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The might of power to use anytime!

This is the only vibe out there which is electric, has a perfectly usable traditional shape, with the classical size and with additional textures to make you drop your chin! The squishy but firm material adjusts to your flesh, giving you most delicious pleasure times with its deeply penetrating body!

I am soooooooooooooooooo much in LOVE with it, form poured into TPE perfection! Worth your attention and deserves all your love!
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Everybody knows how a traditional vibe is; it's long, it's shaped to be comfortable for you, and it takes batteries, or it is rechargeable. But who has heard about sheer electric pleasures in the shape of a traditional vibe!

Nope, this isn't the same as just having a Hitachi Magic Wand or something similar, and putting an attachment on it so it is almost like electric internal delight!

The Power Stud is embodied bliss of plug-in-force!

The large silver bullet hiding in the squishy pinkness is the motor for the power you crave, in more than just one speed or two! Its size is to satiate your flesh's craving for the right shape and right amount of force - and as long as you don't mind the lack of patterns, the porous material and the fact that it isn't portable, you will find the sweetest pleasures in such a classical pleasure object with a new way to enjoy it!

If you have tried a traditional vibe with such a size (being most average) then you already know you will love the hell out of it! And if you haven't, then this is the right starter, with its soft ability to bend a little, not being too rigid and unforgiving!
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    • Anal
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    • Kegels

Material / Texture

The mildly veined, pink, electric squishiness is made of TPE, which has the level 6 rate in material safety.

Being porous, you want to make sure that you use it only vaginally, and if you intend to try it the other way, or share it with someone, then you have to cover it with a condom or toy cover!

When you receive your lovely Power Stud, you will smell a kind of chemical smell which I couldn't call unpleasant in any ways, especially because it is very subtle. But those who are weirded out by such things may worry that such a slight smell will ruin their enthusiasm. (It isn't even close to the horrifying smell of the Power G by the way, the little curvy sibling startling anyone with a nose on her/his head!)
The taste is something I can't really decide: if I don't taste anything, or if there is a matching flavor to the subtle smell. And of course it can always happen that your mind is just fooling around with you, and because of the thought put into your head because of the smell, you happen to experience a similar taste. Undecided, and it doesn't bother me as well.

The veins along the shaft make the realistic design complete, not being too many or too large, to assure you about a joyfully comfortable use. The smooth and somewhat tacky lint magnet, TPE, is another question though, because I am not entirely sure if I am experiencing the same strange irritation I noticed with the Power G. In that case, if it wasn't only my mind telling me that the material is as frightening as its smell, my sensitive hands seemed not to like to touch it as much. It happens with household chemicals. I am just wondering if it is being Power Stud now, or only the fact that I have just done the dishes a few minutes ago. I wanted to add this anyway, because this wouldn't be the first case that we hear about irritating TPE.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

The wonderfully flexible and oh so delightfully squishy Power Stud (oh, I just can't rave enough about its squishiness!) looks almost like a real male flesh.

It has the arousing veins, the so beloved ridges under the head, and oh the head, being somewhat small but looking so much like a real, lickable, yummmmmmy, precious member...!!! The lower part of the shaft is mighty bulbous, and you couldn't call any of those bumps balls - but they still remind you of what you are supposed to be dreaming away about when you are enjoying this pink heavenly electric beauty! There are two equally larger bumps where testicles would be in a real case, and on the other side there is a smaller bump hanging out.

The ballsy base has a minimum of three major advantages!

The first advantage is the most obvious and most blessed part of the lower half: it can prevent the vibe from slipping up into your rear flesh accidentally, being more than purrrfect for anal use for those who crave such pleasures! (But be sure anyway that you don't gobble it all up in your big enthusiasm.)

The second possible advantage is the smaller bump to hit your sweetest spot. You may wonder how in the world it could mean anything enjoyable, especially looking at the proud length of your electric pleasurer. Well, I thought that as well, until I gave in to revel in the pleasures of such a finely shaped delight! Though I didn't experience any particular enjoyable sensations by it, but my flesh swallowing the full insertable length in, I had to find myself surprised of how much it demands to take in such a joy! I was using other clitoral vibes swapped around for more pleasure, but there are ladies out there who find plenty of fun in such a tiny bump, not really needing any vibrations in there.

The third advantage of the bumps may be surprising for those who haven't got addicted to such ways of enjoying toys yet: the two larger "mini testicles" can arouse your rear flesh, and just by touching something to it you can increase your delight tremendously!

I bet there are several more reasons why such a design is such a lovely idea, but at the moment I wouldn't like to be sitting here, thinking to find more. With more uses I will find it out anyway!

The large silver bullet nestles under the ridges of the head, with a wire going down to the base, of course. The bottom of Power Stud has a brighter pink shade, made of level 8 safety non-porous plastic, and if you face the two large bumps then the entry for the electric wire is on the left, right above the twist bottom control.

