Salad VS. Burgers

Badass Badass
Which do you generally choose? Lately I have been having a hard time making the "right" choices.. how do you do it?
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ConnerJay , Ghost , tinadice , mistressg , TameTemptress , Geogeo , sunflower
7  (8%)
More Salad than bugers
Kitka , ellejay , wdanas , CoffeeCup , Alan & Michele , padmeamidala , SexyMojito , Lisa72 , clp , Kate , mlmac , Mwar , ghent529 , marrythenight , unfulfilled , Lildrummrgurl7 , SassySam , jr2012 , JessieDawg , Cat E. , TheirPet , worlds2explore
22  (24%)
Pretty Equal
Ansley , js250 , OhMy! , Lover of Leather , mm098 , RonLee , wrmbreze , BobbiJay , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , mmc67 , Cookie Monster Mike , MissCandyland , Taylor , A.Mari , Petite Valentine , mpfm , Owl , Frun , Bignuf , Gone (LD29) , junipersgame , ChuChii , Kenneth Fort , *Camoprincess* , Noelle , Ryanne , travelnurse , KrissyNovacaine , Beautiful-Disaster
29  (32%)
More burgers than salad.
MelSC , Sammi , Rossie , OroNomi , Jon S , meitman , BlooJay , jokerzwild , (k)InkyIvy , plaidvulva , Allstars316 , RiahPapaya , HusbandandWife , sodapin , FHeemz , PropertyOfPotter , Gdom , Rory , hhh , <3BF , Supervixen , LaSchwartz , Lioncub , SoloJoe , sexxxkitten , Harpina is gone , AliMc , GirlOnGirl
28  (31%)
Psh, Salad? No never.
Adriana Ravenlust , Peggi , PassionCpl , Falsepast , Deeder
5  (5%)
Total votes: 91
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ConnerJay ConnerJay
Haha...whaaat? Kind of a drastic comparison....

but,uh,yeah, I eat salad.
Kitka Kitka
I looooove veggies so salads are awesome! But I do need some meat here and there and I prefer chicken or turkey but will eat a little pork too. I'd rather not eat beef if possible, but it happens sometimes.
ellejay ellejay
I don't eat burgers all that often, so salad I suppose!
Ansley Ansley
I can't eat a hamburger unless it has lettuce, tomato and pickles on it so I kind of get both. Beef without tomatoes is really bland to me.
Every once in awhile I crave a salad but burgers usually win over the salads.
js250 js250
I enjoy eating both. It really depends on what I am craving at the time.
Sammi Sammi
I really don't care much for salads, unless they've got a good amount of steak or chicken in them.
Rossie Rossie
I don't eat salads daily, but I do serve large amounts of cooked vegetables during dinner every day.
RonLee RonLee
During hard times when I've had more money going out than coming in I've eaten much more vegetables than meat. I've found that I really do like raw cabbage as a snack, it's cheap and relatively tasty.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I have salad on my burgers. I go through stages where I can't stand a salad on its own, but will still eat a salad sandwich.
Ghost Ghost
I've never had a burger. A real meat one, anyway.
padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by Badass
Which do you generally choose? Lately I have been having a hard time making the "right" choices.. how do you do it?
I eat more salads than burgers
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
I love both, but I have to be in the mood for either or. But lately I have been eating a lot of salads
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I love a good cheeseburger with bacon. I also love a good ceasar salad with black olives and croutons.
meitman meitman
I eat a lot of salad actually, but given a choice of one or the other I'm a sucker for a good burger.
BlooJay BlooJay
Burger and fries
Lisa72 Lisa72
have to watch my figure...
tinadice tinadice
Originally posted by Badass
Which do you generally choose? Lately I have been having a hard time making the "right" choices.. how do you do it?
jokerzwild jokerzwild
burgers best food in the world could eat one everymeal
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I'm totally a beer and burgers kind of gal, but I do incorporate fruits/veggies/salads into my diet. I'm not thin, but I'm pretty damn healthy, all things considered.
mistressg mistressg
Well, I don't eat meat, so...
TameTemptress TameTemptress
I'm a vegetarian, so yeah, I will always pick salad over burgers. I don't eat only salad though...and sometimes I will have a veggie burger or a "chik" patty (not often though).
clp clp
I prefer salads (so many options! so diverse!). I crave burgers, though, every now and then. Black bean patties, mmmmm.
Kate Kate
salad lately, i'm swearing off fast food, coffee, pop and cigarettes and it's proving to be a challenge. i love all kinds of salads but lately i'm on a greek salad kick!
mlmac mlmac
Mostly salads, but once in awhile I will enjoy a delicious burger.
plaidvulva plaidvulva
More burgers than salad. However, if it's a Caesar salad, then I chose it over the burger, 'cuz I LOVE me some Caesar salad.
Peggi Peggi
I chose the last option, which involves no salad! This is TECHNICALLY not true, though it might as well be. Half a bag of croutons and several huge handfuls of bacon bits with a thick coating of salad dressing on each bite doesn't really = a salad LOL
Mwar Mwar
I rarely eat burgers.
ghent529 ghent529
I love a good salad
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