Sex toys for couples - all you need for romantic evenings and hot nights

Keep it fun and adventurous with sex toys for couples

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Vibrating Toys for Couples
Couples can incorporate any vibrator in their bedroom experience. But there are some types of sex toys that are designed with couples in mind. Learn about vibrators for couples
Non-vibrating sex toys for couples
In this section we highlight sex toys for anal play, sharing and position play. These sex toys enhance couple's play providing extra support for position variety, sharing and stimulation.
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Sex enhancers
Lubricants create more enjoyable sex experience for couples. Here we are discussing enhancing lubricants that come up with special features.
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Guide to Sex Toys for Couples

Vibrating Sex Toys for Couples

Vibrating Rings

Vibrating Ring for Couples Vibrating rings are the most popular sex toys for couples. Usually it is a stretchy ring that has a special attachment housing a vibrating bullet. The stretchy ring goes over penis or, for additional stamina, over penis and testicles. The vibrating bullet can go under for perineum stimulation or on top to stimulate female partner's clitoris and labia. Vibrating rings are easy and fun sex toys for couples. Need more information? Here is how to choose a cock ring.

C-shaped Vibrators for Couples. We-vibe

We-vibe vibrator for couples We-vibe has become the it sex toy for couples. Basically it is a C-shaped vibrator with one end going inside and the other end resting against the labia delivering vibrations to clitoris. The insider shaft stays in while male partner penetrates female increasing pressure on G-spot and massaging penis. Wevibe 3 comes with remote control making it easy to adjust vibration modes for optimal stimulation. Read reviews on We-vibe from Eden community members

Finger Vibrators

Hello touch finger vibrator Finger vibrators are fun, small and discreet sex toys for couples. The idea is pretty simple, a small vibrator features a ring that goes on your finger and you can deliver vibrations to whatever this finger touches. It can be used for foreplay or to stimulate both partners during sex.

Non-vibrating Sex Toys for Couples

Position Support and Enhancement

Position sex toys for couples The most popular position support for couples is a pillow and you can use any pillow for that. However you can splurge and buy a special sex pillow that usually has a sturdy foam inside and removable cover. Another type of position support are sex slings that allow to hold legs suspended in the air for better penetration. For more experienced couples the sex swings might become an ideal addition to their lovemaking. They are great for stand up sex and provide possibilities for endless variety of positions.

Anal Sex Toys for Couples

Anal sex toys for couples play While anal sex may be intimidating for some couples the anal beads are something that any couple should try. These sex toys present themselves interconnected beads with a ring or handle at the end. The anal beads usually small and don't cause any discomfort while staying in during sex. When you approaching climax just pull them out and it will increase the intensity of the orgasm.

Dildos for Sharing

Sex toys for sharing Strap on sex toys are for couples who would like to try new things. These are harnesses and dildos with flared base. One of the partners wears harness with dildo in it and penetrates the other. There are special harnesses for men that allow double penetration. While it sounds pretty basic there are some details that needs to be figured out - look at our Strap on play guide for more information.

Sex Enhancers for Couples

Arousal Lubes

These products has either L-argenin or herbal extracts such as menthol added to increase blood flow to the area and create intense sensations of warmth or tingling.

Flavored Lubes

Flavored lubes are great for enhancing oral sex. They mask unpleasant taste with added flavors and fragrances. Some oral sex lubes feature menthol for cooling sensations.

Prolonging Creams

Prolonging creams desensitize penis allowing man to last longer and delaying ejaculation. It can be helpful when you need to go longer or have a problem with premature ejaculation.
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