To let you know, dear readers, the exact measurements of this lovely wonderful vibe, here they are:

overall length: 7 3/4 inches
insertable length: 4 5/8 inches (unless you take in the bumps some or all of it - with bumps: 6 5/8 inches)
length of bullet: 1 7/8 inches
diameter: 1 1/4-1 1/2 inches (shaft), 2 1/8 inches (bumps)

As you read, the size is your average 1 1/2 inches of diameter, which is supposed to be perfect for anyone, unless you have a different preference.

I can't say that you couldn't travel with such a vibe easily, especially because the plug in quality lets you use in anywhere with electricity. But as it isn't a small and discreet vibe, it really depends on it if you can find enough space and, if needed, camouflage to carry it with yourself. And of course the same goes for storing it in your cozy, toasty, beloved home. As long as the chosen spot is DRY (this is an electric vibe, remember, it is NOT waterproof at all!), anything does for the Power Stud. But be sure to keep it separated from other toys, so no unwanted chemical reactions will occur while it is hanging out with your other cherished precious toys. A pouch or wrapping is always a good way to manage it.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play
    • Realistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

It couldn't be easier to control a traditional vibe than with the good old twist bottom. From low to high speed you have full control over what level of power you wish to experience - all the pleasures in the form of electric bliss.

After plugging the wire into the vibe, then electricity, you just turn the speed the desired way, feeling most of the vrooms in the area of the bullet nestling inside. As the TPE of this vibe is very soft, it isn't supposed to lead the vibrations so strongly over the entire toy, giving more focused power at your G-spot. The squishiness also means that, at least when you squeeze the shaft at various spots, at the bullet you will feel more thickness. It is wonderfully corrected by the creators of this lovely vibe, because below the bullet level the shaft is surprisingly stiff and stable! This results in a greater softness only in the still firm enough, smaller head.

Like I said, in practice Power Stud is a bendable vibe.
But as there is nothing to mention such an ability in the description, it's better to remain with the theory, and not abuse this pink pleaser more than what it was made for. When you bend it, you will see the bullet moving too, little air bubbles wiggling in the tightness between the bullet and the TPE. So now you know that you don't want to break or ruin the wire accidentally - indeed, it's better to enjoy it without any additional bending.

It is pretty obvious that a plug in electric vibe isn't waterproof, no matter what. And it also means that you want to avoid any kind of moisture at the base and the wire as much as possible, to avoid electric shock and/or ruining of your precious vibe.

The vrooms travel along the shaft well enough to be noticeable, but you bet it is way stronger right around the bullet as said before. The force isn't earthshaking, but powerful enough to be satisfying. I have tried it on my sweetest spot as well, and because of the incredible power I mostly need, I do use the bullet area. This means that it will be a good pinpoint stimulator only for the more sensitive users, but with the broader side it can be useful for anyone who enjoys such a method. (And I would like to stick in that I haven't tried it anally yet, so you will have to wait until the follow-up review, if I ever get to such ways of using it with my wimpy flesh.)

The noise of Power Stud holds a very nice surprise for you! Though it is quite loud when you have it in your hand on max speed, just by placing it on your lap, (tested with fluffy-fuzzy cushy robe now), the noise level drops immensely so that I can barely hear it. I can't hear anything when the heat is going in the room. As I remember it is the same experience in actual use - oh yep, I remember now: I was always worried that I turned it off accidentally, because it was so incredibly quiet! With the radio (on normal volume) and clitoral vibe on, I could hear NOTHING at all!

And, speaking of which, here comes one part I found somewhat uncomfortable.

As I was basking in the delights of such a fantastic little pleasure toy, my hungry flesh just swallowing all the insertable length up, I was a little bit worried about the bottom part of Power Stud. No need to say, wetness was keeping everything juicy and slippery, and there is no way not to have the wire near your flesh somehow! I found a pretty comfy angle to hold the bottom, cradling the wire with my thumb, but I kept on having to be very cautious not to thrust it deeper into myself in the more vigorous moments. You can tell, nothing bad has happened: I am still alive and happy, and my wonderful precious vibe is healthy and jolly by my side too - but I bet that the same worries will be lurking around every time I use this lovely one.

The second uncomfortable part was related to the controlling, because the twist bottom has less drag on the lower levels, and more only after a certain speed!

Now imagine yourself. Reveling in the most wonderful pleasures, about to gobble your new lovely toy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall up, and just having a hell of a fun time with the radio on and with the greatest enthusiasm! And then you have to look down at your vibe, pull it out a wee bit for a moment, and check it out if it is still on the highest speed.

Then you of course find out that, hell yes, that gods-damned thing got twisted lower, so you crank it up again. Then after a few minutes you do the same routine, because you aren't entirely sure. With the senses of the different spots of your flesh melting into a wild, mystically united pleasure, (where such a pleasure comes from exactly), and if you are still having your internal vibe running or if you are just giving yourself up to the mind-blowing clitoral bliss in oblivion! Pleasure isn't only sacredness, but science too - so you stop again for a moment, and turn your vibe to the highest speed again to maintain the technical internal stimulation (oh gods, pull the ears of the designers for making such a sensitive control, changing without intention!), and go on knowing that it will damned surely happen for a few more times until you can finally rejoice and settle down!

