Here, take this...

She had to wait for her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting inside the club. The bass was pumping from the back corner of the room. The cool air conditioning hit her thighs and reminded her of just how short her dress was. His hand was on her back pressing her towards the bar. They never went out anymore. It was always too much trouble to get a sitter and get home at a decent hour. It just didn't seem worth it. Tonight was special, though, so they were taking advantage of it. They paid an older cousin to stay with the kids and spend the night. Alexis and Paul were going to have a real night out.

Once at the bar, he let his hand float downward, settling high on her round backside. She tossed him a smile as he ordered their favorites. He reached for her hand and then placed something in her palm.

His lips brushed her ear as he whispered for her to go to the bathroom. She lifted her hand to see what he'd given her, but he pushed it back down and nodded towards the restrooms. She laughed and headed to the bathroom. Once in the stall, she unfolded a pair of lacy underwear with a vibrator! She gasped and quickly wrapped them back up as though someone could see. She laughed at herself and then laid them out across her thighs again. She slid the little vibrator from its pocket and inspected it. There was no button to turn it on. Intrigued, Alexis slid out of her panties, shoving them in her clutch, and pulled the lacy undie over her hips. She felt the weight of the small vibe against her lips and shivered.

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Slipping out of the stall, she washed her hands and paid special attention to her gait. She didn't want to give anything away.

When she got close enough to see him, he motioned her to meet him at a round booth to the side of the dance floor. She slid in and accepted her drink. Just as she lifted the glass to her lips, she felt a quick buzz of the toy tucked into her panties.

Startled, she spilled some of the rum concoction on her shirt. He laughed and reached out to dry her chest with a napkin. She grinned and slapped at his hand. She spied the small remote in his hand just as he pressed another button. She shivered at the tickle of the buzz. It was pleasant, but not difficult to pretend nothing was amiss.

Then he pressed another button. The vibrations were different, some type of pattern. It seemed to go along with the bass from the DJ.

He slid from the booth and pulled her with him.

"Let's dance," he whispered.

She let him guide her into the crowd and pressed against her. In a few swift movements he had her sex pressed against his thigh, and the pleasant buzz was now solidly in contact with her clit. She gasped and gripped his shoulders. The vibrations were clearly mimicking the music around them. He held her close as they moved with the music. The unique pattern had her just on the edge of an orgasm but wouldn't quite let her go over the edge. She pressed against him more tightly, sighing and moaning as the sensations sent shivers up her spine. She was glad the music was so loud. She felt confident no one noticed them.

He ran a hand up her back and tangled it in her hair. She barely caught a glimpse of his hand as he pressed another button that put the little vibrator into overdrive. He covered her mouth with his, just as she would have cried out, and held her as she rode out her climax against his thigh.

When her orgasm subsided, and she shivered against the vibrations on her over sensitive clit, he pressed a button to make it stop. She was grateful that he was holding her weight because she was limp with satisfaction.

He pressed his lips to hers again before whispering scandalous suggestions into her ear.

She laughed a lazy satisfied laugh, but agreed to continue their evening elsewhere. He led her out of the bar. She felt they'd spent their extra hour well tonight.

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