Reactions to Different Tastes in Porn from your Partners

I've recently started my little porn collection, and though I'm single now, I can totally imagine the following: I meet exciting new boyfriend, we have exciting sex, we decide to watch porn. I say "I have some right here!" Guy sees triple-anal-lesbian-4- finger-DP-bondage-chok ing and... a)Runs away, b)Says "Cool? Want to have a threesome?" or c)Tries something from the porn next time we have sex & is surprised when I punch him.

I'm curious what type of reactions people have run into from partners who had different levels of enjoyment as far as intensity/hardcore-nes s of porn.

I guess I worry someone may think I actually want to do whatever is depicted in the film or I'm just a sick freak. Haha. (Yeah, old nice-girls-don't indoctrination rearing it's ugly head. So make me feel better, here. )Has anyone run into these type of reactions? If not, what reactions have there been? How would you react if your new partner had porn that was more extreme than you're used to? Guys, especially... be honest. What do you/would you think of a girl with really raunchy porn?
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