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Power stud

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Traditional vibrator - Power stud - view #1 Traditional vibrator - Power stud - view #2 Traditional vibrator - Power stud - view #3 Traditional vibrator - Power stud - view #4 Traditional vibrator - Power stud - view #5 Traditional vibrator - Power stud - view #6
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
3 bees


This toy, although it's nothing new in shape and size, is a brilliant color, and best of all you can plug it in so you NEVER lose power! The vibrations are strong with a wide range of speeds, and it'd be a nice addition to any toy box.


Nice shape, great color, you can plug it in for constant power.


None, really.

Best use:

This vibrator is a more traditional type, meant for internal vaginal stimulation. It's an average size, maybe not for total beginners, but a wide variety of people should find this size comfortable and satisfying. This toy also works for broad-area clitoral stimulation if you do not like pinpoint vibes, but it should not be used for anal despite the thicker area at the bottom - it's too tapered, and still has a danger of getting inside.
  • Material / Texture:

    This toy does initially have a bit of a scent - but it soon washes off, and it is not at all a strong scent. The toy is a normal cock shape, and it has lots of veins on the shaft. Otherwise, the finish is smooth. The material is firm enough for the veins to be felt, and they give a great realistic aspect to the toy. This texture is not prohibitively pronounced, and so it is fine for beginners and advanced users alike.

    TPE is safer than jelly, but it can't be sterilized - so use a condom if you want to share it with partners, or if you want to use it anally as well as vaginally. Keep in mind though, that it should not really be used anally.

    Material safety
    Textured head / Veined
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    This toy's design is simple and traditional. It's made to look like a cock, but that realism is broken by a bright, hot pink color. The shape is simply meant to provide general stimulation. It may hit the g-spots of some, and not others, due to personal anatomy. Like all vibrators, you can angle it up to hit your spot if you wish - but there are no curves or particularly innovative features within the shape itself. Fans of realistic toys will like this vibe, and the size is a good medium. Not too big for every day use, but not too small either.

    Due to the cord, this toy may not be easy to hide. You must also store it in a plastic bag due to the material, to ensure that it does not touch any other toys. The noise level is, however, discreet on many of the lower speeds. Obviously, the higher up you go the more noticeable the noise will be. Personally, I found this to be a quieter vibe and so in use, it is pretty discreet. TV or a fan could be used to cover it up easily, and it wont be heard by the entire house.

    7 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    4 3/4"
    1 3/8"
    0.5 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    There are no fancy functions to this toy- there is straight vibration, controlled by a dial, which gives you a wide range of speeds. The vibrations are a low-medium pitch, and located in the middle of the toy so that when it is inserted all the way they will stimulate the opening of the vaginal canal and carry easily to the tip of the toy.

    Because it is a dial base, it can be a little hard to turn while in use, but personally I prefer dial bases because they allow you to truly customize your speed rather than having just a few levels pre-set into the toy. As I mentioned before, this toy is not too loud. It's a toy you plug in, so it certainly had the potential to be, but it's no jackhammer. You could easily cover up the noise, and in use it is considerably quieter than when you are simply holding it out in front of you.

    Due to this toy being one you plug in, it is not waterproof and you should never, ever take it in the water or expose it to excess moisture.

    Special Features:
    • Multispeed
    Control type:
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    TPE is very easy to clean. However, before cleaning the toy, you must unplug it. Then, you can use soap and a damp washcloth (do not submerge this toy or soak it, use common sense here), toy cleaner, or a toy wipe.

    This toy should be stored in a plastic bag to keep it away from other toys and to keep it from gathering dust in between uses. It's compatible with silicone and water based lubricants, but oil may harm the material, so please don't use oil based lubes with this toy.

  • Packaging:

    The toy is packaged in a large, clear box with bright pink text to match the toy. It touts its special feature (that you plug it in rather than using batteries) proudly, and includes enough instructions on the package - but no further documentation is included.

    The toy and the plug come in a tray, with the cord coiled up and wrapped with a twist-tie. Getting the toy out of the tray can be a little tough, but if you have issues with it sticking, just turn it over and press against the depression in the tray to pop the toy out.

    While you can use the box to store things, I personally wouldn't. It is much larger than the toy itself, and takes up a large amount of space.

  • Personal comments:

    Personally, I like this toy a lot. I've always been a fan of the typical jelly cocks, and I love realistic toys. This toy feels great due to where the vibrations are located, and I was able to angle it to hit my g-spot easily. The veins and ridges gave great stimulation, and the material, although soft enough not to hurt, was just firm enough to really allow you to feel the texture.

    One of my favorite aspects of this toy has to be the color. It's such a fantastically pink color that it's almost obscene. When I was wiping the toy off, even in the dim lighting of my room I found myself ogling it as the light passed through the toy and made a beautiful pink hue on whatever was behind it. It's really amazing how clear and bright the material is, and it almost makes the toy look like some form of crystal, but it's still deliciously soft and squishy.

    As someone who's running out of batteries, the fact that you can plug it in was a pleasant surprise to me. That also means the power will never wane or die out in use, as long as your area doesn't lose power (if that happens, you'd be really unlucky). The vibrations are plenty strong enough for me, and they have a good thrum to them that really works well for internal use. The dial base also allows you to set it to whatever speed you want, and it's not too easy to change so you don't have to worry about accidentally turning it off in use. The ridges on the dial base are pronounced enough that, should you want to change it, it would be easy to do even if things got a little slick - but please be careful about how slick things get. This toy is, after all, something that is plugged into a constant stream of electricity.

    I personally couldn't find any cons with this toy. While it's not the most elaborate thing I own, I liked it a lot - a lot more than I was expecting to, for a couple of reasons...

  • Experience:

    ..One of those reasons being that it kinda resembles my partner in shape and size, so it was really easy for me to get into a fantasy with this toy. It's also not too big for me to use every day, nor too loud. In use, it was almost silent, but please keep in mind I'm not the type of girl to rev the toy's motor - I don't like tons of vibration for internal use, so your experience will be a bit different if you do want to keep the throttle wide open.

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