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Recent fantasies

A Hot Winter's Night

by Murdoc

Are you tired of your routine sex life? Warm up your cold nights with this complete bondage set of plushy gear lover's eye mask, wrist cuffs, leather leash & collar and a D ring leather slapper!
Recipe for Sweet Lovin

by MindMuseMandy

Chocolate or Sex? Try both at the same time with this chocolate body fondue, ID juicy lube together with "Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex" to get the highest level of pleasure!
You've Been a Naughty Boy

by Murdoc

Have you ever thought of making your beloved one your slave? This versatile kit of leather collar and leash, purple fur lined wrist restraints, blindfold and a ball gag will help you realize all your

Most popular fantasies

Don't Leave Home without Them

by Urban Gypsy

If you have your sex toys with you in your purse nothing can stop you from relieving your stress with orgasm. Read how Urban Gypsy does it in this sex fantasy.
The Wicked Wait: An Evening of Plugged Pleasure

by The Urban Gypsy

You don't expect his call; he had to go into the office today, but just hearing his voice is enough to excite you. "Hello baby. I have a surprise for you," he says.
Sexy Slave

by Jaimee23

In the bedroom, she stripped down, took one of his designer ties, and her high heels. She felt sexy...she grabbed the bondage sex toys she had gotten off the internet...
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