Upholstery experience?

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Upholstery experience?

Antipova Antipova
I've been really inspired by all the toy pouch how-to videos, and I've been tossing around the idea of making some boxes/chests for my toys. Small enough to carry, but big enough to hold a few toys...

I was thinking of making a half-inch-thick plywood box with framing, and standard hinges and handles from the hardware store. I'd want a non-linty lining like satin or silk, and then something sturdy on the outside.

But I've never upholstered a box before. Has anybody done this? Do you do the lining pieces before you finishing-nail them together, and then the outer covering last? How do you cover the finishing nails or staples you held down the last layer, aesthetically?

Do you have an old steamer trunk you could look at and see how it was finished?
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