Grrl ToyzAmerican manufacturer of fine adult toys Topco Sales, has created a new product line called Grrl Toyz™, which is entirely made for its female clientele. With over 75 percent of the adult toy market being purchased by women, Topco Sales decided that it was time to dedicate an entire collection to women, designed by women. This collection features hip, modern packaging and products that are designed in appealing, feminine colors and styles, which make this collection a product line that women will not be afraid of, nor embarrassed to buy. Along with some very innovative products like Grrl Shorts and toys like Endless Love and Silk Touch Vibes, Topco has come up with some products that would not look out of place in any woman's pocket, purse or bag. The Incognito Lipstick Vibe, for example, looks just like any normal tube of lipstick, but in reality is a mini vibrator. Bold Grrls know what they want, and they want "Grrl Toys™".
Grrl Toyz
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