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How to Choose Dildos

Dildos vs. Vibrators
Unlike vibrators dildos don't have motors inside and deliver stimulation via thrusting or stretching. Some women find dildos more effective for G-spot stimulation as it is easier to apply more pressure. The absence of motor also makes dildo toys less expensive alternative to vibrators and delivers quiet, buzz-free experience.
What Dildo is Best for Me
First you need to understand what sensations you are looking for. Do you want to feel stretched or you want to stimulate particular area with your dildo? Dildos for G-spot, prostate or anal play have special shapes making them more effective and safe to use. Find out more about dildo shapes
What Dildo Material to Choose
Dildo materials are important for the experience. Some dildo materials such as silicone are safer than others. Softer materials provide more realistic sensations while firm dildos give more G-spot pressure. Always check the material safety rank on our product pages. Read more about dildo materials

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Dildo Guide

What Dildo is Best for Me. Dildo Shapes and Functions

What stimulation are you looking for? Some dildo shapes are specialized for particular stimulation making it more effective and safe.
  • G-spot stimulation: Look for curved dildos with enlarged tips. Generally G-spot reacts well to thrusting motion and enlarged tip provides more intense pressure on G-spot while you thrusting.
  • Anal sex: Anal dildos should have a flared base or a long handle so your dildo doesn't go all the way inside. Some anal dildos consist of connected beads which feel great inside.
  • Prostate stimulation: Prostate dildos are curved to fit your body and to reach your prostate. They might have a larger base or a curved handle for massaging perineum area as well.
  • Double penetration: There are dildos designed for sharing between partners or orifices. It might be long jelly toys with bendable shaft featuring rounded tips at both ends. Some dildos designed for harness free strap on play with one end being held by vaginal muscles and another end used for thrusting.
  • Strap on dildos: Despite popular belief strap on play is not only for lesbian lovers. If you want to add new and exciting options to your couple's sex experience try strap on dildo play. Switch the roles and try gender bending. It can take your relationship to entire new level; help partners to understand each other better and improve sensations. Learn how to approach strap on play

What Dildo Material to Choose

Dildos come in a huge variety of materials. If you have sensitive skin, consider hypoallergenic silicone or glass toys. If you are planning rough play it is safer to use dildos made of softer TPR and silicone. For playing in your both orifices or for sharing use non-porous materials that are easy to sterilize: glass, metal, silicone. Dildos made of different materials can also provide different sensations. If you like cool and warm sensations glass toys are perfect: dip them in warm or cool water and enjoy temperature play. Dildos made of soft dual density silicone such as Vixskin create amazing life like experience. When in doubt look for material safety index on the product pages and use our materials guide to better understand what dildo material is for you.

How Big My Dildo Should Be? Dildo Size

It is very important to understand what dildo size is right for you. Beginners should consider slimmer models, less than 1.25" in diameter. If you are not very experienced but want to try larger toys choose softer dildos which are safer for thrusting. For feeling of fullness or being stretched you need a large, 2" inch diameter dildo. Use our Real Size feature to see dildos you consider in actual size.
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