queens may think of this design rather as a "thicker necked bullety shaped" vibe - so, conclusion: it will fit pretty much anyone.

You could hardly hide this long, obvious looking object of delight away, and the cover of the packaging is needed to keep everything dry and safe. Unless you use the provided pouch for such purposes! A pouch could still be something what too curious people want to have a closer look at, but you can avoid it all by crafting a little "lid" to replace the cover with all the vibe pictures on it! (To tell the truth W/we don't have such problems here, as nobody comes over, for O/our greatest delight, so W/we don't have to hide away any of O/our toys.)

With this big ol' vroomer traveling is manageable only as long as you can find enough space for it, rather supposed to slide into a suitcase or backpack. I still call it travel friendly, because as long as you have a laptop or emergency radio with yourself, you can charge it in the middle of nowhere if you want to! And who wouldn't have a solar charger for the cherished laptop handy (they are truly affordable nowadays!), or a solar charged emergency radio only for the sake of those precious, precious vroomers! This one single reason makes Extase Elegance to be an excellent off the grid vibe, and so far: the only off the grid traditional vibrator! (Unless you count in the jack plug traditional vibes, which can run on the Solar Bullet's engine. There are more here, on EF, than you knew about!)
    • Beginner
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Extase Elegance is lockable, and who wouldn't be in love with such precious vroomers?

I don't remember if I read it anywhere that the charging does anything with that function, and there is nothing in the manual about it either. So all you have to know is that you lock and unlock it the same way. You see 4 buttons, being an arrow on the top and an arrow on the bottom, and a - and + on the sides. You push and hold the two arrows pressed to use this blessing. The manual says that you do this for 5 seconds, but in my experience it is rather 3 seconds only, if not 4.

Having it unlocked you can turn this loveliness on by hitting +, which also increases the speed as long as you keep it pushed long enough. (A brief hit is enough only to turn it on, and will barely do anything to increase the speed.) The other button, - will decrease speed, and you have to hold it pressed and wait for it to reach the lowest speed to turn off finally. (Just a quick note: in the case of Bimini Ocean you have to push - once more to turn it off finally. This ISN'T the case with Extase Elegance - just so you know it.)

The two arrows are to change the patterns, and it is quite the joyful fact that you can always jump back to the previous pattern with the bottom arrow, instead of having to go through them with one button only. These patterns by the way are more to determine the power of constant vibration in the two heads instead of giving you countless forms of pulsation and cats' and dogs' ears.

These cool options are:

1. stronger vibration in head
2. stronger vibration in the bottom
3. slow (rather fast) jumping of stronger vibration between the heads back and forth
4. fast (rather rapid) jumping of stronger vibration between the heads back and forth
5. equal power in both heads

Of course both motors are running all the time, just the level of vrooms changes between the heads as you go through the patterns. They create a unique sensation, which makes you feel something more than the locations of the vrooms changing! The neck (better to say, shaft, aka all the rest between the two heads) has the power a little weaker than the heads, and that must be the final part of the method to top the experience off so you really don't know where the vrooms are running around! It took quite a while for me, having to sit down and just check this beauty out in my hands, to find out how this whole pattern thing is going.

You also want to know that Extase Elegance doesn't have a memory chip inside to remember the last pattern used, so it always starts with the very first listed pattern on the lowest speed!

This dark beauty (at least mine, the matte dark gray lady) is only splashproof, so you DON'T want to take it into the shower with yourself! This isn't the best news for us, rabid power queens, because nor the all in all deep and rumbly vrooms balance this disadvantage. Not that I care much about my pleasure toys being waterproof, but the wee bit weaker kind of level 4 vrooms should give you the bliss of wetter delights at least! But hush up about it DreamWolf, because this is still a mighty satisfying, USB rechargeable(!) pleasure vibe!

And let's not forget about the noise level, which isn't as terrible in this elegant beauty. It can definitely be heard through covers, but not through a closed door! In return for your acceptance, you can enjoy various sounds to remind you of different motor noises! I know, it sounds funny as hell - but at least I am goofy enough to enjoy what others can't stand at all! (Ok, I find them funky enough too...)
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

May I go on with charging info before anything else...

The blessing of USB charging is evident, and even more by the details I mentioned before, about solar charging. You gently open the white little silicone cap covering the charging hole in the bottom, "ehem" that butt with the charging cord, and plug the USB plug into your computer let's say. Your machine doesn't recognize it as a new device, and why would it do such a thing, being good as it is. An initial charge is needed for rechargeable vibes, so you may leave it in for no longer than 24 hours! After the first charge 3 hours will be enough in the future, for 4 hours of the most delicious delights!

You also want to know that a wall adapter comes with this delicate beauty as well, to plug the USB plug into the adapter, then plug the adapter into your electricity.

Lovely lights are your guide all the time, and they indicate several things for this loveliness. White lights are slowly flashing for all 4 buttons when your Extase Elegance is being charged, and they also light up from dimming to strong or from strong to dimming glow when you unlock or lock the precious. Red lights show you when the battery is low, and the manual says that it will continue its operation in that case for 1 more minute! Then, as I assume, it turns off, and any time you press a button it will glow red until it gets its yummmy charge to feel all good and ready to please you again. I do remember that it got drained once, but to tell the truth I can't recall if it went exactly like that. But no worries, because as you see it will work juuuuuust fine, though I can't find any info in the manual or on the official site on topics like: if you have to drain it before putting it on the charger, if it can be overcharged - and I had to find out by my experience that it can be charged in locked mode what unlocks the vibe.

