A Hot Winter's Night

I was walking home from my long day of classes and work. It was snowing so hard I cold barely see in front of me. I was almost home when I saw her. She had a white coat and furry boots on. She was outside of her building having a smoke when she asked if I just wanted to come in for a little while. I was very cold and obliged by saying yes. We walked up to her apartment and took our jackets and boots off.

She asked me if I would like a hot coffee. I quickly said, "Yes please." We started talking and forgot that it was still snowing as we started to walk towards the door. I couldn't find my jacket, and then she told me it was still downstairs in the dryer. It had to be almost done, so I ran downstairs to wait for it. It was about 10 minutes before I came back up. When I arrived back at her door, I found the place dark.

I went inside and looked around, and then I heard the door lock. She was still here, but I couldn't see her. She crept up behind me and slid a blindfold over my face saying, "It's too cold out for you to leave now, you are going to stay and play with me." I replied that this was exciting for me. She didn't stop there, though. She led me to her room and asked me to strip. She helped me remove my clothes and started to whisper to me. "I am very in to kinky sex, and you are my sub tonight." She thrusted her body at me, while kissing me violently. She slapped my ass and told me to say, "Thank you, Mistress" after each one. I did as I was told. My heart was beating loudly with the excitement. The more she smacked me, the more intense she got.

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She then turned me to the bed and put on red and black wrist and ankle cuffs. She secured them with a lock. After she was done with those, I was ready for what was to come. But she made me beg for it, saying, "You wanna be tied up? You gotta beg first." She made me beg by getting down on my knees and licking her pussy until she said stop. I was halfway when she pulled me back and showed me her leash and collar.

"Do you wanna wear this my little slave?" I didn't want the ecstasy to end, so I replied, "Yes please. I want it if it means more."

"It means a lot more, because after this is on I will lock it in place, and I will own you until it's off." I wanted more, so I leaned forward and she slid it around my neck making sure it wasn't too tight. After she was done putting it on, she fastened it with a heart lock and locked it into place.

"You are now under my control forever, I own you." She clipped the leash on and led me to bed, tied me down, and blindfolded me again. My heart was pounding with excitement, as I felt her lips on the tip of my penis. Then fully taking me into her mouth, she used her hand to stroke me harder and harder in sync with the movements of her mouth. "You do not come without permission." she stopped me right before climax. She grabbed a flogger and slapped my chest a few times before she slid down onto my cock. She went faster and faster, and with each pump I felt her get closer to her orgasm. She grasped the leash still attached to my collar saying "Good Boy, Good Boy, Momma's about to give you a treat." As I felt her come, she ordered me to come as hard as I could. I did.

As she unfastened the straps to the bed, we fell asleep, with her hand still holding my leash, and my hands and feet still in the cuffs, wanting more of what just happened.

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