I Need Suggestions for Porn!!!

SaiDiscordia SaiDiscordia
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OK, so I have only recently learned about the benefits of pornography after growing up with a mother that demonized it and made me believe that a husband that watches it is cheating on you.

I have seen some softcore stuff and it really does nothing for me, the instructional stuff that actually shows penetration was the next step and that was better. Then the other day I saw a clip of something that- to be honest I am surprised that I did not run off and become a nun!

So, what are some suggestions for a beginner? I don't want anything real violent or something that I am going to laugh at the whole time, which has happened to me. I swear it was like a porn got cut into a comedy movie! I want something that the hubby and I can watch together. He is does not like man-on-man stuff, but that is pretty much it, oh and no feet fetish stuff.
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