Extase Elegance has the standby time of 90 days, so you don't have to worry about putting it away for later spontaneous uses.

As you don't insert any of the plastic parts you have to know only about the silicone body, which can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner, thoroughly and VERY carefully, as it is NOT waterproof, just splashproof! Cleaning is a little bit of a pain in my opinion by the way, because I never liked digging in ridges. Cast me out if that's a sin.

This elegant beauty can handle water-based lubricants only, so forget about any other substances!

I have been storing it in its original package and always will, because it is just TOO GORGEOUS not to use!
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Oh my God, I like it better than the vibe itself!!!

I was probably trembling in my joyfully surprised enthusiasm as I was slowly, carefully exploring all of the tiny bits and parts of the packaging and what it hides inside! (And I am breaking the sections up, just to represent the excitement a little bit!)

After lifting off the main cover, being white, with pictures of the precious and basic info in black and silver fonts, you get to the most wonderful parts!

A pretty solid, dark grayish black hard paper box follows that shiny hard paper cover, and you notice the precious first, nestling in the top in a vaguely rock hard, glittering, dark gray foam shape.

Happily recognizing the precious, your eyes rush to check out what that satiny soft, shiny handle pulls out.

You have the little drawer slide out, and open its cover by the satiny handle.

You discover a white hard paper envelope on the left, a USB charging cord in the center hole, and a wall adapter in the right hole. Everything formed of the same foam in the most proper sizing for their contents!

Opening the envelope you find a thick, multi-lingual manual of darker, thin paper. The languages are: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and (as far as I may recognize the characters properly) Chinese and Japanese. (But it may be the other way, though I really doubt it, and I also wondered for a moment if the first language was Korean, and the second Chinese if not Japanese - but after remembering the subtitles of Korean movies W/we LOVE just like Chinese and Japanese movies, I just convinced myself now that they are, like I thought first, Chinese and then Japanese!)

Arriving to the last moments of your exploration, you find a white paper ringed, gray, leathery rough velvet pouch imprinted with the brand name and the flower emblem, and a little booklet with all of the Extase products. (More are around already, but I can't find some old ones on the official site - shame on you Extase!) It has some self-advertising text in each language of the manual, plus Russian and a Scandinavian-or-so language. (Holland, Finnish? I don't know to tell the truth...)

It is just a pleasure to pull the little drawer out each time, and I just put everything back as they arrived every single time I happen to need them! Indulging in such silly pleasures I just can't make myself change this habit, and will use this package forever and ever, until the end of the world, and I bet you will want to do so as well!

And who wouldn't want to receive a pleasure toy gift in this most gorgeous way? Don't forget about a more casual wrapping first (to hide the top cover's pictures and texts), and about letting the chosen person know that (s)he is going to receive a pleasure toy, so nobody will see it when the wonderful packaging is being discovered! And holy cows, you either rush or take your time with it, for me it was an exquisite experience of reveling in the beauty of tasteful presentation and dedication to show only the very best! It almost makes me shake my head why other manufacturers don't care that much about the packaging! Indeed, the content is what matters. But some of us just like to tune the senses to delicious moments of pleasure awaiting, and such tiny things can give an entire atmosphere to the experience, to make it entirely different and much more pleasurable! I think others should learn from the packaging style of Extase, commended and recommended!
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I would like to mention here that I didn't say anything about the use for hind pleasures.

Well, indeed, you can use this beauty for such delights, but there is one thing what weirds me out even just thinking of it! THE RIDGES. I know that with an acceptable level of hygiene you won't have to worry about unpleasant cleaning, and I do advise you to manage such things with an anal douche for example! It is your right to enjoy this beauty in any ways you want practically, but don't forget about it anyway, or just cover this vibe properly!

You also know that, with proper sanitizing of your toy, silicone is shareable, so you will be able to bask in its sweet pleasures with your precious one(s) or any nice person invited into your love nest.
    • All over body
    • Nipples
    • P-spot


Just like I told you before, the vroom patterns are pretty amazing, though the power could be stronger if it was designed for females like me, with an insatiable hunger for the force.

I also wonder why in the world it wasn't made waterproof, and the shape could be just a wee bit better. I mean, that thin neck, making that ridged head get stuck in my flesh...! That is pretty much the only reason why I have stayed away more from this lovely vibe than the frequency of enjoying it, and I save it for occasions when I know I won't have to worry about it getting gobbled in by my squeezing flesh! Like certain body positions for example, and a handy closeness of enough lubricants. (Speaking of which - I have used it only twice or three times, always without any lube!)

I just wish I could give it 5 stars, but that design, that design is so disappointing for this one that she can't rave about the dark beauty in her full enthusiasm!

I still say, GET ONE FOR YOURSELF, at least if you like to get prepared for everything like I do - because you can never have enough off the grid vroomers, and this one is the only traditional USB vibe! Yesss yesss gods dammit, only that single fact is too damned good to miss out on! It is worth all the points I spent on it (money on such a pricey toy - nah), and I wouldn't give it for all the treasures of the world! No way, my USB vroomer, only mine! You go and get yours if you so very much want one! Because mine is too precious, my only little USB vroomer, most special, most beautiful, mine and mine only!
    • Multiple settings
    • Not very discreet
Follow-up commentary
Though the shape combined with the drag of the texture is something I am not extremely comfortable with, this loveliness is still something I use once in a while! And who wouldn't want to own a USB traditional/G-spot vroomer?
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