Yes, oh gods, pull those ears good enough, because pleasure is supposed to be sheerly uninterrupted!

This is pretty much the only part I don't like about this wonderful piece of electric art I would just squeeeeeeeeeeze into my soul and cherish about to choke it! It doesn't make me give it one less star though, because some things take some practice, and young hungry females have all the time in the world to master such arts!
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power

Care and Maintenance

TPE is a porous material, so you want to use it by yourself and vaginally only, or use a toy cover or condom for anal pleasures and for sharing, like stated before. You also want to avoid anything than water-based lubricants, as TPE can handle only that type.

Cleaning consists of your casual warm water and mild soap or water-based toy cleaner method. Just always be VERY careful not to get the electric parts wet, because of the already mentioned obvious reasons in the case of an electric vibe. Storing needs the same cautions. Myself, I am keeping it in the original package until I am done with all the reviewing. After that I will grab a fitting pouch for a safe storage.

Electricity by the way... There is no info anywhere on the package if Power Stud should run maximum for 20 minutes, but we know by other electric vibes that that is the suggested time to use such toys. I must confess (with the shyest blushing) though, that I am I sure I have used it for way more than 20 minutes, probably for a little more than a half hour. Nothing scary happened, it didn't even really get hot enough to make me wonder if I was getting it overheated - but I do advise you to stick to the unwritten rule, and just keep it under 20 minutes. You know what? Get another Power Stud too, that is twice the length of yummmmmmy electric pleasure! (Should I say, Hitachi Magic Wand info says it needs 25 minutes of rest after 20 minutes of use - in case you want to be using your electric vibe for a mighty long pleasure time, you better have three of them, so you won't have to skip those 5 minutes of the hour!)
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance


California Exotic Novelties style, without the barely dressed pussies, errr, ladies.

The half-transparent plastic box has a picture on the back of your new lovely toy with its wire, some basic info popping up everywhere, everything is pink and white and black, and within the box a transparent plastic cradle cherishes your precious vibe.

As long as you can manage to store it in a completely dry place, the box can do just fine - but as the overall size of it is more than the needed space for everything it contains, you can just get rid of it and find a better spot for the lovely, squishy, pink pleasurer. I am sure it won't be a problem, because many of us have started off with a traditional vibe just like this lovely one!

But, oh dear reader with the adorable intentions of gifting someone with such a wonderful little invention! Please know that everything on the package shouts what this thing is used for, you can even see it through the transparent parts of the box!

Wrap it up good with the fine Japanese art of packing things, or just put it into a second box - and let the chosen one know in time that (s)he is going to receive a pleasure item! This isn't something you want to be seen with by people you don't like to share such topics with! That managed, the silent level of noise will be your guard when you are using this piece of wonder, having other folks in the neighboring room.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

Yes, I know... You may ask now: "Why in the world to have an electric vibe?"

Well, it is not portable in the sense of being able to be away from electricity. No batteries, no recharging capability. On the top of that you don't want to exceed the advised 20 minutes with it. Then why should one have an electric vibe?

I just think that, if such times ever came, if you want to be sure that you have a vibe to use even if something happens with the economy or whatever similar, then it is one more vibe ready to be used anytime you want it! No hours of charging, if there is any waiting time it is mighty short, and you can just plug it in and enjoy it as long as you have power in your home! And let's admit it, it is always a smart thing to be as self-reliant as possible, and having your own solar electricity is something you can rely on even if something happened with our current way of life.

Yeppp. This is pretty much it! The only reasons why I had to grab this lovely one, with its little sibling, the Power G! Now I can be sure that I am going to have a ready-to-use-anytime internal vibe, so batteries, bye-bye, electric pleasures, welcome to my loving craving desire! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples
    • P-spot


I would like to mention one more thing I left out from the section it could belong to.

The large width of the bumps on the bottom doesn't mean that it is impossible to take them in, and even that I am an average user in the manner of girth preference, I was surprised as hell to see that I could barely restrain myself from enjoying it in such ways!

I did achieve such delights by the way, I am not sure though if I really took them in in full size, or just almost, but oh holy cows, such a pleasure...!!!

If you have never tried such a thing with any other toys before, this lovely one will be a purrrrrrrrfect starter object, not to mention such a bliss it can give to arouse the entrance area of your flesh with pressure! And Power Stud is an amazing vibe for it!!!

Other than the twist bottom experience, I am all enamored with this oh so deliciously realistic looking pleasure item, and, for the price, it has been one of the very best toy investments they have ever made! I can only encourage you to give it a try, especially because of the many wonderful qualities it has! It's pink (ahhh, I don't like pink, but in this case it is just cute as hell!), squishy, stiff, veined, beautiful, fulfilling and always at your service! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect pleasure toy!
Follow-up commentary
Oh my God oh my God oh my God I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DELICIOUS YUMMMMMMINESS!!! Still as much, still with all my heart and flesh, and would never, ever give it for all the treasures of this world!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
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